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OhMiBod Products Review

OhMiBod products have taken the art of self-pleasuring to a higher level, with their innovative sex toys. The manufacturers take into account the power of sound, thus creating sex toys that are in sync with sound and rhythm. The sophistication of their innovations continues to increase with time, and they now have vibrators that can fit inside a panty the beauty of it is that the user`s partner is able to control the intensity of the vibration miles away through a WI-FI connection. This means that your partner is no longer left out of the fun since they can contribute to the process wherever they are, as long as there is a WIFI connection.

How the OhMiBod vibrator works

The OhMiBod vibrator comes with a cable that can be connected to an mp3 player or any other music device. However, it is primarily meant to go hand-in-hand with Apple devices such as the iPhone and the iPod, but that does not mean that users cannot connect it to their laptop, mp3 player, portable CD player or stereo.

Once connected to the player, you can choose a playlist and the length of the playlist is dependent on how long you wish the session to last. The vibrator`s intensity works hand-in-hand with the beats and rhythm of the songs you`re playing which means that you have to be very categorical about the type of songs you choose. For instance, starting off your playlist with songs that have a heavy baseline is all wrong because you have to set the mood first. Thus, it is vital to start off your playlist with soft songs so that you can have time to calm down your nerves and prepare for what will be a pleasurable session.ohmibod review

The choice of songs on your playlist should allow a systematic increase in intensity so that songs with heavy beats are the last ones, to ensure you hit your climax. After all, the aim is to start on a low and end on a high.

The vibrator is battery-powered, and thus the more you increase the volume the more the vibrating intensity and speed. If you want a high speed, you will have to increase the volume but you also need to take care so that it does not exceed ear-safety levels.

The OhMiBod vibrator literary mimics the beats and sounds from your music player which means that each song, genre, or rhythm gives you a different experience.

OhMiBod products also have a 3-motor vibrator which is simply a triple stimulator. It stimulates the clit, G-spot, and anal opening all at once.

It is also important to note that the new OhMiBod vibrators are easily rechargeable by connecting to a USB port, and are available in 8 different colors. They come at different prices, based on sophistication, luxuriousness, mode of application, and so on.

The OhMiBod vibrator`s design

The vibrator has a sleek, compact design that offers lots of aesthetic value. OhMiBod products are made of easy-to-clean material and users can use sex-toy disinfectant or just wash with soap and water after use. The colors and design give it a very luxurious appeal, which is a huge plus.

OhMiBod and Webcam Models

Right from the onset, OhMiBod products became very popular among webcam models, mostly due to the following reasons:

Classy and luxurious The products are shiny and their design is sleek which is what most models fancy in a sex toy. Clients want models that are using the best and latest toys out there. They are also attracted to shiny and classy things and thus on a webcam site such as Chaturbate which has thousands of models online at any one time, a classy toy will give an edge over other models.

Variety OhMiBod products are sold in a wide variety in terms of sophistication, mode of application, size, and price thus the models are able to choose that which tickles their fancy. The fact that their products come in various prices is a huge plus because they cater to different markets and people are able to buy what they can afford.

The fact that the OhMiBod vibrators are music-controlled means that models don’t get bored while working, since they can choose their favorite songs on the playlist. The viewers don’t know what songs you are listening to; all they can see is that some songs give the models more pleasure by simply watching their bodies.

Perhaps the biggest reason why OhMiBod products immediately became a favorite among webcam models, especially those working on token-based sites is the fact models were able to woo more viewers to tip them. There is a huge debate about whether this is true or false, but some models would tell their fans that the beeping sound made every time a fan sent a tip would increase the vibrator’s intensity thus hitting some sensitive spots which would immediately make them react in a crazy way. Fans in the public chat room were thus encouraged to tip more, but it is believed that most models would cheat the fans by `fake moaning` every time a new tip was sent. Some fans would later come to discover this `trick` and you can be sure they were not amused. Some models also learned a new trick where they would put the vibrator on standby mode, and because the green light is still on and they have their headphones on, it was easier to fake orgasms yet nothing is happening the whole time. Just like any other job, people have to learn tricks and shortcuts to survive but only do it at your own risk because once you are flagged off your ratings will dip and you will lose a fan base.


No product can be 100% perfect, and OhMiBod products are no different. Below are some of the most common shortcomings attached to the products:

  • The vibrator can be a bit noisy especially on high speed and can be a distraction if you are trying to enjoy the music from your headphones.
  • For people who fancy high vibrating intensity, you will have to increase the volume on your player and sometimes it can get too loud and irritating to the ears. However, if it gets too loud you can remove the headphones and just enjoy the vibrator while it`s inside you.

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