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3 Best Webcam Sites For New Models

If you are a new cam girl or guy or looking into becoming a cam model you have found the right website. There are so many supposed webcam sites out there that are purely scams, designed to make commissions for themselves or to steal your information.

Best Webcam Sites For New Models is here to help you find legitimate and the highest paying webcam sites around for new models. I started out, much the same way as you did. I started Googling things like, “Highest Paying Webcams”, and “Best Webcam sites to work for?”.

What I found was that this made me more and more confused. I wish I had a site like this back then!

The 3 main things you need to look out for when vetting a webcam site are:

  • Reviews – See what other cam workers say about the website
  • Payout Structure – Do they pay out regularly and how much do you keep?
  • Customer Service – Are they responsive or tend to never answer their emails?

Is I-camz good for new models?

Answer: YES

I-camz as far as new models go is one of my favorites. Once you upload your info in a few easy steps they will approve you shortly thereafter as long as you are of age and are honest about your identity.

They never share personal information with clients and they offer an interface that is completely user-friendly, especially to new and amateur webcam models in the industry.

This was one of the first webcam outfits I signed up for when I started some years ago and found it very easy to use and set up my profile. Within about a month I was able to bring home about $800 to $900 a week working about 20 hours per week.

One thing I learned fast about working with I-camz (and any other webcam site) was to completely fill out all the extra info so that customers would not only easily be able to find you, but also return as repeat customers and build up loyalty. This is key to making tons of money in the webcam industry.

Picture uploads to I-camz are a must as well as tags for letting your prospective webcam johns find you.

They also Payout weekly with Payoneer as long as you meet the small minimum threshold of 20 dollars.


Is MongoCams Right For Me?

I really enjoyed working for MongoCams.

They pay well, starting models out at a good rate:

Credits/min Model % Referral % Total %
2.49 – 3.49 34% 20% 54%
3.99 – 4.49 38% 20% 58%
4.99 + 43% 20% 63%


The more your charge for a private show, the more you can make. For an example see the chart above. In essence, the total commission can be as high as 63& which is really good considering you make credits per minute with this model. The pay is also always on time.

They also allow you to work at other webcam companies with no conflict of interest which is a huge plus if you want to make bank.

The traffic they get is also a huge draw. They push hard the new webcam model and new member aspect like I-camz and because they already get the massive web traffic you need not worry about self-promotion as much as you do with some of the more brand name webcam model sites that pay equally as well like Chaturbate.

Last on our list is - Webcam Models Wanted!

They have been around a long time, and are still going strong. Super easy to work for and an easy application process. They also payout u to 70% with a huge fan base and built-in web traffic that rivals many companies such as Live Jasmine and camgasm.

  • 70% payout on extra items like used panties and pictures (great way to make extra money) as well as cam shows
  • 10% commission model referral. Invite your friends.
  • 10 million visitors per day.
  • Worldwide Network of thousands of models that they promote.
  • You can work very soon after applying, often on the same day.

There you have it. Our 3 favorite campsites for new models. Let us know if you have any particular favorite we may have overlooked

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