nude versus non-nude webcam modelliing

Studio VS Home-based Models

Making a living as a webcam model is now much easier because models can choose between working from home or a studio. The latter was more common during yesteryears when webcam modeling was still a new thing but things have now opened up and working from home seems to be the in-thing, depending on where you come from.

Which is better: studio or home camming?

The truth is there are models that make a lot of money working from a studio and there are still those who make a lot working from home. It all depends on strategy and how good you are at selling your services. Some people find it easier to work from a studio because it is sort of hassle-free while others prefer working from home because they like the idea of being `your own boss. ` None is better than the other, you only have to find out what works best for you and you can easily do that by learning the pros and cons of each.

Studio Camming

Studio camming usually entails an investor acquiring a large space and sub-dividing it into small rooms which are then fitted with all the hardware and software components required for broadcasting. The studio owner then hires models to work from the studio, and in return they have to part with an agreed percentage of their earnings.

Most studios also provide models with a wide variety of outfits, including outfits for models that are into fetishes. They also provide the latest sex toys and props for the models.

Studio operators usually have strict rules & regulations which the models are supposed to follow, such as daily working hours, a number of days the model is supposed to report to work each week, daily target in terms of earnings and so on.

Studio camming is popular in Eastern Europe where human trafficking is common and most of the girls are forced to work under very harsh conditions by huge cartels. It is also common in South America because models find it easier working from a studio and there are numerous studios which one can join.

If you have had issues following rules most of your life, studio camming may not be for you because some of the studio operators control the models with an iron fist and are usually rude. However, models who work at a studio for a long time eventually earn the studio operator`s loyalty and they find things much easier. The studio owner may even give you a leadership position at the studio such as being in charge of other models which eventually translates to more earnings for you.

Pros of working at a studio

  • No capital investment required for models
  • State of the art facilities
  • Free training is available for fresh models
  • It is usually hassle-free- this is mainly because most studios already have an established clientele which means that models will not have to spend a lot of time searching for clients.
  • It is ideal for models that have big kids and they don’t want them to know what they actually do for a living


  • Fixed working hours
  • Lack of independence
  • The studio takes a cut from your earnings
  • Strict rules and regulations

Home-Based Camming

It usually entails working from the comfort of your home. You will have to acquire all the equipment needed for broadcasting on your own but if you find the equipment expensive, you can always start small and scale up once you start earning.

Pros of working from home

  • You have more control over:
    • Working hours- you only work when you want to
    • Earnings- there is one who is in control over your earnings
    • Clientele- you chose your own clients; you don’t have to tolerate clients that you are not comfortable with
  • Working from home means that you can broadcast any time- you can even wake up late at night and start working which may not be possible while working from a studio.
  • You are your own boss


  • You have to invest on broadcasting equipment, outfits, room setup, props and toys on your own
  • Some models may get lazy because there is no one pushing them to reach a daily target
  • Getting lucrative clients may be a bit hard for new models
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