How Much Money do Chaturbate Models Make

How Much Money Do Chaturbate Models Make?

A lot of cam models ask me, “How much do Chaturbate models make?”. The question gets asked many times over because Chaturbate is a free-to-join website where you can optionally purchase tokens. This means, that you can still watch tons of pleasurable action on the world’s largest cam site without tipping once.

Chaturbate is a Freemium Cam Site

Starting to cam on a site that allows viewers to see the action without paying can be intimidating as there is a myth that tips will be low just because they are not required.

Nothing could be further than the truth while using Chaturbate, granted you do the right things that can affect your earnings as a cam girl or cam guy. You can receive thousands of dollars monthly in earnings with a bit of knowledge and know-how, like any business.

Check out our article >> What is Chaturbate and How Does Chaturbate Work? for more instruction on how to use the Chaturbate Website as a cam model.

Maximizing Chaturbate Earnings as a Cam Model

Before we answer the question about how much a Chaturbate model makes, there are some important distinctions to remember for a camming business like yours.

For instance, some models end up making pennies, while others make an easily livable wage and then some. You might think the ones who don’t make much on Chaturbate are “ugly” or not pretty enough, but this is not true. After all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and Chaturbate has hundreds of thousands of website visitors daily. It is one of the largest adult webcam websites on the internet.

When your earnings are down on Chaturbate, more than likely you are a new model or you are not using the tools that Chaturbate offers to make even more money on the adult cam site.

The cam model that adds value to their public and private shows is the cam model that will make the most money online. There is so much you can do as a cam model to earn more on Chaturbate. Things like incorporating Lovense’s Lush 3 into shows with tip activation for example can help earn you top dollar.

Keep reading as there are some more great tips on earning money with Chaturbate.

Just to be blunt and straightforward, there are models that make thousands upon thousands of dollars per week on Chaturbate, and then there are those who make so little that it may actually be embarrassing to mention it.

Just like any other business, there are always going to be top tiers, mid-tiers, and low tiers.

how to increase earnings on Chaturbate

How Do Succesful Cam Models Earn Money On Chaturbate?

Every webcam model started the same way as everyone else. Simply curious about how to be a cam girl or guy.

What the top-tiered models do differently is why they make the most.

So what sets apart top-tiered earners versus the low earnings of some cam models?

lovense control

The highest-paid performers on Chaturbate plan their shows prior to hopping on cam rather than just going for it and winding it on the fly. By putting a plan in play, you are one step closer to seducing the dollars out of your cam room visitor’s hands, and maximizing your earnings.

Even if you are a straight male webcam model who wants extra income or a cam girl, the same rules apply to earning that extra cash online. Plan ahead…

Planning is not hard. We are not talking about step-by-step instructions for every move and action you will do by performing, but rather, setting yourself up for success.

You want everything to be in order before you go live with your cam business.

Must Haves Before Going Live On Camera For Making Money

  • Tip Controlled Sex Toys, lube, a flirty attitude, and a nice outfit that you won’t mind wearing for a brief time.

Allowing people who visit your camming sites, in this case, Chaturbate, to control your sex toys with tips or Chaturbate tokens will see an instant increase in tips as well as room followers. The bigger and more powerful the adult sex toy is, the better. This gives you an advantage the second you start broadcasting.

Best Webcam Model Toys to Make Extra Money

The best cam model adult toys for Chaturbate (and that make you better earnings) are:

  • The Lush 3 – Tip-controlled vibrator that hugs your body while putting pressure on your G-spot

best sex toys for cam models

cam model fuck machine

  • The Domi 2 – Tip controlled massager that will burn your clit off in a good way. Full control for your big tippers.

how much do Chaturbate Models Make Using Toys

  • The Hush 2 – Tip controlled butt plug which happens to be the first of its kind. Great for cam girls and cam guys!

hush 2 review for cam models

These are just a few of the sex toys that can help a cam model make more money online by adding a bit of interactivity to their shows. Toys like these can automatically adjust speed and frequency based on the number of tips a webcam model sets.

