NiteFlirt Review

A Deep Look At NightFlirt

NiteFlirt is a phone sex company which has been around for quite some time. It has a huge market share due to its longevity in the business, therefore, attracts a lot of subscribers. This means that the phone operators working at the site enjoy great traffic and you are assured of good money if you do your job right. You don’t necessarily have to take your clothes off either if you are uncomfortable with the idea. However, there is a way to sell nudes for money that can be lucrative for those willing to undress in front of the lens.

Being a NightFlirt Phone Sex Operator

There are a lot of good-looking models on the site but because of the high traffic it enjoys, very few can say that they are starving. Additionally, the site uses proxies to ensure that your phone number is never revealed to the caller and the caller’s number is also never revealed.

What Is NiteFlirt?

NiteFlirt is a site where clients can call your phone and you can talk about anything, but primary it’s about phone sex and you get paid per minute.

nightflirtAs a NiteFlirt phone sex operator (PSO) you are allowed to set your own per-minute-rate. However, the minimum rate is 10 cents a minute and 30 cents a minute for international calls. If you set your rate too high, it may be difficult to secure clients especially if you are a newbie but veteran PSO’s who have been at the site for a long time usually have the luxury to set high rates because of they already a loyal clientele whom they’ve built a close relationship over the years.

It’s Easy Joining NiteFlirt

Joining the site is very easy; all you need is to register with a unique username, your email address, and password. You will also be required to fill out your credit card information for purposes of age verification. Once your user account is ready, you’ll be required to customize your profile based on the type of services you want to offer, your target audience, relevant info about yourself and your rates.

It is very important to include your fetishes on your profile. This makes it easy for the site to promote you and also for customers to locate you.

Some of the common fetishes are:

  • Dominance– if you include this fetish on your profile, your callers will want you to make them worship you. Make them powerless even if they are used to being in control in real life.
  • Humiliation– such clients are turned on by the idea of someone humiliating them by saying really bad things about them. For instance, some people will like the idea of being told how ugly, fat or unappealing they are.
  • Sex therapy/ advice– if you are good at this, make sure you indicate in your bio and you’ll have callers who want tips on how to spice up their sex life.
  • Masturbation instructions– this is actually what majority of the callers want. If you choose JOI, you’ll have to be really good at it because if a client hasn’t climaxed by calls end they’ll probably never use your services again.

It is very important to ensure that your profile photo is sexy and also matches your fetish.

Additional info about NiteFlirt

  • You can connect with clients via phone only or phone with cam

If you use a phone with cam, you will need a computer, high-speed internet, and HD camera in order to broadcast live. PSO’s who use a phone with cam usually charge higher rates.

  • Apart from being a phone sex operator, you can also sell your merchandise via the site, on the ‘goodies’ section. Some people actually never take calls; they just use it as an outlet to sell videos, audio files, photos, and merchandise.
  • NiteFlirt takes a 30% cut for live calls, 50% cut for recorded calls and 30% cut for all merchandise sold via the site.


  • NiteFlirt doesn’t offer SWIFT and wire transfers. They only provide direct deposits or mail you a check. This may make it difficult for overseas PSO’s to access their earnings.
  • They take 50% off your recorded calls earnings.

NiteFlirt Alternatives – Sites Like NiteFlirt

Extra Lunch Money – Here you can sell not only sexting but many other adult items like videos, used panties and more.

TalkToMe – Currently a large network. At the moment they are not accepting new “talkers” but keep checking. This is a good alternative to NiteFlirt.

ManyVids – A platform similar to NiteFlirt that allows you to send and receive texts as well as phone calls.

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