how to take good nude selfies

How To Pose For A Nude Selfie

Educating yourself on how to pose for a nude selfie can make a huge difference. More so than any phone app would ever do. Quick searches on Twitter for #selfies result in more than 200 million pictures. Despite this, it can be a challenge to take a good nude selfie while holding your phone. Selling nude selfies online is a great way to make money, but sometimes taking nude selfies that you like can be frustrating, holding you back from earning potential.

How To Take Good Nudes

When it comes to taking flattering nudes there are a few factors to consider. After all, we want to take adult selfies that flatter rather than turn potential buyers off. Here are some “nude selfie” tips on posing, combined with suggestions on how to get the right shot while holding your phone.

Pose 1 – Hide Your Facial Features and Let Your Legs Do All The Work

nude selfie
Foot Selfies Are Marketable & Appeal To A Large Audience

Just thinking of nude selfies we typically think of shots that feature our faces prominently. Truth be told, a naked selfie is any picture we take that is of ourselves. You are the photographer and the model. There is a huge and unique market for just images of legs and especially feet. Why not devote nude selfies to your naked toes, ankles, and feet without your face in the shot? Foot fetishes are huge when it comes to selling nude selfies. Draw special attention to the wrinkles on your soles as well as any tattoos for an extra appealing allure.

It does not matter if you intend on making money on OnlyFans with your nudes or only wish to view the images yourself, keeping them private. All that matters is taking quality nudes that you will love.

Channel your inner creativity by angling your toes and feet in many different “nude selfie” poses and playing around with different accessories from henna tattoos, footwear such as heels, or a fresh coat of nail polish. Find what works best and start snapping.

Pose 2 –  A Nude Selfie Using Two Hands

how to take nudesTo take a nude selfie your choices usually come down to using one or two hands unless you have a selfie stick handy (we will talk about that shortly). Most people instinctively use just one hand to take a nude selfie, but with two hands you not only gain more control and steadiness with your camera you also create a selfie that feels as if the viewer is right there with you being embraced.

You can even lie down on a bed looking up at the camera which gives the impression to the viewer that they are laying on top of you. The way your arms frame the photo makes for some very sexy nude selfies.

This can make for a beautiful image and keep your customers coming back for your nude selfies and allow you to hold the phone with one hand and snap with the other.



Pose 3 – How To Take Nudes Using The “Rule Of Thirds”

When it comes to nude photo ideas the rule of thirds can be the difference between an aesthetically pleasing nude photo and one you will not want to share. Professional photographers are always using the rule of thirds in their pictures to create beautiful shots, however, when they turn the camera on themselves they often forget this rule. A well-composed shot is always important, even when taking a nude selfie.

Nude selfies should always follow the rule of thirds no matter if you are taking a selfie of your butt, face, full naked body, or feet. Basically, the rule of thirds means that you compose your nude selfie with the subject matter in the upper left or right corner of the shot like in the picture below.

how to take good nude selfies

This nude selfie is a prime example of how a shot like this is much better aesthetically than a straight-on shot like a passport photo (Too bad nude passport photos aren’t a thing…). In other words, forget the no-angle center of the frame shots for your naked pictures. You will have a much harder time selling these selfies than using images with the rule of thirds.

With the rule of thirds, you want your subject matter (The naked part of your body or the focus) to be a third down from the upper or lower portion of the frame and just off to one side. This will give you a compelling nude selfie that screams do it to me. After all, you want your shots to be sexy should you decide to sell nudes for money.

Pose 4 –  Take Nudes In Water

how to take good nudesNude photos in natural settings are always sexy. Nude pics in water are no exception. Floating on your back in a bubble bath taking a face-down nude or floating in a sunny pool frame your curves as they are half submerged for a sexy nude. Capture your goosebumps for extra appeal, just be careful not to get your camera wet.

There is something exciting about original photos taken in water. Taking nudes submerged in alluring wetness can be incredibly attractive. This setting can enhance nude selfies that otherwise might be boring. You can even spice it up with sexy bikinis or a white cotton T-shirt.

Anything to accessorize your nude is well worth mentioning. Using items like inflatable rafts or a sexy pair of sunglasses works. Be creative and have fun with the water.

Pose 5 – Crop Nudes Tight

how to take good nudesNude photos can be difficult to take, especially when they are selfies because backgrounds can get distracting. Alternatively, if you want the selfie to look like, not a selfie having your arm in the shot can equally be distracting. This can easily be fixed by cropping your nude selfies in tight.

Hold the phone up close and personal on an area of your body you would like to showcase. For one the area of focus should be around the nude part of your body you want in the frame.

