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Can Overseas Models Compete with Models from Europe and the US?

The camming industry is mostly dominated by models from Europe and the US and for many years their huge numbers dwarfed models from other regions. However, in recent years there seems to be a growing list of webcam models from places such as Africa and South America which is quite good because it increases the variety and clients have a lot to choose from.

South America

The South American camming industry is growing at a very fast rate thanks to the popularity of studio camming in that region. Models thus find it easier to start out working from a studio because it requires no initial capital investment and everything is being provided by the investor, including toys and outfits.

Due to the high unemployment rate in that part of the world, a lot of smart and good-looking women are turning to webcam modeling as a source of income and their huge presence has not gone unnoticed in all the big cam sites. They have tilted the balance in the industry not just by their numbers, but also based on the fact that they are willing to perform for lower rates.

Moreover, they have exotic looks which are fancied by viewers who are looking for something different than what they are used to.


Asia is yet another emerging market for webcam models especially Southeast Asia where there are a lot of educated people but very few job opportunities. People from countries such as the Philippines turn to online jobs in order to supplement their daily needs and camming is usually the best fit for most women.

Unlike Southeast Asia, East Asia consists of mainly robust economies and most models here work for big studios which have high-end clients, mostly rich people who value anonymity and are willing to pay a lot of money to keep their identity intact. Thus, the markets in Asia are dynamic wherein the southeast part consists of mostly home-based models; the eastern part is dominated by studio-based performers.


In Africa, the gospel of webcam modeling is slowly spreading, but there aren`t many models from the region compared to other places. The biggest hindrance in most African countries lies largely on the fact that internet connection is still a luxury for most people. Internet connectivity is still is a huge problem and in places where it is available, it is very expensive.

Most of the models from the region that perform in the big sites usually come from countries where internet connection is a bit advanced, such as South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya. The few models from the region who perform on the big sites are usually a huge favorite among clients because they represent the original ebony model and they are thus able to give models from other regions a run for their money.

One notable thing about most overseas webcam models is the fact that they are mostly female because a man who is exposed doing such things risks public shaming. In most of these countries, gay people face a lot of stigmas and would not dare come out of the closet let alone perform for an audience because they risked being excommunicated.

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