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How to Sext Better

A lot of people think they know how to sext, but it is only after they’ve tried it they realize it is actually not as easy as they assumed. If you sext with your partner once in a blue moon it may not be hard because this is someone you share a special bond with and know each other’s sex life quite well.

However, for people who pay bills through professional sexting, it is not as easy because you’re sexting strangers and because it is your career, you have to chat with multiple clients on a daily basis. Your clients expect all the chat sessions to be lively to the point that they will be sexually satisfied after each session; after all, they are paying for it.

This article will focus on equipping people who are in the sexting business with vital sexting tips to ensure they earn more and most importantly to ensure that they enjoy their job.

Important sexting tips

Be open minded

This is very important because you will be chatting with people from different age-sets, who have different tastes. Hence, what may be appealing to younger guys may not resonate well with the older guys. It is difficult to establish the client’s age simply through the content of their texts which is why it is always important to take time and know the client first before you start talking dirty. It will really help because you will not only establish the client’s age-bracket but you will also get to learn other things about the client which will ensure that the conversation is interesting all through.

While sexting with younger people you have to be prepared for anything because these are people who are very energetic and most are still exploring their sexuality. They will assume you’re the expert and will want to open up about all their sexual fantasies with you and they will want a certain degree of sexual satisfaction before the session ends.

On the other hand, older guys have seen and experienced it all, and will often want to try and rekindle lost passion probably because of a difficult marriage or they simply want to chat about non-sexual matters. They enjoy anonymity because it allows them to be who they really are and open up about certain aspects of their lives. Some may be in their late 50’s and are no longer as sexually active as they used to, and thus want someone who will give them new tricks and ideas which they can try out later with their partners.

Being open-minded is thus very important because it limits chances of making wrong assumptions about people and enables you to perfectly cater to the needs of different people.

Do not openly show anger or disdain while chatting with clients

It is true that some clients may say things that are completely outrageous and annoying, but tolerance is one of the most important attributes for anyone working in this industry. It is your job to be slow to anger and in case you are not comfortable with the direction a conversation is taking, you can simply tell the client or swiftly change the topic in a manner that the client will not feel disregarded.

Rules when sending nudes

On most sexting sessions, clients will want more and more and some people will want more than just words. You will often receive requests from clients to send some nudes and because you don’t want to turn them off, here are vital tips while sending nudies:

Try not to send full nudies If you really value anonymity and don’t want to find your nudes leaked all over the internet, never send full nudes to anyone. The best thing is to have already taken photos of various parts of your body such that in case they are leaked, no one can be able to identify they are yours. Thus, always crop out features that will make you readily identifiable. After all, anonymity is what keeps it interesting.

You should only send nudies during the peak of the session Sexting is a step-wise process which means that it should never start on a high and end on a low. This means that you should never send nudies during the beginning stages because no client will want to spend more if they have already seen it all. If you must, start with teasers before you get to more revealing parts.

Be imaginative and create sex scenarios for your clients

For instance, create a scenario where you are in the same room as your client and you let them tie your hands and feet and they can do anything with your body. Try and create sexual scenarios in your client’s head and they will be yearning for more every time they have a sexting session with you. It is also one of the easiest ways to lead someone into masturbating.

You should learn to initiate conversations

On certain occasions, you will have clients who are shy to open up or admit what they really want. And you will thus have to initiate the conversation in order to keep things interesting. In cases where the rate is on a per minute basis, the longer the session the more you earn. Additionally, people that are shy even to strangers most likely experience the same difficulty relating to other people in real life, which means that if you get them to open up you will have gained a loyal client.

Knowledge of current affairs is vital

The funny thing about working as a professional sexter or sexting operator is that some clients just want to have a normal conversation which has nothing to do with sixths if you rarely keep yourself updated on current affairs you may find yourself in a situation where you have very little to talk about and the client will end up not liking you.

An interest in current affairs makes you a very interesting chat because clients want diversity.

Do not give away too much information about you

Not unless you want to gain real-life stalkers, you should never give away too much about yourself. There are weirdo’s out there who take great pleasure in stalking people who fascinate them, and you surely don’t want to become a victim. Never share your address or real name no matter how long you’ve known each other, for your own safety.

Do not complain about your life during conversations

This will be a turn off to the person on the other end, and you will be lucky if they don’t file a complaint to the site. The truth is no one wants to hear how miserable your life is, which is why they are paying to chat to a stranger whom they can confide in and let out all the dirty ideas on their mind. Some clients already have a whining partner, which is why they are paying for your time.

Do not take too long without replying

Clients are paying for your time, and thus if you take too long without replying it becomes more of a rip-off. The main reason they are willing to pay is because unlike in their actual life where they have to go an extra mile to find someone who is willing to sext, here they know they can get it on demand since they are paying for it. To ensure the session is satisfying to the recipient, avoid multitasking or chatting with multiple people at the same time so that you can be able to reply on time. You should never forget that clients want to get their money’s worth.

Do not overuse emojis Emojis are cool and fresh, but if you overuse them they are no longer cool. If you have to use emojis, use them very minutely and ensure that you only use common emojis to avoid confusing the recipient. Do not assume that everyone knows the meaning of certain emojis.

Proofread or reread your messages before hitting the send button

It is common for people to make spelling mistakes while texting, especially now that we have gadgets with an AutoCorrect feature. Thus, there are many cases where a misspelling may alter the meaning of a message and you may end up sending something which is totally different from what you intended. Always reread your messages before hitting the send button.

The most important thing about sexting is to ensure that you are also enjoying because it is the only thing that will keep you going especially in situations where you are tired but the client wants to prolong the conversation. Having fun makes it tolerable and you increase your earning capacity.

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