This will make other areas of the nude out of focus or fuzzy due to the camera being close. A depth of field improves your nudes drastically and secondly, it removes the fact that the image is a nude selfie, to begin with.

Who doesn’t want to see a nude close-up of a beautiful body part? Whether it is a close shot of your eyes or the more revealing curve of your inner thighs, nudes that are cropped tight can leave a viewer wanting more.

10 Tips on How To Take Good Nudes

Need some tips on taking good nudes and nude selfies? Here are 10 of my favorite:

Nude Tip 1: Try a Number of Angles

Pose by turning your body to the right or left while looking at the screen on your camera or phone. We typically have a more sexy side that we are partial to. By turning sideways you also eliminate the boring passport photo look which makes viewing nudes more exciting.

Nude Tip 2: Try Dipping Your Shoulders

Straight-on shots combined with a lack of angles can look dull in nudes. If you angle your shoulders down a bit, assuming it is a full-body nude or facial close-up, will make for a better nude selfie or a regular nude for that matter.

This can create more curves across your body’s canvas and make for a stunning nude selfie. Who doesn’t want to buy sexy nudes like this?

Nude Tip 3: Use a Full-Length Mirror For A Full Body Nude

I have seen many great nude selfies in front of full-length mirrors. For one, you can see the entire shot before you take it and a full nude always is a sexy choice for nudes. The mirror can also add a bit of mystery to the nude as well.

Nude Tip 4: Use Light To Your Advantage

how to take good nudesFind a spot on your bedroom floor where your window shades filter the light. Watch the way the shadows play across your nude body and how the light creates a sexy ambiance. Use your phone’s screen to preview the nude selfie so you can get an idea of where and how to position yourself with the lighting.

You can even incorporate smoke using incense to create a steamy brothel or “old-timey” feeling type look to add more sex appeal to your nudes. You don’t have to stick to your bedroom here as well. Anywhere that natural light and shadows have a dramatic effect is appropriate.

The typical best time to take nudes is an hour before sunrise or sunset. The lighting during these times is softer and natural colors tend to be more vibrant. Who doesn’t love a good sunset?

Nude Tip 5: Pose with Sex Toys

Maybe you have a new pair of fuzzy handcuffs or your intended audience is into ropes and bindings. Pose in sexy ways with these accessories in order to stoke the flames of your nude’s viewers.

Many successful nude selfies incorporate some form of sexy things besides just your nakedness.

Nude Tip 6: Do Something Naughty

Nude selfies can be ordinary or extraordinary given your level of naughtiness. Perhaps you have a favorite sex toy you would like to show off in action.

If you have a profile selling nudes like on FanCentro/SnapCentro you may have a few tame images to show off who you are but to spice things up for your regular customers you may need to up the ante with nudes using toys or masturbating.

Nude Tip 7: Show Yourself & All Your Personality

Show the world you’re craziness and all your personalities. Do a morning cranky set of nudes wearing your favorite robe. Take nude selfies looking angry, happy, sad, sultry, and everything in between. Showing a wide range of nudes can really keep your clients and increase your cash flow should you intend to sell nudes online.

Nude Tip 8: Remove Your Double Chin

Double chins are not cool. Pull your head away from your neck forward to bring out your jawline and reduce the appearance of a double chin. You may feel like a duck without water in your nude selfie, but you will look much sexier in your selfie.

Nude Tip 9: Be a Dork and Buy A Selfie Stick

We have made fun of selfie sticks for a long time, but in this case, they can give another level to your nude selfies. Chances are if you are taking nude selfies then you are probably alone anyway. No one has to know you own one. Once you use it be sure to hide it in a discreet place along with your new nudes.

Selfie sticks allow you to reduce or completely remove the awkward arm look in your nude selfies. Their popularity is a testimonial to the fact that they make selfies look 100 times better, so invest in one if you haven’t already.

They come n a variety of flavors and colors but I would recommend a version that has Bluetooth capabilities. Easy to use is the key. Bluetooth will allow you to easily take photos and not have to rely on bulky cords.

Nude Tip 10: Invite a Friend To Play

In the world of nudes, there is something better than watching two grown adults have more fun than a solo model. Have a like-minded friend come over for a round of nude selfies. This can lead to some creative fun and working together will create more nude photo ideas through collaboration.

The Exciting World Of Nudes and Nude Selfies

There you have a decent guide to get you started on exploring nudes and nude selfies. Whether you plan on selling your nudes online or reserving them for a special friend, the idea is still the same. Take great nude selfies rather than typical and boring selfies.

If you liked this article or would like to find out more about monetizing your nudes and selfies check out these in-depth articles on how you can make $1000 a week or more selling nudes.

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Have fun with your newfound information and good luck with shooting those nude selfies!



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