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Review: BongaCams for European Cam Models

BongaCams is one of the top rated webcam sites, which could only mean one thing; it attracts thousands of visitors per day, so the traffic is good. Additionally, its free-to-use policy attracts a lot of visitors and models are always assured of good company especially when they are online. For models who want to join BongaCams, the signup process is easy and straightforward and you can begin broadcasting immediately after your account has been confirmed.

Most of the models on the site are amateurs who broadcast from home but the beauty of it is that it attracts models from all over the world. However, when you visit the site you will notice that most of the models are based in Europe. The site has a strong European feel, which evident in its choice of transaction currency which is primarily the Euro.

Models are classified in four major categories, namely: female cams, male cams, couple cams and transsexual cams. These are the four major classifications, but models are allowed to classify themselves further in their profiles, based on certain physical attributes such as BBW, BBC, Boobs, Booty, Abs, skinny, hairy pussy and so on.

how to make money online in europe webcam model with bongacams

As a model, you make money by performing public shows where viewers allocate you tips. In order to do this, you need to frequently request the viewers to tip you tokens and once your target is met you will give a show. Do a quick glimpse at the site and you will see models making certain requests, such as,”200 tokens for me to flash titties.” One token is the equivalent of $0.14 .Models are always advised to ensure they have received the tokens first before they begin any show in order to ensure that their efforts are compensated and avoid being scammed. The site usually allocates 50-60 percent of its revenue to the models.

Private Chat Rooms

Another great way to earn money is by performing on private chat rooms where you are paid per minute. The beauty of private chat rooms is that whatever happens is between you and the viewer and the longer the show the more you earn. Private chats are very lucrative, and models are always encouraged to draw viewers from the public chats to the private chat rooms.

BongaCams also has a referral program which allows models to earn even when they are offline. All you have to do is share the link on your social media accounts and if people join the site through you either as viewers or models, you earn a commission.

Models are rated on a weekly basis, and the site usually comes up with a list of top 50 models. The rating is usually based on the model`s followers and earnings. Being a top rated model on the site is very beneficial because your profile will be given more traffic and you will be on the first page of the website thus giving you more exposure and the opportunity to earn more. Most clients will not even bother going past the third page, which further reveals the benefit of being a top rated model.

According to a recent survey, most viewers prefer couples and group shows and are even willing to pay more just to see the models perform. It is always easier to draw clients to a private show if you are performing either as a couple or as a group. Additionally, models that have certain abilities such as squirting and huge orgasms are a favorite among viewers and are always able to earn more than the average model.

BongaCams is a great adult website where models can earn a decent living, but you have to be very creative and dedicated because the site`s free-to-use policy attracts jokers and viewers who will never pay for anything. Models who are flirty and creative are always able to take advantage of the site`s huge traffic and gain a loyal clientele.

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P.S. What are you waiting for? Sign up for BongaCams now, the sooner the better. In the USA? Check out the review for Chaturbate.

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