Should I Become a Webcam Model-

Should I Become a Webcam Model?

If you find yourself thinking about whether you should become a webcam model, you may have already considered a few of the pros and cons. Personal security, taxes, and how much money you make probably come to mind, but there are other benefits and drawbacks to consider as well.

Benefits of becoming a webcam modelMostly Anonymous You can pick a screen name and keep your name and location secret. Also, as far as taxes and work history go, most websites send their checks and IRS forms under alternate names. So you won’t get a tax form from WEBCAMGIRLS, but from something like WCG Media LLC. They’ll also classify you as a consultant or something along those lines.

Set Your Own Schedule This can either be a burden or a blessing. If you’re considering doing this full time, you need to set a schedule and stick with it. Like a traditional job, there will be days you don’t want to work. You have to make the decision whether missing a day of work is worth missing a day of money.

Overload of Compliments Your confidence will be boosted sky high while being a cam model. Both men and women will find what they like about you and shower you with compliments. Just don’t get a big head! This leads into the next point.

You Don’t Have to Get Naked Some of the highest earning rooms are where the girl or guy just forms relationships with their fans and they chat. Imagine that, getting paid to be someone’s friend.

There’s Something for Everyone By this I mean it doesn’t matter if you’re skinny, fat, black, white, purple, orange, short, or tall. People all have their type and they will seek out their type. If you’re their type they will become loyal customers for you.

You can Block States and Countries If you’re worried about people from your hometown finding you, most sites have the option to block entire states and countries. Be sure to do your research when looking for this. Chaturbate for sure allows this option.

drawbacks of becoming a webcam model

The Creeps Oh yes. The creepers. The people that private message you the most disgusting things that make your stomach drop. Fortunately, you can ban people from your room if they get too unruly.

Potential to be Recorded There is nothing that can be done about this. It’s going to happen. Fortunately, you can be reactive by issuing DMCA statements to get those recordings taken down. Most websites will help you with this as well.

Money Isn’t Always Guaranteed Some days you will make hundreds of dollars in a few hours. Other days you’ll barely scrape by and barely make minimum wage. That’s why you need to diversify your income streams as soon as you can.

It’s Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme Like any job, you have to work hard to get to where you want to be. In some cases, this means spending the first few weeks not making as much as you want, but persistence pays off. If you work consistently for a month you’ll find yourself making some good money.

If you still find yourself asking should I become a webcam model, consider this list and think of your future.  It’s ultimately up to you whether you think being a webcam model is a viable option for you.

Any Questions?

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