nude versus non-nude webcam modelliing

Performing Private VS Public Shows

Each webcam site has its own rules and regulations, but most sites give models the liberty to perform shows at their own will. Considering that the performers are more of freelancers, they have the power to choose their own working hours and how often they want to broadcast. However, there are companies which employ models on a full-time basis and the models thus have to abide by the company`s rules and regulations. In this case, the models have no power regarding the types of shows they want to perform and how often they broadcast. The same applies to studio-based models that also have to follow the rules set by the studio management.

Models that are not tied to any studio or management usually have the power to choose whether to perform private or public shows, based on preference. Each has its own pros and cons but most veteran performers often prefer private shows and will only broadcast on the public chat room when they have no scheduled shows or during a `dry spell`. On the other hand, fresh models that are new to the game usually have no choice but to start broadcasting on the public chat room so that they can build a name and attract more followers.

Benefits of Public Chat Rooms

When you perform on the public chatroom, you are exposed to thousands of people and thus, if you are able to capitalize on that you can build a very strong brand. If you are good on looks and personality, fans will follow you even outside the site to your social media accounts and in the future, you won`t have to rely on the site`s traffic to make money. Business savvy models perform about 5 short public shows per day and they end up making a lot of money.

The public chatroom is more like a game of numbers and if you do your math right you`ll definitely come out as a winner. For instance, if you perform a public show for about 100 people and 50 of them tip 10 tokens, that`s an easy $500. If you do 5 such shows per day, you will make more money than someone who is wasting half a day waiting for a client to book a private show.

Cons of Public Chat Rooms

The public chat is usually full of jerks that may be mean and usually unwilling to compensate performers for their time. Some models also hate the idea of being exposed to thousands of people and would prefer entertaining one person at a time in a private room.

The public room may not always be financially rewarding, especially if you don’t have a strategy. Elite models are always able to manipulate viewers to dig deeper into their pockets and tip more but everyone has that kind of charm.

Pros of Private Shows

Most models like private shows because offer more returns. For each private session, you get paid per minute which means that you can broadcast one private show per day and live comfortably. Most veteran models, popular pornstars, and IG models rarely appear in the public room because they have scheduled private shows running all week. Private shows offer a more intimate period with the client, compared to public or group shows.

Cons of Private Shows

You can only survive on private shows if you are really popular or you have been able to establish relationships with viewers and with time they`ve become loyal clients. Additionally, it may be difficult to increase your fanbase if you are rarely on the public chat room because your profile will often be incognito.

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