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How Much Do Cam Girls Really Make?

Becoming a cam girl does not mean you will make money overnight. Setting yourself up with the proper expectations before you even turn on your camera is the first step. Don’t get me wrong, you can make a lot of money as a cam girl, but like any career, it takes dedication and practice. The best way to understand this is to look at some of the facts and adjust your ideas about how much you would like to make webcam modeling.

how much do cam girls make

There is much misinformation about how much cam girls make. Advertisers want you to believe the second that you start up your webcam is the second you will become instantly wealthy. This is false.

You will have to put your time in wisely and make good decisions about modeling on a webcam.

So How Much Do Cam Girls Really Make?

As you have seen, many websites tend to over exaggerate earnings to entice you to sign up. If you are considering a career as a cam girl first you must ignore earnings claims by both studios and other cam models. There will always be the exception to these rules but you can expect to make far less.

Here Is The Truth On Earnings

Starting out new as a cam girl, I did not train myself well enough and lacked a decent webcam that resulted in lower than expected earnings of around $15 to $30 an hour for my time.
Once I got the hang of things and upgraded my equipment I began to see an increase in earnings a few months later. If you set yourself up for success by doing good research and starting with a decent video camera you can expect better earnings in your camming career to start.

cam girl earnings

New cam girls who train themselves typically seem to make between $30 – $50 an hour which is not half bad.

I consider myself an average model. Not a standout or anything as far as cam girls go, but after a while, I started learning some tricks of the trade that helped me up my webcam earnings.

The More Attractive you are, the easier it will be to make money in the beginning.

If you consider yourself, like me, average or below average in looks don’t worry, you can still make $50 an hour or more after a while. The key to becoming a high earning cam girl is really all about personality. Bringing people back to your webcam because they like talking with you will win in the long run.

Become an Exhibitionist

Cam girls who are willing to take requests that are more X-rated tend to make more money. In the beginning, if you are too shy or not willing to do most requests your earnings will suffer. People who watch webcams have many fetishes they wish to entertain. The more you are willing to do on-cam the more you will make.

Creating a Cam Girl Persona Is Important To Gain Followers Which Means More Money.

Venture out on social media and create a profile for your new cam girl persona. Use Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and whatever else you like. This way you can promote yourself and the times you are live on cam. Blast your loyal followers when you are live on-cam and they will end up in your room. Trust me, they wait all day until you appear if they like you which means more money.

Stick To Your Schedule To Make More Money

Again, your followers are loyal. If you post a time you will be live and you aren’t there, your followers will disengage and lose interest fast. It is important for making money that you are there when you say you will be. Being a cam girl comes down to trust and intimacy. If you let people down and disappoint they often never return. Consistency will create a loyal following and max out your earning potential.

webcamming in the publicAfter about 2 years and 6 months, my following has given me the opportunity to make $150 an hour on those good days and somewhere around $50 on the bad days. In the beginning, I could only work up to around 3 hours max and then I was worn out. Building up to 6 hours a day I have been able to provide a stable income for myself and quit my day job.
Your camgirl earnings all depend on how long you work without interruption. Pogo sticking from off cam to on cam will dissuade those from watching and you will lose money. Put the time in daily to make more money as a model.

I typically work as a cam model about 10 to 15 hours a week or 3 shifts. The rest of the week is mine to do what I want with. Sometimes I logging and work extra hours if I need to earn more for financial reasons. I am sure if I worked 40 hours every week I could easily make 100K a year, but frankly, I don’t think I would have the stamina for that or the mental fortitude.

There are several very talented cam girls that can work much longer than me, thus earning far more, but cam modeling can be exhausting after to much time logged in.
At times you will see no traffic and zero earnings, but like the tides of the ocean, webcam traffic always comes back along with your earnings. Every cam girl alive has experienced this. Always be patient because right around the corner sits the next big tipper.

Cam Girl Tips to Make More Money

  • Look alive and interested. Engaging with potential tippers is a must but you must be present in your camming. Looking bored is a pretty big turn off.
  • Be Authentic. When you are not yourself and look desperate people will disengage.
  • Create a fun atmosphere. Play games with your tippers that involve goals. Example; 5 tokens for a spanking, 10 for a flash, etc.
  • Find The Right Cam Girl Site For You. Each webcam site has different attributes, pay scales and user experience.
  • Check out our article about the best cam girl sites
  • Perform with a Friend. Couples statistically make more money when performing on cam.
  • Make sure to say “hello” to your regulars. Keep them coming back always. This will increase your model earnings.
  • Don’t fake your orgasms. Guys know when a cam girl is faking. Over gyrating to the point of ridiculous is a turn-off. Just roll with it. You know how to give yourself one (I hope)

Hopefully, we have answered “How much Do Cam Girls Make.”. The Average Cam Girl can make money, but the overall consensus is, “be yourself“, use your personality, your sex drive, and your creativity and you can make $100 an hour in no-time. The only way to be successful is to forget about how much you are making and be the cam girl you were meant to be. As long as you are patient and train yourself to be good at cam modeling you can earn a living wage as a cam girl. It will vary across the board as to how much a cam girl earns, but if you do it right there is a good chance you can make a lot of money.

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