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Lovense Control For Cam Models That Increases Your Tips

Update: Lovense Lush 3 is out. This article is a review of the original Lush model. Check out the latest model Lush 3 Review for the latest!

Being one of the most popular wearable sex toys on the market, we became excited (literally) to review this pink sex toy. A strong egg-shaped remote-controlled vibrator that can be controlled remotely by a long-distance lover or by a watchful cam room audience. Just the thought of someone controlling your Bluetooth vibrator remotely is a turn-on, let alone that the Lush vibrator is simply, one of the best remote control vibrators on the market. The Lovense Lush is a multipurpose adult tool that feels great and has many features that set it apart from other wifi vibrators.

Lovense Lush Review

teledildonics lovenseFor those that have never heard of the wearable vibrator created by Lovense, the Lush has some arousing features. Depending on why you are interested in the Lush this sex toy has the capability of satisfying your every need.

Controlled over long distances via the Lovense app, it can:

  • Enhance Long Distance Relationships with its remotely controlled vibrations from far away.
  • The Lovense Lush can be worn discreetly in public for Lovense Lush public masturbation if that is your thing.
  • Enhance tips for cam girls by allowing cam girl audiences to control it by tips or private cam sessions.
  • Use Spotify playlists to control vibrations in sync with your favorite songs
  • And much more…

Before we jump into the Lovense Lush review we want to mention that it is often on sale. If you are looking for the best coupons and deals on the lush check out the Lovense Website here. Paired with the Lovense app this is by far the best remote controlled vibrator on the market.

Chaturbate Lovense

If you are a cam model already, I assume you have seen or heard of the Lush. A little pink sex toy that is similar to the shape of a sperm (don’t worry, you won’t get pregnant from the Lush). The soft rounded head is inserted either vaginally or rectally as the “tail” or antennae playfully protrudes from the chosen orifice to receive signals from the Lovense app or Chaturbate app specially designed to work with cam show tippers.

It is basically a remote controlled bullet vibrator with a slim antenna that can be activated with tips from eager web cam watchers.

Lovense Dimensions – A Nice Fit

lovense lush reviews
Lovense Lush Dimensions

Never fear, this is not a cheap vibrating bullet. In fact, this is one of the most powerful vibrating bullets on the market. Combine that with the fact that you can let whoever you choose to control it and it is simply a great way to orgasm.

  • Attenae is 4.8 inches long
  • Insertable Length is 3.14 inches
  • Gerth at wideset insertion point is 1.4 inches wide

Wearable Vibrator

About the size of an egg, it can be programmed in many different ways to increase your earning potential as a webcam performer and manage to give you intense orgasms due to its angle that hits all the right areas that need good stimulation.

Lovense, as a company has really started to up the competition in the past couple of years. Becoming highly innovative when it comes to sex toys. One such feature is the fact that these toys can be tip activated through innovations such as a chrome extension along with their smartphone application. This feature gives complete control of how your Lush can be used. For instance, you can set it so if a person tips you a small number of tokens the interactive sex toy will vibrate on low for 10 seconds. You can also increase the power and duration based on bigger tippers.

This has enhanced the earning potential of web models. In fact, every time I check out cam models online I see more and more of these Lush’s protruding from vaginas daily.

Many webcam studios offer compatibility with the Lush. Some of the most popular are Chaturbate and BongaCams.

We have found the support and installation of these features to be as simple as possible. As long as you have an internet connection and can read, you should be up in no time.

This opens up cam model earning potential as well as a great way to have an orgasm while getting paid.

Lovense Lush Long Distance Relationship Sex Toys

Being away from your special person or fuck buddy can be hard. Especially when you are away for a long time. One thing the Lovense Lush does very well is connecting those in long distance relationships (LDR’s) in an intimate way.EQUIPMENT NEEDED FOR WEBCAM MODELS

Making a long distance relationship work can be difficult, especially for those with high libidos. Keeping intimacy alive and well is what the Lush can accomplish. Sometimes sexting alone is not enough and the Lush has the ability to “feel” your partner, even from thousands of miles away.

Investing in this type of sex toy is a must if you want to continue to enjoy your partner.

