Lush 3 Review: Is The New Lovense Vibe Worth The Hype?

The Lovense Lush 3 is a discreet wearable vibrator capable of giving intense orgasms through personal play or long-distance control for a hands-free orgasm.

In short Lovense’s Lush 3 is a powerful personal egg-like vibrator that is perfect for solo play, long-distance relationships, and cam models, but it is so much more…

There has been so much buzz about this third-generation version Lush model, the Lush 3, that we had to review it. Our goal is to answer all of your burning Lovense Lush 3 review questions!

What is Lovense Lush 3?

lovense lush 3 review

The Lush 3 is an insertable and wearable discrete vibrator that allows for active play anywhere your fantasies take you. The Lush 3 can be controlled by a third party using the free Lovense remote app control function.

The Lovense app is what makes the Lush 3 so much fun to use. Marketed as a long-distance sex toy, to fill the gap of being away from your partner, allows you to titillate your partner from halfway across the world.

It can also be used for cam models to help increase their tips by allowing cam viewers to control the action.

With the Lovense app, you can customize everything. From the vibration strength of the Lush 3 to custom patterns for pleasurable sensations, making your partner cum is easy.

When comparing the Lush 3 with previous models, the Lush 1 and 2, Lovense has added some extra strength power to the insertable egg along with a better battery and improved BlueTooth connectivity.

Still, just like the previous versions, the Lush 3 is waterproof and ergonomic. A fairly small toy, the Lovense Lush vibrator is roughly 3.7 x 2.9 x 1.3 inches long, so it is easy and enjoyable to insert for internal vibrations, yet will stay in place while you squirm under its intense vibrations.

The unit seems small but when it comes to internal stimulation, you won’t have to worry about its longer battery life, as it can give you orgasms fast.

Key Features: What’s Behind The Lush 3?

lush 3 reviews

1) Features Make It Versatile

For starters, it is an internet-controlled vibrator which means it can be controlled from anywhere by anyone, granted you give them permission.

This opens up the doors for possibilities. You can take it just about anywhere; use it in public, private, or while Chaturbating.

You can even use it as an alarm clock to wake you up with some sweet, sensual vibes while playing your favorite baby-making music. I suggest Al Green and what a way to start your day.

Uses for the Lovense toy include:

  • Public play – On a date? Going for a stroll? Eating at a restaurant? At the beach?
  • Long distance control – Long-distance relationships deserve sex too!
  • HD Sex Cams – Add some variety to a show with tip-controlled vibrators
  • Internal and External stimulation – A strong motor supplies enough vibrating action to give you the stimulation when and where you want it. This includes clitoral stimulation, g spot stimulation, and anal stimulation.

New lush 3 design

2) Quiet and Discreet Public Play

One improvement with this version of Lush is that it is very quiet. This is very important considering its use in public play.

When Lush 3 is inserted inside of you it barely makes a noise, and when using it for external stimulation it won’t get much louder than 40 decibels which is the same amount of noise as a library or birdcalls according to IAC acoustics. The ambient noise it makes is very mild compared to other egg-shaped vibrators.

I for one, hate running errands, but with Lovense Lush vibrator stealthy tucked inside me, it makes going to places like the post office enjoyable and no one is the wiser.

Lush sound levels are quiet

3) Waterproof and Tough

There is something about using sex toys in the bathtub. I for one, love using this in the tub while soaking. This is possible because the Lush 3 is completely waterproof.

For any adult toy, this is huge. Cleaning sex toys is not fun, but with these Lovense toys, clean-up is easy. No need to worry about getting electronics wet as the toy’s printed circuit board is completely covered in body-safe silicone.

It even uses a magnetic charging port, so no open holes to allow water in that would otherwise destroy your hot pink Lush 3.

Lovense toys are typically very tough. After all, they see quite a bit of action due to their power for getting the job done. Just like you, they can take a beating when it comes to playtime.

With the Lush 3, designed from the ground up, this revolutionary Lovense sex toy delivers and is designed to take punishment.

lush 3 waterproof

4) Vibration Quality and Strength

Good vibrations are important, but for sex toys like the ones in this Lovense Lush 3 review, good vibrations are mandatory. We are not talking about your grandma’s vibrator either. The Lush 3 is not only quiet but it is powerful.

Most egg vibrators are disappointing but not with the Lush 3. This newer Lovense model is outfitted with an improved motor that can send shivers down your spine much quicker than other sex toys that are comparable.

