what is the lovense sex machine

App Controlled Thrusting Lovense Sex Machine

Lovense’s sex machine is something special. Unlike any other sex toy, the Lovense sex machine is a must-have if you enjoy hands-free masturbation that will leave your legs trembling and a smile glued to your face.

What is The Lovense Sex Machine?

The Lovense sex machine is a double-ended thrusting sex machine that can be outfitted with dildos or vibrators on either end. The double-sided thrusting design is perfect for two people at a time. The machine thrusts the dildo-capped rods deep inside you for pleasurable penetration.

Great for both men, women, and couples these Lovense sex toys are customizable in both speed, and position that can give pleasure at any angle.

Adjustable Options Makes The Toy Versatile

lovense sex machine

Benefits Of This Sex MACHINE

  • Easy to use control box
  • Adjustable stroke length for deep penetration or shallow teasing
  • Lovense remote App compatible
  • Sex machine’s body is enclosed and surrounded by a sturdy frame and support legs
  • Long-distance control
  • Compatible with Vac U Lock system
  • Lovense USB Bluetooth adapter compatible

Lovense Sex Machine Review

lovense sex machine

First time I tried the machine I took into account the recommendations from Lovense to start at a slower speed and work my way into it, and oh my I sure did. It felt a bit awkward at first, but with the right amount of lube, getting to know the sex machine was the ticket.

lovense sex machine review

There is somewhat of a learning curve, but pleasure and determination will quickly fill that gap (both of them) in a good way. Once the machine starts, you really can only think of one thing. PLEASURE!

As the sex machine begins to thrust, setting the depth of the thrusting is important for that perfect stroke. Stroking at around 300 thrusts per minute was a bit too fast for me, but I know other cam models who love this intensity. With the customizable features, these Lovense toys are a class above the rest of the comparable models out there. Bonus, it also works with Chaturbate, so if you are a cam model, this is a great way to improve your tips and have a great time at work.

Waves of Pleasure

lush vibrator reviews

Getting off while “riding” these types of sex machines is easy, but for this Lovense Sex Machine review, I would say this machine gets the job done much quicker than other models by different manufacturers.

I love that you can swap out the dildos that come with it, using Vac u lock toys, and the rod insertion holes are intuitive so not much fussing around with this thing.

How To Use The Lovense Sex Machine

Below are some basics, but always check the manufacturer’s instructions for the latest information on operating this machine.

  1. Ensure the power is off before adjusting the stroke distance
  2. Apply ample lube to yourself and the toy before insertion. Only use water-based lube. Silicone or oil-based lube may affect the silicone casing and deteriorate the product.
  3. First-timers, setting the stoke depth and speed to low and then play around with speed and depth until you find the right spot.

Sex Machines Make Camming Even Better

increase earnings chaturbate 2016

Cam girls pay attention because the Lovense sex machine is also tip compatible.

What that means simply, is more tips.

How do you ask?

That means that you can place control over the machine in the hands of your chat room viewers. Talk about fun for them and even more fun for you, but remember, they must tip to use it. That means more money every time they want you to get off. Cha-ching.

Lovense has an entire line of tip-activated sex toys as mentioned in our Lush 3 review with the Lovense Sex Machine being the newest in that lineup.

Earn More Tips (If that’s your thing)

Cam sites like Chaturbate, My Free Cams, and others already allow for the use and even offer different apps that can result in the action ramping up in your cam room.

Hands down, any adult cam room that offers the fuck machine on the menu may see tips increase by 100%. It is an investment but can be made up rather quickly, as the cam model’s earnings are good when done right, such as with the fuck machines.

The Lovense remote app makes it all possible.

Cleaning Your Lovense Sex Machine

Let’s face it; this Lovense machine, and I mean machine, will leave you drenched, sticky and breathless, so it’s safe to say you will need some items to keep it sanitary and clean. It only stops when you stop.

Of course, don’t try and clean the sex machine while operating it. Power it down and unplug the power supply by removing the power plug from the wall socket first and foremost.