The action can get pretty hot and the tips will follow all because you introduce interactive sex toys into the mix.

They are easy to set up according to the manufacturer and will surely get you more tips in the form of Chaturbate tokens. A Chaturbate token is then exchanged by the webcam models for money via direct deposit into a bank account.

Add-Ons and Upsells Using Chaturbate

Add-ons can also help by giving paying webcam watchers the option to buy things such as your underwear or sell nudes for money for more tokens/tips.

Be sure to always complete your profile. Add links to an OnlyFans page, or upload videos that can be purchased. The best part is, that Chaturbate is completely fine with upselling but be sure to read the terms of service to fully understand what you can’t and probably shouldn’t sell online.

Chaturbate Earnings: How Much Can You Make?


making money on chaturbate

Chaturbate functions through a token-based system, which means that viewers have to purchase tokens from the site in order to use them to pay the models. For the models, 20 tokens are the equivalent of $1 which means that if a client pays you 200 tokens, you earn $10.

However, you will not retain the full $10 since the site takes 50% of each model’s broadcast earnings hence you’ll only be taking home $5. The 50% is a steep price to pay for cam girls but because Chaturbate offers you almost guaranteed traffic as well as many different apps that help to increase token tips it works out as a good deal.

Earning Extra Money On Chaturbate

Most of the models you see on the public chat playing around with their bodies are not actually doing it for free since viewers have tipped them to perform. They are earning money but don’t make the same mistakes as many girls who see few tips.

Chaturbate Tip Menu Optimization

For instance, on each model’s profile, you’ll see a tag written ‘tip 200 tokens to flash tits‘ or ‘tip 500 tokens to finger-fuck myself’, and so on.

This is called the tip menu which you can customize. Play around with it until you find the sweet spot where you earn more money.

Only when the model’s target is reached will the model start performing. To ensure that this happens, the viewers on the public chat will have to continue tipping the model tokens so that the target is reached and they can start enjoying the show.

Add Additional Content

Think of it like advertising companies. Content is king, and the better the content, the better the tips to make money.

Adding interesting content such as tipping levels to trigger an event on your Chaturbate platform is vital. It gets tips flowing.

This will determine how many tokens you receive. More fun on your page always equates to more tips. Pictures, contests, big spender mentions, making someone your “King”, using apps to make tipping fun with sound, vibrations, and being creative gets the visitors hooked.

So How Do Chaturbate Models Make?

On average, female models make more money compared to their male counterparts mostly because the majority of Chaturbate visitors are male, but there are still lesbians and curious straight women who browse. And on a bad day, a good female webcam model makes at least $100 and ten times that amount on a good day working 4 – 6 hours. Not bad.

It is safe to say, that a female webcam model or cam girls can make between $100 – $1000 per day.

Earnings on lucrative days, a good male model makes $10 -$500 and over $500 on a good day.

ebony pornstars

However, popular male webcam models make a lot of money, especially if you have big-spending loyal clients who know that they cannot get what you give them anywhere else.

Having a loyal following helps and encouraging them to follow you is important. Followers are notified anytime you perform which means they can jump into your chat room at a moment’s notice.

Another tip for Chaturbate models is, to bring a friend to make ample tips.

According to the site’s statistics, couples make more money compared to solo performers whether you are a straight male or gay or a straight couple.

Couples making money online make about 10 times what a solo male model makes on a good day and up to 5 times what a solo female model earns.

increase earnings chaturbate 2016

Making The Most Money On Chaturbate Tips

make money as a cam girl


It goes without saying that good-looking people are favored in a lot of ways in life. Good-looking models will always have more followers and there will always be people who are willing to tip a Chaturbate token or two.

Even if you think you are not the prettiest or most handsome, don’t worry.

Dressing up, and coming with a can-do attitude will make you feel pretty and that is all you really need.

