Equipment Needed to Start Being a Webcam Model

Equipment Needed to Start Being a Webcam Model

So you`re tired of your 8-5 job which usually involves working for long hours, and the income does not equal the time and energy invested. You are now looking for a job with flexible working hours and great income.

You do your research and consult from experts and during your research, you come across webcam modeling. From what you’ve heard, it seems like a very lucrative career and you decide to give it a try.

Alternatively, you are struggling with college school fees and other expenses and you learn that camming is just the break you needed. This is how most people start their webcam modeling career; they want a job with flexible hours and great income.

However, it is not just about waking up one morning and with a snap of a finger deciding that it will be your career from today henceforth. You have to first invest in the basic camming requirements, and this article will focus on showing you exactly what kind of equipment you need before you commence your journey to becoming an elite webcam model.

Protip: Most of this equipment can be purchased discreetly through Amazon.

Must-have Equipment for a Professional Webcam Model

computers for webcam models

It does not matter whether it`s a desktop PC or laptop, what you need is a reliable PC with:

  • Minimum 2GB RAM
  • A minimum speed of 2GHZ
  • Hard Drive at least 80GB free space
  • Processor minimum Core i3 for laptops and a CPU with minimum Core i5

Don’t worry about looking specifically for these attributes, nearly any computer purchased within the last two years will meet the minimum. If you spent more than $500 on your computer, you should meet the requirements.

webcams for webcam models

The laptop webcam is not good enough if you are serious about your camming career. What you need is a USB HD Webcam for picture and video streaming quality. What I mean when I say High Definition (HD) is a camera that is able to stream video quality of 720p and above. The market price of a good USB webcam is in the range of $30-$120. This is a good webcam for someone who is just starting out. However, the moment you start building a huge number of clientele you should re-invest in your craft and buy a quality video camera in order to give your clients the best camming experience. Here is a list of reviews for the top webcams on the market in 2016. You might also want to think about a good digital camera for high-quality nudes. You can turn around, and sell nudes for money. A LOT of MONEY!

Advantages of a video camera over a normal webcam

  • Remote control feature
  • Full HD picture quality
  • It comes with zooming features

A good video camera costs $200-$500 but you should, however, be careful while buying because not all video cameras are meant to be used for webcam purposes. The best thing is to buy one that is specifically meant for webcam purposes.

  • Microphone You will also need a mic, but the best thing is that most webcams usually come with a one. While choosing a mic, go for one that enhances sound clarity so as to give your clients the best experience and keep them coming back for more.
  • Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

These two are very important because they will ensure that you`re comfortable during your live shows. You will not have to move around your working studio with long mouse & keyboard cables. Having cables all over  your workspace can make it a bit messy and some clients may be distracted by that.

software for webcam models

Operating System

If you are using windows, you should have at least windows 7 and above. For mac users, the latest OS will suit you just right.

Drivers You will definitely need to invest in a driver-pack because most of the additional hardware you add to your computer will need to be recognized and configured. For instance, you will need sound drivers, video drivers, video camera drivers and so on. Most hardware automatically installs drivers when you plug them in.

toys for webcam models

Toys are a must-have component in your webcam modeling career because they will enhance your shows. Clients do not just want to see your sexy body lying around in the studio; they want to see you playing around with your body with toys. Having a variety of toys will come in handy, and will ensure that you are able to satisfy each client`s needs. Dildos and vibrators are some of the most common toys, but you will also need to buy lubricants to prevent tissue damage.

Sexy Lingerie and Outfits for webcam models

Grooming plays a huge part in the camming business because it gives you the much-needed attention in a website that has thousands of other models. Sexy lingerie and outfits complement your look, thus making it easy to draw clients to private chats and shows which are where the real money is.

It is important to have a variety of outfits so that clients do not find you in the same outfit you had the last they saw you. It may turn out to be catastrophic for your business because they will have the perception that you don’t like cleaning up.

lighting for webcam models

Make sure your working studio is not dark so that clients do not have to strain while watching you. Additionally, lighting up the place with sexy colors does not hurt; it sets the mood and compliments your shows.

If you invest in the equipment discussed above, you will have a good start to your camming career and nothing else should stop you from your dreams of earning six-figures.

Any Questions?

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