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Webcam Model Side Hustles

Once you have been a webcam performer for some time and your fan base has grown, you will have a lot of opportunities to make money which doesn’t necessarily involve camming such as selling nudes for money. However, these opportunities don’t happen for everyone but only for the few who have managed to nurture their brand and are no longer just mere webcam performers.

What most people don’t know is that you can actually grow from a small performer to a worldwide star if you get the cards right. Growing a brand is not an easy thing and you’ll probably need professional help you in order to learn how to present yourself to the public and market your brand in general.

Making Extra Money After The Web Cam Is Off

virtual cam models vrOnce your status has grown and you’re big on both the webcam site that you’re registered with as well on all your social media accounts you’ll start getting calls for side gigs. It is, however, important to note that some gigs will not come automatically and if you’re hungry for success you will need to create opportunities for yourself. Most models do this by getting in contact with promoters and club owners and explaining to them your ideas and how you can make them more money.

The importance of having a visible brand plays a key role when it comes to securing such gigs because most promoters will probably check your numbers on social media and how you interact with people before they give you any contract. In simple terms you not only need to have a big status in the industry, you also need to be a real hustler.

Below is a list of side gigs that you should expect once you have a big status in the industry:

  • Club hosting gigs These are very common gigs for popular models and most club owners will want to invite you because your presence attracts more clients to their clubs. The best thing is that you’ll not only get a fat cheque, you’ll also enjoy VIP service at the club and drinks will be on the house for you and your friends. This is the easiest job you’ll ever get in your life because you’ll only be required to say hi to the fans announce some of the club’s specials and spend the rest of the time partying. Talk about having fun at work and it doesn’t get better than this.
  • Dancing/Stripping gigs If you’re really good at dancing on the pole and you have the right physical assets, getting such gigs will be an easy thing. The best thing is that you’ll be invited to high-end clubs where you’ll get a fat cheque and get to interact with big tippers.
  • Product promotions People will pay you to promote their products on all your social media sites. For instance, you’ll be paid to wear certain attire while promoting clothing lines, use certain toys during your live shows and so on. You will also be paid to by rappers to promote their music on the camming site as well as on social media by playing their songs during your live shows and in your twerk videos.
  • Appearing in music videos (video vixen gigs) If you’re a famous model who has a great body, you will be paid to dance in music videos. In fact, sometimes you won’t even be required to dance, just making a cameo and take home a fat cheque.

The gigs mentioned above are the lifeline of famous webcam models. They are a great way to ensure that your financial future is secure even when you are no longer camming.


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