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New Cam Model? Start Here

What is Webcam ModelingSo you’re thinking about becoming a webcam model? Webcam modeling is essentially a live form of pornography, with viewers enjoying it and paying you as they go and as they see fit. Usually, the model will have a theme or game playing, and wear appropriate clothes for the situation. Webcam models also get paid. A lot. Some can make up to and over $1000 a day while most make around $500 to $2000 a week. The more popular you get, the more money you’ll make.

Becoming a Cam Model

There are two different ways to get into cam modeling, studio and independent. Either way, sticking with the best paying webcams is important, but you also want to be working with a company that is honest and does what they say when it comes to modeling live on cam. Whatever cam website you use will take care of all the background work, so all you need to begin is register, verify your identity, and have a webcam.

What will you be doing as a cam model? There are many different shows you can do. Most webcam model’s shows are sexual in nature, either fully nude or teasing. Some are able to make money just talking to their viewers, forming online friendships. Some people are able to go online and just talk about their day.

Who Can Webcam Model

Who can cam model?

The short answer to this: EVERYONE! There is only one rule as to who can cam model. That rule is that you have to be over 18 years old. That should be a given, and you won’t find a cam model under 18 because you have to provide identification to broadcast. As long as you pass that one requirement you can cam model. It doesn’t matter if you are female or male, short or tall, skinny or fat, black or white or yellow or red or purple. If you have a webcam, you can be a cam model, and people will come to you.

Everyone has their ideal person. You may just fit the bill of that one fan out there who will become your biggest supporter, who’s not only paying your bills but also buying you gifts as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re 34 years old, from the midwest, have 2 children, and are slightly overweight. It doesn’t matter if you’re 22 years old with over 20 tattoos, has a pet bearded dragon, and gages in both ears. You could play tabletop RPGs and dance to electronic music. Everyone is welcome. Some websites even allow couples to perform.

Independent vs Studio webcam modeling

Depending on the webcam modeling jobs you choose to use, you’ll be able to sign up as either an independent or through a studio. The major difference between the two of them is a studio will take a percentage of your pay, but you’ll be able to earn more money from the beginning with them.

Independent Webcam Modeling Jobs

The biggest benefit to working independently is you get to keep all the money you earn. Whatever site you use will take their share of the money you get, but all the rest of it will be sent to you depending on how you get paid. You are also working for yourself, so the more time you spend on the website you choose, the more money and fame you will get. What you make is what you get, so if you only work for 2 hours a day, that’s fine, but you’ll only get 2 hours worth of money.

A few cons of working independently is that you might struggle from the beginning getting followers unless you are comfortable getting all the way naked from the get-go. You shouldn’t plan on doing this full time until you develop a strong following and are making full-time money. You should also provide a dedicated space for your shows as you don’t want to have to set up shop every time you get online, as well as it provides familiarity for your fans.

Webcam Modeling Studio Jobs

Working for a studio is useful in that they can provide you with everything you need to begin. Depending on the studio, they might provide you with all the software and hardware you need to use. When you’re all set up they may even promote you while you’re online to drive more traffic to your show. Also, depending on location, they could provide you with a room to cam from, so you don’t have to set up a dedicated space in your room. A studio will definitely make things easy for you to get up and running if you don’t mind them taking a chunk of your earnings every pay period.

That is the biggest con of working for a studio. They take a portion of all the money you earn. Also, they make you work a set schedule, make you work a minimum amount of hours a day, week, or month, and they may set a quote of the amount of money you need to earn every pay period. You may be limited to only working on that one website or studio depending on the contract. The fine print might also include that you won’t be able to work as an independent for a set amount of time even after your contract is over.

Independent models will usually be getting paid via tips. When you start broadcasting, members will start tipping you for your show. The currency being tipped isn’t real money but usually tokens. Members buy tokens from the website which is, for example, 10 cents a token. You can cash out your tips at a little bit less than that, at around 8 cents a token. That’s where the websites get their money from, and you keep all the rest.

Studio models get paid by the minute and a lot more during private shows. You may be making around 70 cents a minute waiting for a member to go private, but once they do you can make up to 5 dollars a minute to do what they ask of you.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will be able to make money from day 1. Studio cam work will provide you with when you will be getting paid. Most independent websites pay bi-monthly, usually on the 1st and 15th.

Tips for Starting Out Being a Webcam Model

  • You should be talking at the beginning of your career and all shows. Especially starting out, you have to give members who have never seen you a reason to stick around. Having a personality and talking to them as they type to you really makes people stick around. Stay animated as well, move around a bit but try to stay in cam. Make sure you smile and act friendly. This welcomes new members. Most members just need the company of a person, so if you’re friendly and smile they’ll stick around. If someone greets you in the chat, try your best to acknowledge that. Always focus on your public chat. You cannot neglect the members who are trying to pay you!
  • Ensure you provide the very best equipment you can. A high-quality stream shows members you have experience, and actually, care about what you do. Also, set up the camera and everything before you begin broadcasting. No one wants a model that constantly adjusts her camera every few minutes.
  • You’re not going to attract every member. That’s life. If your niche is to have conversations with your fans, the member who wants to get off quick is not going to stick around. That’s alright.
  • Most websites allow you to put a custom room topic up. Do it! If you’re an independent, let people know your tip prices for different displays. Also include a goal, which doubles as a tip goal and whatever action you plan on performing when the goal is reached.
  • Try to set a schedule for when you will be online, and try to stay online for at least 3 hours when starting out. The provides members who like you to come back and gives you a window where you can get more fans. Before signing off, try to let them know when the next time you’ll be online.
  • You should never complain about not receiving tips! Avoid begging for tips as well. This gives off a negative vibe and turns a lot of members off. If you’re not reaching your goals, try a different approach. Members don’t come on websites to be called cheap, they come to feel accepted and hang out with.
  • Always remember that you are in ultimate control of your chat room. If someone is constantly harassing you or pestering you after you’ve asked them to stop, you can block them!
  • If you’re worried about family or friends finding out about your new job, you can block individuals states if you’re in the US, and whole countries as well!
  • If you can customize a biography, include an Amazon wishlist in it! Committed fans will be happy to buy you gifts, ranging from new underwear to new toys. I’ve seen some models receive a brand new $1700 Apple computer! Put things you want for the show, as well as stuff you need for your personal life.
  • Branch out to other websites in order to sell nudes, videos and other desirable personal items such as panties. It is a great way to maximize your earnings!
  • You should always read the rules of whatever site you are working on. You may be able to get away with a slip up once in a while if you’re lucky, but before you know it you get comfortable and get banned.
  • If you are broadcasting as a female only show, only display females in your show. No one wants to see a veiny triumphant bastard in the middle of their screen when they just tipped a whole bunch of tokens to see some pussy. Likewise, if you are a male. Most viewers of male broadcasts are gay men, so they want to see your veiny triumphant bastard.
  • Never allow anyone to be in your webcam that is not verified! That is one quick way to get banned, as there is no way to tell if they are underage.
  • You should avoid using drugs in your cams. If it can be disguised as regular tobacco use, more power to you. Anything that involves needles is a definite no-no.
  • Always be aware of what is allowed and not allowed on whatever website you choose to use. A few things to keep in mind and always check up on are urination, defecation, vomit, blood, lactation, blood, and violence. If you are doing a couple’s show, you should be ok with spanking, but you should definitely look into autoerotic asphyxiation.
  • If you are a studio model, you may or may not be able to do any kind of sexual activity if you are in a public chat.
  • The bottom line is: Read the contract.
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