The Lush 3 is decades ahead of most sex toys on the market. Both from a technological standpoint as well as a true vibrator that does what it says it will do.

Speaking of vibrations, the quality output you get is best in class when paired with the Lovense remote app. Here, you will be able to adjust the vibration patterns, as well as the strength and intensity within those patterns.

You can create short bursting vibrations or long pulses. Basically, whatever mood you are in, you can set the vibration patterns to reflect. Slow and steady or fast and furious, the choice is yours!

It’s a small sex toy with a powerful engine. If it was a car it would be a Suzuki Sidekick.

5) Lovense Remote App – The App Controlled Sex Toy

Lovense is a newer company when it comes to the sex toy industry. Since their arrival, they have revolutionized the way we use sex toys.

For starters, the ability to control, manipulate, and give another person sexual healing from around the globe is something unheard of until recently.

It has been a game changer, allowing cam girls to earn more tips, or solve problems with long-distance romance.

This is one sex toy that the other sex toys envy, and for good reason. The Lovense app also allows you to customize your experience when using the Lovense Lush 3.

Setting patterns of vibrating waves that hit just the right spot is available through the Lovense remote app. Another cool feature is you can set the vibrations to sync with the music, so if you like dancing, like me, you will really enjoy using the Lush with the Lovense remote app.

The app turns the Lush into a remote control vibrator for lack of a better term. As a sex toy reviewer, I can easily understand how this can improve a long-distance relationship. The rumbling vibes are perfect and satisfying.

lovense remote app

6) Ergonomic Fit

It is small. Around 3 inches and can fit in the palm of your hand, but still very intense for such a cute hot pink sex toy.

The toy measures about 3 inches by 1 inch on the insertable side portion. The single antennae extend outward at 3.77 inches. The entire length is around 5.3 inches which curve into a C-shaped cradle that hugs up against you, making it a wearable vibrator.

The result is a comfortable personal vibrator that can be worn in many different ways.

Whether you use this vaginally or for anal play, the C-shape of this new Lovense toy will hug against you which creates an even more sensual effect.

best sex toys for cam models

7) Made With Flesh-like Soft Silicone

Body-safe silicone and smooth to the touch are part of what make this Lovense Lush 3 a remarkable little friend.

Admittedly I think the Lush 3 as well as the previous versions, look a bit funny, almost bordering cute. Not much of a sex toy vibe when you first look at it.

But, once you slip this in for a bit of internal stimulation, you will soon realize why this thing was invented.

As far as remote-control vibrators go, the Lovense Lush 3 is comfortable to wear and use, as the silicone is very smooth. Combine the smooth silicone with your preferred water-based lubricant, set the vibration patterns and you will fall in love with this little friend.

8) Battery Life

Improved charging and better battery lifespan are two of the features included with this version of the Lush.

Included with the Lovense Lush 3 are a magnetic charging cable as well as the Lush itself and the user manual.

The Lush 3 will last for around 5 hours of battery life on a full charge which takes roughly 85 minutes to achieve.

Lovense listened to its Lush 2 customers and a big complaint was battery issues. Such as with Lovense’s battery not charging. Hopefully, this new battery life of the Lush 3 will be a huge improvement over the previous versions.

lush 3 battery not charging

9) Connectivity

We found that with this Lovense Lush 3 review, another improvement was in regards to the BlueTooth connectivity for the Lovense Lush 3. This feature is truly important in order to realize the full potential of the Lovense Lush 3 as well as other popular Lovense sex toys like the Lovense Sex Machine or the Hush.

Lovense has one of the best reputations when it comes to app control and connectivity issues and Lovense understands, that fumbling around with technology is never fun when all you want to do is “get off”.

So with that, they worked hard to update the app and Bluetooth so you don’t have to worry about connecting issues when trying to jump into long-distance play for example.

A stable connection is important when using control features over Bluetooth otherwise it might ruin your naughty public play if the connection drops.

Lovense has solved this issue when other toys can’t. Close range control with Bluetooth has come a long way with this version of the Lovense Lush wearable vibrators.

lush vibrator reviews

How Does The Lovense Lush 3 Feel?

The Lovense Lush 3 is here to stay. At least it will always be hiding in my nightstand drawer no matter what.

Now that we got through some of the benefits of this let’s talk about the burning questions you may have about this Lovense Lush 3 review.


How good is the Lush 3 at satisfying your sexual desires? AKA Does this thing get you off?

and the resounding answer is: YES.