  • Clean Lovense Sex Machine after use.
  • The control Box, Main Body, Power Supply, and Power Plug can be cleaned with a lint-free cloth.
  • Clean the Dildo after every use with warm water (Do not use excessively hot water) and mild soap or sex toy cleaner that is water-based.
  • If water gets into the backside hole of the Dildo, ensure it is dry before placing it back on the rods.
  • Oil the sliding rails and rod insertion holes around 2-3 months of use depending on how frequently you use the Lovense Sex Machine with mechanical grease – any high-temperature wheel bearing grease is fine.
  • Don’t forget to update your Lovense remote app also.

Lovense Sex Machine Accessories and Attachments

Another great feature of this adult toy product is it offers additional fun accessories to spice things up above and beyond sex toy cleaner. And more specifically, we mean attachments or the pointy end of this sex machine.

lovense sex machine cleaning

Speaking of the business end of the Lovense sex machine, there are hundreds of ways to modify this best-in-class adult sex toy. A sex machine like this is an investment, so when you buy one, consider how many attachments are available. Variety will pique your interest in this apparatus for a long time.

Here are just a few of the attachments available…

Lovense Attachments:

  • Compatible with Vac-U-Lock Technology
    • Dildos
    • Vibrators
    • Masturbators
    • Double Dildos
    • Suction Cup

So attaching items to increase pleasure works with the Vac u lock system quite well. If it sticks, it fits and this opens up the option for adding infinite possibilities. Just make sure you read the assembly instructions to ensure your plastic playthings coming loose is not an option.

Machine Maintenance is a Must

You will also want to keep in mind mechanical grease is something that will need to be applied any time you do maintenance. Check the owner’s manual for deeper instructions. Just like you, the sex machine will need lubricant in the form of machine oil to keep things running smoothly.

Lovense Sex Machine Control Box

The control box on the sex machine controls the action. An intuitive design that can adjust stroke and penetration depth along with speed. Up to 300 thrusts per minute make for a wild ride, or you can slow it down for comfortable sessions with the built-in speed dial. It doesn’t take long to assemble. Once you build it, adjust for the perfect angle, lube it up, and plug it onto a power outlet, and the robust motor does the work.

Orgasms at the Touch of a Button

Sit back and wait for that orgasm. You won’t have to wait long.

Once finished, turn the control box to the off position and take a well-deserved nap.

The Lovense app can also control the action, which is perfect for long-distance couples. The new Lovense machine has tons of fancy features to suit your needs.

lovense remote app

Lovense Sex Machine Features

  • Ergonomic Design – Easy to store for safe keeping and prying eyes and comfortable to use (if that’s your thing)
  • 7 Thrusting Options – Seven ways to change the motion of the ocean and improve stroke distance
  • Dildo Attachments  – Toxic-free extensions that hit the right spot are included. Be sure to clean with approved sex toy cleaner
  • Strong Power – Bonker power comes from the robust motor which means it can get warm. Pay attention to the high-temperature wheel if you can.
  • Discreet Packaging – Your neighbors will never know you are a kinky cam model or a freak in the sheets
  • Angels, Backbends, and Customizable For Many Positions – Easily change positions and pick your favorite spots.
  • Chaturbate Compatible – Great way to make more tips. Put on a show with this machine. It is also remote-controlled for long-distance fun.
  • Materials – Body-Safe Silicone/Metal/ABS Plastic
  • Weight – 12.5 kg
  • Speed – up to 300 Strokes per Minute
  • Motor Specs – 24 V, 5 A
  • Electrical Input – 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz

What’s Included When Purchasing Lovense’s Sex Machine

Lovense Sex Machine x1
Storage Bag x1
User Manual x1
Assembly Instructions x1

what is the lovense sex machine

Final Thoughts

For cam models or anyone with an adventurous spirit, the Lovense Sex Machine is a must-have toy for the bedroom. It’s the well-crafted machine that was invented to fill a core purpose. That core purpose is a thoughtfully designed sex machine that will surely get you off every time. The machine itself is an investment that needs to be cared for, so keep that in mind. But, the pleasure the machine gives, far outweighs the time and effort it takes to keep it running smoothly. If you are interested in more information or are ready to buy this wonderful machine, we recommend purchasing directly from the manufacturer’s website. There you can get the lowest price versus Amazon, and get the latest details on the machine.

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