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Using Toys to Spice Up Your Webcam Shows

Webcam modeling as a career is all about fulfilling your viewers’ fantasies and in return they reward you for it. There are many ways of pleasuring viewers, but the most common involve strip-teasing and getting nude in front of a camera to the amusement of the fans. However, there is also another form of webcam modeling which falls under the non-nude category and involves pleasuring viewers in other ways, while fully dressed. For this article, we will focus on the nude category with an emphasis on how models can use toys and props to spice up their performances.

The Importance of Using Sex Toys

As webcam performer in the nude category, toys are a must-have accessory. You cannot rely on strip-teasing alone, and you need something to please your clients even more and ensure that they are completely satisfied after each session so that they can keep coming back for more. It is always important to ask your fans what toys they want to see you incorporate in your next shows and the beauty of it is that if you don`t have some of they toys they suggest, some of the fans will go out of their way and buy them for you. This is also why it is important to have an Amazon wishlist, to make it easier for your fans to buy you gifts.

Furthermore, it is very important to have the toys close-by, to avoid instances where you have to cut short a show just when things were getting heated up for the fans, so as to go and fetch a toy. Leaving the room to fetch a toy in the middle of a performance not only breaks the moment, it may also lead to an anti-climax. Always prepare in advance before each show and know which toys you may want to use. The best thing is to have them hidden somewhere under a pillow for convenience and also to maintain that element of surprise.

As a webcam performer, it is not mandatory for you to have every sex-toy there is in the world in your closet; rather, ensure that you have the kind of toys that will complement your performances. For instance, if you do anal shows a lot, you need to have a variety of anal toys in your closet.

A lot of people think that toys are only meant for solo performers, which is quite wrong. Even models that perform as a couple or as a group need toys to make their shows livelier. The best thing about toys is that they give you more ideas for a show. They ensure that your shows are not too predictable because, with time, fans do get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. For instance, a vibrator will give you both vaginal and clitoral stimulation which is great for viewers who want to see you masturbate and get freaky.

Perhaps the best thing about using sex toys like the Lush 3 or clit suckers for performers is the fact that you get to have fun because while the viewers are enjoying the show, you are also being sexually stimulated which is always pleasurable.

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