The one thing that makes a vibrator a vibrator is how well it vibrates.

Lush 3 testing

My Experience With Lovense Lush 3

Since I have used both previous models, I knew what I was getting into with this Lush 3 review and I was ready.

I have had my fair share of experiences using remote-control vibrators as well so with this knowledge in mind, I set out to review the Lovense Lush 3 in all of its glory. As I began my continuous play the goal was to see how the Lush performs against other Lovense toys in different scenarios to start.

Solo Play

best sex toys for cam models

The first was for solo play. After inserting only the bulbous part of the Lush inside my vagina, with the fixed tail hugging my clit for extra stimulation I began.

The vibrations are much stronger than in the previous 2 models, and the vibration quality is excellent. Within a few short minutes, this little lady was able to have a full-blown clitoral stimulation orgasm.

Since I was still in the mood, I wanted to see how it did with G spot stimulation. The fixed tail makes it easy to adjust the Lush while it is inside of you. With a bit of maneuvering, I pressed it firmly against my G spot and was feeling great.

At first, it took a minute to get used to, and with a few adjustments to the vibration patterns, I found a very nice rhythm. With my butt high in the air and with my face pushed down into my pillow, the Lush performed amazingly.

I love that the toy is petite yet packs enough power to make masturbation worthwhile. This wearable toy is convenient. It is there when you need it, making it easy to use.

Long Distance Play

One benefit of the Lovense Lush 3 is its long-distance relationship features. I enlisted my husband for this task and of course, he obliged happily in order to give you the best Lovense Lush 3 review possible.

With the Lovense remote app, connecting couples in a long-distance relationship is easy through the power of the internet. Connecting the Lush 3 for long-distance mode was actually pretty simple.

Maybe because I was already familiar with the Lovense remote app, but I have to admit, I am not techy when it comes to electronics.

Once we read over the user manual, fully charged the Lush 3, and removed the magnetic charging cable, we were ready to play the “Long distance relationship game”.

long distance sex toyDownloading the app is easy from the Android or Apple iOS store as it is free. From there, simply register your product for use with the app and you are pretty much ready to go.

It was a lot of fun and definitely spiced things up as we tried different vibration patterns, waves, and positions. The app itself comes with premade patterns or you can customize them based on the action.

My only complaint is my husband did not want to put the app down. He loved the ability to control the action while bringing me close to climax and then denying me with the Lush 3. Another sexy feature is video chat. Video chat allows you to view one another while in the act.

As you can see we did not have too many complaints about this little toy but I would say it works best as a G spot stimulator rather than a clit stimulator.

Not that you can’t typically use it for clitoral stimulation, but if you crave G spot stimulation coupled with superior clitoral excitement, you might consider the Lovense Nora as an alternative to the Lush.

I can see why this toy is dubbed as a relationship-improving device. It adds some character to the bedroom (or public fun) as it is very versatile.

Public Play With BlueTooth

We just had to try it out. Again my husband was in charge of the app and decided to explore the boardwalk down by the beach. The only difference was we could not use the video call function for obvious reasons.

@hearts_daddy When Daddy has control of “The Toy”!! #yes #daddy #lush3 #vibrations #wild @heartshapenips @heartshapenips2.0 #🍍 #fyp #fypシ #fy ♬ Suga Daddy – Inayah

At certain points, walking around became difficult to pull off without someone thinking I was drunk, or for the wise, being remotely controlled by a wearable vibrator.

The Lush 3 does a great job of staying in place, even while moving about and we found using the app via BlueTooth worked very well.

As far as the Lovense remote app goes, it offers the most forms of advanced customizations above and beyond other app-controlled sex toys.

There are several options that allow for creative fun when it comes to controlling your partner’s Lovense device but you have to pair it first.

Pairing Lovense toys with a phone, pad, desktop, or apple watch is basic:

  1. Activate the app control mode by pressing the power button for a few seconds until a buzz is felt.
  2. After you feel a buzz, select the “link button” on the app, and in 10 seconds or less, it will connect to your toy automatically.

Lovense Remote App Features include:

Touch-panel or “Remote”

The toy’s control buttons and control panel are easy to use and intuitive, giving you ultimate control over the vibrations sent out when using the app. This is where the magic happens.

Let’s take a look at the different patterns…

Setting Patterns

Simply move your finger up and down while pressing on the pink dot on the screen. This will increase intensity as well as decrease intensity giving you a unique experience.

