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Why Performing Shows as a Couple is Big Money: Couples Cam

Couples are more fun when it comes to camming

couple webcam modelsAs the camming industry continues to grow, performers are trying out new ways to generate more income. The industry is very competitive and as a model, you cannot rely on traditional methods; you have to be innovative if you want to become a top earner in this field. Only those who keep reinventing their profile and offer unique services are able to remain evergreen thus ensuring they have an edge over their competitors. Speaking of uniqueness, most models these days offer various fetishes to their clients, which is good because they are able to cater to clients who have diverse tastes. Clients want to witness live sex situations between couples and are always willing to pay higher rates than usual, just to see couple-action.

Why most clients are willing to pay higher rates for couple live shows

The most enticing thing about live performances from couples is that they have an `exclusivity` factor. In simple terms, it`s more like a porn scene that is exclusively meant for you, and no one else. Paying for a live couple performance gives clients a more intimate time compared to buying a porn movie.

Becoming a Webcam Couple

cam model jobsPeople love to watch couples on cam getting naughty. Couple cams are so much more popular than single cam girls or cam guys for many reasons. The fact that each show for couples has so much more to offer is why couples camming make more than other types of webcam models.

How Much Do Web Cam Couples Make?

Statistically, they will always make more money. Plain and simple. You may have to split your earnings with another cam model, but the volume of tips is so much more. Your costs will be covered sooner than later.

Webcam Sex can get more explicit and make more money.

Additionally, clients get the unique opportunity to give their input/instructions regarding what they want to see in the show. For instance, the client is able to give certain instructions on toys used, positions, whether it`s anal or vaginal sex and so on. The best thing is that whenever a client opts to give special instructions, the performers charge a higher rate which eventually translates to higher earnings.

Most clients also prefer couples webcam shows because their shows are more satisfying compared to solo performances. Think couples sex and more options for the viewer when it comes to fucking, foreplay and everything else between the sheets. At the end of the day, what clients desire most is to get their money`s worth and the couple shows rarely disappoint.

Furthermore, when you perform as a couple, you have more ideas to play around with compared to a solo performer. Sometimes solo performances become monotonous because most of the models are doing the same thing over and over again. When you perform as a couple, you will never run out of new ideas to spice up your shows.

Challenges faced by webcam couples

The biggest challenge is finding a partner who is willing to perform with you. It is always preferable to perform with a real-life partner because everything just flows naturally. You will be more comfortable performing with your boyfriend compared to someone whom you are not emotionally attached. When you perform with your partner, the shows are more tolerable because you are having fun while working. Also, the two of you will need to have a flexible schedule to ensure that you are both available for booked shows.

During an interview, a model was quoted saying that he earns 10 times more per day when he broadcasts with his girlfriend than when he is solo. Couples sex is simply more fun. This just shows how lucrative couple shows are. The best thing is that it does not matter whether you are a gay or straight couple; you still have the opportunity to make a lot of money. Lesbian couples usually make more because they have a bigger audience; they attract both lesbians and straight male clients who actually love watching the lesbian action.

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