how to make money sexting

How to Get Paid by Sexting

So you want to make money sexting? Sexting for cash is a good way to make money and you don’t have to get naked. Getting paid for sexting has been a full-time career for many.

sexting for money

We currently live in a world where you can virtually work from anywhere and earn more than a person who has an 8-5 job. All you need is a computer and stable internet connection and you`re good to go.

Getting Paid For Sexting Takes Practice

A lot of people know that you can make a decent living working as a webcam model, phone sex operator or nudes for money via Snapchat or other means, but what most do not know is that you can earn good money sending adult texts to strangers online. A great way to turn people on and get paid.

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Make Money Sexting

The good thing about sexting is that you do not even have to show your face or appear on camera, meaning your identity will be intact. As a matter of fact, most websites will give you a fake persona and all you have to do is flow with it while interacting with clients.

Turn Her On With Text!Sexting is a very popular term these days especially among teens and college students who have too much free time on their hands. Ironically, the habit is spreading like a pandemic and you now have people who are in their 40’s picking up the habit and can even beat the younger guys at their own game.

Make Money Sexting

What you have is a bunch of bored men and women who are either single or are in relationships where they are sexually frustrated, and all they need is someone to talk to and rekindle the passion and arousal they once enjoyed.

They are therefore willing to pay good money just to talk with a stranger and let out all the things they fantasize about. 

They want someone who will respond to their needs without judging. In real life, most of them are shy and would never talk such things with people who really know them which is why they need a stranger who will make such a conversation fun instead of awkward.

Benefits Of Sexting For Money

Working as adult text operator comes in many forms; for instance, some websites will require you to log in and respond to their clients using your computer, while for others you will need to use your phone to respond but your phone number will never be revealed since the message will be relayed using a third party software.

Most adult webcam modeling sites have a sexting session, and you will thus be required to create a profile and upload some of your sexy photos. Thus instead of the normal cam-to-cam broadcasting, you will be sexting with clients either on the public chat or on a private chat room.

Such sites have good rates for their employees since the photos on your profile are real and your identity is also real thus clients will be willing to pay more. The more you stay on a sexting session with a client, the more you earn especially if it`s a private session.

Personas For Sexting

There are websites which will create for you a fake persona. Meaning the photos and everything else on your profile is not the real you. Thus, you may have to take the persona of a MILF or Cougar yet in real life you are a young college girl. Here, the real trick is learning to stay in character throughout the chat.

Your persona may change from time-to-time, such that today you may be a MILF and a few days later you are sexting as a hot babe. This usually happens because different people want to chat with various personas, such as BBW`s, MILFS, Cougars, hot young babes and so on.

Additionally, some sites will pay you to reply on behalf of their webcam models that might be busy with other clients and cannot, therefore, afford the luxury of time in order to replay to each viewer. In this case, automated messages may be sent to multiple recipients who have visited the site and once they start replying you take over the conversation.

How To Make Money Sexting

The other form of sexting is where you register with a sexting company using your phone. But don’t worry, your identity is well protected typically. They will usually pay you per text which is usually $0.02- $0.5 per text. They will also set a minimum number of texts which you will be required to send per month so that you can be paid. Some companies will require you to send at least 2000 texts per month while others will require you to make a commitment of a specified number of hours per week.

starting off making money sexting

Sexting Companies That Are Hiring

First, you will need to register with a network and first have to verify your age.  Most companies will only hire you if you are 18 years and above.

Secondly, your sexting game has to be on point. It is important to be flirty and naughty in your chats in order to turn on your clients. Additionally, accuracy is a must because too many grammatical errors may be a turn-off and are bad for business.

Men can do it too and earn good money, but it is more lucrative for women.

How Much Money Can I make Sexting-

Factors can determine how much you make such as:

  • the company you are working for
  • the amount of time you have committed to the job
  • how good you are.
  • New sexters usually earn $5-$10 per hour while experienced sexters can earn $20-$30 per hour.

Companies which pay hourly tend to be more lucrative as opposed to those which pay a flat monthly salary.

TextHer pays out $0.40 per message sent.

ExtraLunchMoney pays out up to 65% of earnings.

TalkToMe pays out 40% of earnings.

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