Trust me, someone out there thinks you are the hottest cam star around. Confidence is sexy and will earn you tokens pretty quickly.


A good personality wins a lot of hearts as a cam girl and can help you in making money; good looks without personality will not get you far.

You might make decent money if you only look good. If you have a good personality, you will earn followers who will always come back to your room exclusively.

Personality is by far more important than a perfect smile. It is what keeps them coming back for more because you are not just a pretty face. The Chaturbate tokens will follow.


Popular models are always featured on the first pages (especially the homepage) of the site, which means they have a bigger audience and more exposure. The site usually allocates more traffic to popular models.

To earn this privilege, you’ll need to have a huge following and the ability to convert your followers into a big paycheck. Personality and a good sex toy can help you rise in popularity.

Commitment and Dedication:

For starters, a Chaturbate model needs to spend more hours online so that you can get noticed and gain more followers. Chaturbate is a very competitive site and for a newbie, you will need to work twice as hard until people start clicking the follow button.

A Cam girl for instance, who can make a name for themselves has a loyal clientele built in.

Cam girls or guys like this can easily jump online and start doing private shows or pack a public room full of followers ready to tip Chaturabate tokens in a few minutes or an hour.

Unique Physical Features:

You may not have a cute face but if you have unique physical features such as big nipples, big boobs, enlarged pussy lips, big clit or a huge ass you may be able to attract a huge following and earn more money.

As a matter of fact, a lot of webcam models these days enhance their body parts since with time they have learned that a good face is not enough.

On the flip side, many people are into petite men and women.

Quality of Your Broadcast:

To ensure that your broadcast is clean, you will need an HD webcam and a super-fast internet connection. No client wants a low-quality video stream that is buffering after every minute.

Take Advantage of Affiliate Links:

The site has an affiliate program that allows its members to invite people to the site and you earn a commission.

All you have to do is share the affiliate link to your website, blog, and social media sites and you’ll earn a commission for every person who joins the site through your link. A lot of models also include it in their bios, so when people first join they get a commission.

Sell Homemade Porn and Pre-recorded Content:

This will ensure that you keep earning money even when you are not online. Some models actually stop performing live on cam once they become popular, and will only use the site to sell their sex videos for money.

You can also sell worn panties and such paraphernalia and you will be assured of an extra source of income.

Create Website and Embed Your Chaturbate Chatroom on the Website:

You can then post a link to your website on your social media accounts bio so that you can drive more traffic to your website and have more people paying to see you perform live.

You should have separate social media accounts from your personal ones.

Some of the veteran models on the site do not accept tips in order to perform in the public room. Instead, they focus their energy on drawing their followers to private chatrooms where they get paid per minute.

However, this mostly applies to popular veteran models as opposed to newbies.

If you are a newbie and you want to make more money and be your own boss, the best thing is to stay online as much as you can and perform more shows in the public chatroom area.

This will get you noticed and help to earn tips. You can even focus on small freaky teaser shows, just to attract followers.

Signing up For Chaturbate is Easy

chaturbate review

If you are not already a Chaturbate cam girl, no problem. With a bit of free time, signing up for the platform is straightforward and easy. You can click here to get started or even if you want to check out the platform. If you are joining Chaturbate, don’t forget to stop by and follow my profile.

Many models start in the camming world with Chaturbate and never leave. Feel free to explore other platforms and discover more ways to make money broadcasting on live streams or selling video content.

A few hours a day of camming can make extra spending cash or a full-time income. What a great time to be alive!

Any Questions?

As usual, if you have any other questions about the article, Leave your comments below or we would love to know how much you make on Chaturbate.

Starting a camming business should be like any regular business. To make good money, you need to offer many types of services, know how many hours you should work, be your own boss and have lots of meetings. In this case, by meetings, we mean private shows. New models should start growing their camming network and soon your side hustle will have the potential to replace your full-time job.

P.S. What are you waiting for? Sign up for Chaturbate now, the sooner the better.

Chaturbate Earnings


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