Webcam Models Spending Too Much Time Online

Nowadays if you log into most webcam sites, you’ll notice that there are models you rarely find online and then there are those whom you would be highly surprised if you don’t find them online. Regardless of how competitive the webcam industry is, there should be limits as to how much time you spend live on cam.

I know it’s common for newbies to spend more time live on cam compared to everyone else because they need to gain exposure, but you don’t have to overdo it. If you are a vet webcam performer and you spend 10+ hours live on cam per day you really need to review your working hours; it’s either your strategy is bad or you are just greedy. If it’s about money there are other ways to make money while you are out there enjoying life such as selling nudes for money using one of many techniques.

There are models that spend less than five hours live on cam per week and make a lot of money. This, therefore, means that there is no correlation between the number of hours spent camming and how much money you earn. It does not mean that the models that spend a lot of time online are making money; in fact, half the time is usually spent idling around on the public chat room looking for clients.

You need to know that sometimes less is more.

If you spend too much time on cam you risk

  • Eye problems Staring at a computer screen all day does no good to your eyes. It causes too much strain to your eyes which may eventually lead to long-term eye damage.
  • Back pains The fact that you’re spending too much time sitting on your bed in very awkward postures is very harmful to your back. You will also succumb to numbness on your joints. The best thing is to stand and stretch your body every once in a while in order to relax your muscles and joints. However, even this may not be enough if you are spending too much time sitting.
  • Boredom Whenever you spend too much time online without a break, you will eventually succumb to boredom. This often happens to models that are spending most of the time idle. It is important to note that when you’re bored, you will tend to be moody which may negatively affect your interaction with clients. You will even blow potential opportunities because of your bad mood. For instance, you may start getting impatient during conversations on the public chatroom without knowing that you’re letting go of a great opportunity. Ironically, all this is happening because you’re overworking your body.
  • Low creativity It goes without saying that your mind is least creative when you are tired. Hence your shows will start being repetitive and less appealing because you’re not putting any effort to think out of the box. Even your most loyal clients will eventually switch up on you.
  • Overexposure When you spend too much time on cam, people start losing interest on you due to overexposure. You are diminishing your brand without even knowing which will definitely affect your growth and status in the industry.
  • High electricity & internet costs You will be incurring high internet and power bills every month which will eventually cause a huge dent on your income.
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8 days ago

Indeed, some cam girls tend to overdo it, but don’t realize that they’ll end up exhausted and on the long term this is a bad idea.

3 days ago

Eye Strain is real People!

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