First is a touch panel or “Remote”, which gives you the ability to really customize your experience completely while in the moment. You pull the little pink dot up and down to increase or decrease power.

Looping Patterns

The “loop” button can then give you the ability to loop or repeat the pattern over and over again. Or when the mood hits, you can press the “float” button to get a long and steady vibration pattern.

Saving Custom Patterns

You can make your own patterns.

There are also a variety of preset vibrational patterns on the interactive remote when you click the “My Patterns” control button. “My Patterns” is also where you house your very own custom-made patterns. You can set and name your patterns.

I named mine based on the action I like.

A couple of names I created:

  • The Roaring G spot
  • Going to Need More Toy Cleaner
  • Moan Crawford

And another thing to remember is, that if you are not feeling creative you can access patterns that other people have created right in the app.

Syncing Music Patterns

Mentioned briefly before is the ability to set the app to listen to any music that you might love. When it listens, the app will cause Lush 3 to vibrate with the rhythm of the beat.

I have a couple of friends who use the Lush in nightclubs while dancing the night away with this feature. You can set it to pick up any noise that your phone’s microphone hears as well, so nightclubs are a great way to play. Even stay at home and set it up to vibrate to your favorite “sexy” song.

Alarm Clock

An interesting way to rise and shine if you ask me!

If you fancy waking up horny and ready to go, this feature would come in handy. The App also offers a feature that lets you wake up with an alarm. Not like a traditional alarm, but as you might imagine, to your favorite song while the Lush 3 pulses to the beat.

chaturbate guide

If you have ever used similar apps like the We-Vibe app, this one is leaps and bounds above the others.

Needless to say, it was a blast using this in the open air. It adds an air of naughtiness as well as adventure. Just don’t get caught!

Sex Toy Industry Turns Its Head

One of the second coolest things about Lush 3, the first being the fun orgasms, is that the industry has taken note of the Lush.

What this means for me and you are many new products are on their way. The Lush 3 has revolutionized how we perceive adult toys. I for one can feel my nipples getting perky just thinking about it.

At this point, if you have not heard of the Lush you are missing out. It seems like every cam girl uses the Lush for its tip activation features as well as cam-to-cam abilities. All of my friends smile when I mention it, and couples long distance couples partake for good reason.

Lovense will continue to grow and continue to produce more revolutionary products like their Lovense Sex Machine for example.

Lush 3 Frequently Asked Questions

What type of toy cleaner should I use on Lush 3?

Clean Lush 3 by washing it with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap or you can use a water-based toy cleaner. 

How do I charge my Lush 3?

First, turn off Lush 3. Plug the magnetic charging cable into any USB port or USB/AC power adapter. It takes around 1.5 hours to fully charge indicated by the red light turning off.

Can the lush 3 go in the shower?

Yes! It absolutely can go in the shower. It is designed to be waterproof and is encapsulated with body-safe silicone. The real question is why haven’t you brought it in the shower?

How long does the Lovense battery last?

The battery life of the Lush 3 on a full charge is around 5 hours.

How do you clean Lush 3?

Clean Lush 3 with warm water and mild soap (or sex toy cleaner) before and after every use.

Can You Use Lush 3 Without The App?

Yes! It will act more like a traditional vibrator without the app. Press and hold for different strengths.

What does Lush 3 come with?

Lush 3 comes with one user manual, one Bluetooth remote-controlled Lovense Lush 3 vibrator, one USB charging cable, one storage bag, and one quick setup guide.

Could The Lush 3 Be The Best Vibrator?

I must say, the improvements made to the Lush 3 have impressed me. The Lush 3 is a top-10 on my list of best vibrators. Lush 3 was amazing for its versatile fun in and out of the bedroom.

Many times, I have been on the fence about these types of products. After all, they are not the cheapest and feel a bit like a commitment if you are dissatisfied with the outcome. That being said, if you are in the market for a new personal massager, vibrator, or special toy, you will not be disappointed if you buy Lush 3.

From clit stimulation to especially G spot stimulation, the little Lush 3 is a workhorse in the bedroom (or anywhere you want to take it).

Once I got past the tech issues in my head, I realized it is very user-friendly and from there, it has been history. If you are looking for a vibrator for you and your partner, this will surely fill that gap.

The only question in this Lush review that is left is, why haven’t you purchased your Lovense Lush 3 yet?

Let me know about your experiences with the Lush 3!

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