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The best teledildonic brands for long distance couples and webcam models for 2017


teledildonics with VRWe have definitely come a long way with regards to communication technology. From Postal mail, telephone, email, text messaging service to now when you can easily communicate with your partner via video chat in real time. Technology always aspires to make our lives more comfortable by introducing an easier way of doing things. For instance in past it was very difficult for long distant couples to flirt and keep their sexual flame burning but now things are different. Due to technology, long distant couples can communicate in real time and have face-to-face conversations every day. The new technology gives couples the opportunity to enjoy sex with each other despite being miles away, through advanced sex toys that can be controlled remotely via a smartphone Application. Below is a list of some of the cyberdildonics manufacturers who are considered to be the best in the game:


Ohmibod has been around for quite some, its main focus being music driven sex toys. Their brand of sex toys is very popular especially among camgirls because they make their job fun and tolerable.

How do the Ohmibod sex toys work?

Ohmibod sex toys are more female focused mostly because they produce vibrators that react to musical sounds. Once connected, the vibrator will react to the music you are listening on your player in terms of volume, rhythm and intensity. When you increase the volume of the music player, in most cases the vibration speed will also increase. If the genre of music you`re listening to has a heavy bass and groovy rhythm, the vibration intensity on your dildo will also increase.

Most importantly, Ohmibod range of toys give couples more interactivity. For instance, you partner may decide to select the playlist for you and also be in control of your music player. This means that your partner will even be able to increase the vibration speed on your toy, thus making things more fun and interesting.

Most Ohmibod products do have a limit though, on the sense that they cannot be controlled from a long distance. They are more of same room type of sex toys but will definitely spice up your sex life. They come in various styles, design, shape and size, including some that will fit in a female panty or thong. They also have panties that have built in vibrators which you can walk around with without anyone noticing.

One of the most notable Ohmibod range of sex toys is the Ohmibod Bluemotion which can actually be remotely controlled via Bluetooth on both Apple and Android devices. The best thing about the Ohmibod Bluemotion is the fact that it can be controlled both from a long distance or same room. Users first have to download the App which is available for free and they`ll be able to control each other`s sex toy. Like most Ohmibod products the Ohmibod Bluemotion is also female focused which means that it doesn’t come with a male pair.


Kiiroo is considered as of the market leaders when it comes to advanced sex toys. They have sex toys that make life so easy for camgirls and long distance couples. As a matter of fact, very few companies come close to Kiiroo when it comes to making cyberdildonics in terms of both quality and ease of use.

Kiiroo has sex toys for both couples and singles. Couples toys come as a pair, whereby you have the male masturbation sleeve which is known as Onyx and a female vibrator which is referred to as Pearl. The best thing about Kiiroo is the fact that it has a video chat platform where people can chat one-on-one and watch each during their sexacapades. Their video platform offers Virtual Reality technology which gives you a real life-like sex experience. You may actually be on different continents with your partner but you feel like you`re in the same room having sex. It`s interactivity is on a whole new level and the fact that both the Onyx and Pearl are able to sync during sex is absolutely mind blowing because it means the toys will be able to react to each other`s movements. For instance, once the male partner starts getting excited and the intensity of Onyx increases, the intensity of the vibrations in the Pearl will also increase and vice versa. It`s almost as if you`re both having real sex.

The best feature in the Kiiroo products is the fact that they can be remotely controlled from a long distance. Once you download the Kiiroo App on your device, your partner will be able to control your device from miles away.

The company`s partnership with Camsoda which is a webcam service site has enabled webcam models to connect with their clients on a more intimate level. When you combine Kiiroo`s high tech sex toys and Camsoda`s Virtual Reality platform what you have is something great that benefits both the models and clients. However, Kiiroo products are usually pricey and go for high rates than what most people are used to, but the best thing is that they`re worth the price tag. The Onyx and Pearl set goes for about $369.


It is regarded as one of the best teledildonics products providers in the industry. Sex toys from Lovense are Bluetooth controlled and can thus be easily controlled remotely from a long distance. The toys are controlled and connected to each other via the company`s App and couples are thus able to sync the toys and have more fun. Just like the Kiiroo toys, Lovense toys also react to each other`s movements once they are synced. If you don’t want to sync the toys, the App allows each party to enjoy solo play and you have the power to either allow or deny the other party the control to your toy.

The Lovense male masturbation sleeve is known as Max while the female is known as Nora. Once synced, Max and Nora will give you the experience like you`re almost having real-life sex with your partner.

Lovense also has a video chatting platform where both parties can enjoy watching each other and interact during each session, which makes the experience more fun. They also have another exciting feature, which is a recording tool that allows users to record each session if they so wish. This feature is very popular among camgirls because they are able to record their masturbating sessions and sell the clips for a good price. The Lovense couple set retails at $230.


Vibease is yet another company that manufactures female-focused sex toys. Their vibrator can be controlled remotely through a smartphone App. This means that your partner can ensure you masturbate all day through the simple touch of a smartphone screen. Once you load the App, both you and your partner will be able to control the vibrator by running a finger across the smartphone screen.

The Vibease vibrator can also be synced to a music player and react to the sounds, which comes in handy during solo play. They have a wearable vibrator which is rechargeable via USB and can fit on your panty and remain unnoticeable all day. The wearable one is great when you`re feeling a little bit naughty and want outdoor masturbation. The Vibease vibrator is currently retailing at $119.

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