Chatstar Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have noticed the new trend in town whereby your favorite Instagram Thots and models are now encouraging you to follow them on a new platform called Chatstar. The usual caption is; “let’s link up on Chatstar and you can call me, text or trade photos.” They also have a link to their Chatstar account on all their social media accounts to make it easy for fans to link up with them.

What is Chatstar?

Chatstar is a new social platform which allows fans to make direct calls to their favorite models, pornstars and social media ‘stars’. You can also send direct text messages as well as exchange photos and videos at a small cost. Each model is allowed to set their own per minute rate for phone calls, their rate for incoming and outgoing texts and the rate for MMS exchanges. Most models will usually charge you more if you ask for a nudie or any kind of photo, based on the argument that they are ‘never seen before photos’. You should also expect to part with more if you request a sex video.

How different is Chatstar from webcam sites?

Unlike the best webcam sites, Chatstar is all about phone calls, text messages, and media exchange. On the other hand, webcam sites allow fans and models to link up live on cam. They can chat on the site and have one-on-one shows, but there will be no phone calls or direct texts not unless the model decides to share their phone number with you and that only happens once in a blue moon. What Chatstar does is giving fans the rare opportunity to talk with people that they idolize on social media or other spheres of life directly on phone. However, that opportunity does not come free and you will thus have to pay in order to have that rare conversation with your favorite star.

How does Chatstar work?

If you’re interested in joining Chatstar, you will have to register at the site. Ensure that you are 18 years and above because they will ask for proof of ID, a headshot, your social media accounts and email verification. Once you are verified you can start taking calls immediately.

One thing that you should know is that your phone number will never be shared with anyone, so rest assured that it’s safe. Chatstar uses anonymous proxies to ensure that your actual phone number is not revealed to the callers.

Once you are a registered account holder at Chatstar, you have the power to choose your own rates. If you’re a household name such as a pornstar, a popular IG model or celebrity, you can set extremely high rates and you will still be in high demand. However, if you’re an upcoming model who is not so big in the game in terms of status, do not set your rates too high or fans will move to the next model. Remember that it’s a competitive market and almost every model is just as sexy as you are, and people will only spend more on a renowned brand. On the other hand, if you set your rate too low you will end up looking to cheap which may damage your brand.


  • Models retain 60% off every payment from clients. Payments are processed every Thursday.
  • They also provide you with a list of every transaction on your earnings history which makes it easy to track all your payments.


As much as Chatstar has a lot of great user features, it also has a few downsides, namely:

  • Lack of a geo-blocking tool
  • They don’t promote their models on social media as much as much as they should. If you look at their Twitter and Instagram accounts you will notice that it takes time before they post anything. Sometimes it will take them almost a week before they even post a photo of any model which not be the case. Social media promo should be done hourly.
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