My boyfriend and I have experimented with many toys with varying results. There is a toy out there for everyone and different people respond differently with different toys. Sometimes it is hard to gauge what toy will work and what won’t. Sex toy reviews are no different. Filled with opinions. Our review of the Lush, however, was centered around being in different places at the same time as well as stimulation using remote controlled sex toys.

Best Remote Vibrator

Being fans of other Lovense products like Max and Nora we were excited to do this review and share our findings.

Getting down to business these are some quick points about our Lovense Lush reviews…

  • Having fun with the Lush is super easy compared to panty vibrators. It was super discrete and felt great as it goes inside and not just against the clit.
  • The angle of this thing drive its powerful stimulation right into your G-spot
  • The antennae allow for long range for those far apart, bringing them closer.
  • The app is very cool. Schedule time with your partner and get them off no matter where you are.
  • Once inserted the toy is very quiet and comfortable. Smooth pink silicone and your favorite lube are all you really need besides a Bluetooth connection or internet.

Lovense Lush Specs

  • It is the best selling and most powerful bullet vibrator on the market
  • It has a flexible Bluetooth antenna that extends outside body for increased range for stimulation
  • Curved perfectly to arouse your G-Spot with extended contact of the “g’s” surface. Vibrations that will make you shake with pleasure.
  • Completely Waterproof sex toy
  • Li-Ion Batteries
  • Charging time is about 90 minutes
  • One Charge lasts about 120 minutes
  • Weighs in at 62 grams

Whether you are a cam model performer or in a long distance relationship be prepare to feel good with this awesome little pink sex toy. Other than some intermittent connectivity issues, we had a great time playing with our new sex toy. At a very affordable price, the Lush is well worth every penny. We hope you enjoyed our Lovense Lush reviews as much as we did!


If you are considering introducing tip-activated vibrators into your cam model routines, now is a great time. Studies show an increase in tips and earnings for cam models.

Lovense Control

Top remote-controlled vibrator company, Lovense has created a complete lineup of blue tooth controlled tip activated vibrator that works well. These toys entice guests on your webcam to tip heavily and more often.

The 3 top Lovense remotely controlled vibrators include models known as Lush, Hush and the Nora Rabbit.

Lovense Reviews On The Web Are Generally Positive

lovense lushThis is a small but powerful vibrator. It can be used in public without fear of making too much noise. Easily inserted and only visible by its pink-colored antennae that snake out. It has customization vibration patterns and can be controlled via an app or Bluetooth.

Cam models love the Lovense Lush vibrator for its ease of use and its tip-activated vibration. A strong bullet vibrator that makes camming more fun and makes more money.

When using the Lovense Lush on Chaturbate and connecting through the Chaturbate app, it sends pulsing vibrations through the cam model’s body and toe-curling pleasure is felt whenever a tip is left for the cam model.

Setting Up The Lush For Cam Girls

A cam model can control the amount of vibration based on the number of tips. If a watcher tips you 20 tokens on Chaturbate for example, you can set the Lush to vibrate for 20 seconds at intense intervals. The idea is for you to be creative here. If you are having trouble, watch what other popular cam models are doing and simply copy their routine until you get a nice steady flow of good tips. Check out our full Lovense Lush Review for more information.

In fact, many of the products sold by Lovense have many of the same features such as Bluetooth vibrator features for long-distance sexual satisfaction. For instance the Lovense Hush…

Other Lovense Toys

In fact, many of the products sold by Lovense have many of the same features such as Bluetooth vibrator features for long-distance sexual satisfaction. For instance the Lovense Hush.

Lovense Hush

This popular counterpart to the Lovense Lush is exactly what you think. This is a vibrating butt plug meant for both men and women webcam models. It applies the same specs as the Hush. Bluetooth or web app is driven, it is easy to set up.

A sure pleaser, this toy can also help increase tips. It is a bit more niche related, however, there is nothing wrong with toy-specific cam models as they tend to make more with their hardcore fans who enjoy a bit of extra fetish-related play on camera.

Lovense Recap

The Lovense toys are probably some of the best and most popular sex vibrating toys on Chaturbate for their long-lasting batteries and powerful vibrations that are packed into small places.

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Too bad they’re selling our private information including data from toy use to Japan. No joke there is a class action lawsuit. No one is talking about it!

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