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The Rise of Cam Girls – Making Extraordinary Money

A couple of day ago, I was glancing through a few questions posted on the most popular camgirl forums – Stripper Web Exotic Dancer Community, AmberCutie’s forum and Wecamgirls Community. On all the three popular forums, the following two questions were asked umpteen times:

  • How to make money as a cam girl?
  • How much money do cam girls make?

The express purpose of this article is to throw an insight into various ways of making money as a cam girl. This article also hits on the important aspect of how much money do cam girls make.

Read on…

Cam Sites

chatterbate reviewFor all intents and purposes, webcam girls are empowered web entrepreneurs. They enjoy the benefits of token sites and pay per minute sites.

A vast majority of webcam girls set their sights on popular token sites such as MyFreeCams, Chaturbate and Cam4. Anybody can watch the shows on popular token sites. However, if audiences are passive and do not offer any tips to webcam models, the shows do not go forward.

Let’s understand the monetization mechanics here. Public chat rooms may have more than 5000 viewers. The price of tokens is anywhere between $0.08USD and $0.17USD. Cam girls are paid $0.05 USD per token.

Let’s do some calculations now. But before that, here are a few realistic assumptions:

Active viewers: 10% of 5000 = 500

Average number of token purchased by each active viewer: 10

Let’s now run some numbers.

Active viewers 500
Average number of tokens per viewer 10
Total number of tokens 500 × 10 = 5000
Earnings per token $0.05 USD
Effective earnings 5000 × $0.05 = $250 USD


It’s pretty much evident that cam girls make $250 USD per day. Assuming that they work 6 days a week, their earnings are anywhere between $1500 USD and $1750 USD. In other words, their effective monthly earnings fall in this range: $6000 USD – $7000 USD. The numbers are genuine and conservative.

It’s not uncommon to see top earners making as much as $30,000 USD per month. There are many webcam models who make $15,000 USD per month consistently and unfailingly.

Let’s now understand the mechanics of pay per minute sites. There are many models who charge at-least $2 USD per minute. More often than not, amateur models charge $1 USD per minute. That’s $60 USD per hour. A few reputed and experienced models charge $5 USD per minute.

In a few countries, earnings above $20 per hour are considered appealing. The ballpark earnings per day of webcam girls fall within the range:  $120 USD -$200 USD. Here’s a point to ponder- Pay per minute cam sites aren’t conducive to offsite conversations. This can be attributed to the fact that pay per cam sites take a big pie of cam girls’ earnings. As a result, future webcam shows may happen on Skype.

If a webcam girl is caught initiating offsite conversations, she is likely to get banned from the site. In essence, it’s crucial to avoid the honey trap of tapping customers illegitimately.

Types of Cam Girls

Any wide-ranging discussion on how to make money as a cam girl is incomplete without understanding the different types of cam girls.

At the outset, let me tell you that this section is not to discriminate models based on their religion, ethnicity, color, etc. The sole purpose of this section is to help our dear readers understand the type of cam girls and the factors affecting their earnings. And yes, there are no good or bad types.

Type #1: Smart Models

Many models from the west usually fall in this category. Smart models usually have a counter cultural approach. They have multiple sources of income. No doubt, they are skilled. A few models may have corporate jobs as well. For quite a few models, web camming may be a hobby. They love being independent. They cherish free-will.

Type #2: Cliché Sex-work Models

Many young girls enter this industry owing to financial troubles. Many are unskilled. However, they are motivated to make enough money to surmount their financial hurdles, and subsequently find alternative sources of income. Many quit this industry after making enough money.

Type #3: Studios

If you are thinking of creating web cam business, you should consider the option of partnering with studios. You may hire models from studios for your webcam site. There’s a caveat though- Countries such as Colombia, Philippines and Romania are notorious for too many predatory studios. Of course, predatory studios are present everywhere. Predatory studios do not produce ethical porn. They are more into illegal and illegitimate activities such as sex trafficking of women, abuse, prostitution and drugs.

Now that you know the different types of webcam girls, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that cliché sex-work models are dedicated and rely extensively on private and token cam sites. Models working with studios also make good money. However, they do softcore and hardcore porn movies. They do not rely only on web camming.

I’m not stereotyping here. I’m just enlisting my observations here.

  1. US audiences love US, European and Asian models.
  2. US models can easily relate to US customers than to non-US customers.
  3. It’s easy for EU models to develop and establish huge fan base in the US than in Japan
  4. Men are horny during the nights. A lot of camming happens during the night. Amateur models should consider this fact. Mornings are usually calm and passive for webcam girls.

Gift Cards

The best thing about gift cards is that webcam models get 100% of what the customers pay. In token sites and pay per minute cam sites, webcam models get a certain portion of what the customers pay.

Here’s an emerging trend worth your attention – Gift cards are also an effective means of payment. There are a few US specific solutions such as GiftRocket that convert gift cards into money.

By the way, ever heard of wish-lists? Wish-lists are amazing. Webcam models love them.

Membership Sites

Many webcam models go independent over a period of time. They gain enough industry experience, understand the nuances of upcoming trends and then start their own webcam sites.

They are intelligent. They know how and where to cut costs. They use adult webcam turnkey software / porn CMS script to build their sites. They make the most of features such as adult payment gateways, pre-installed dashboards, responsive design, customized templates, Analytics, adult SEO module, etc. They hire amateur cam models and multiply their earnings.

Recorded Videos

It’s a good strategy to sell recorded videos on multiple adult networks. Recorded videos will help cam models acquire new audiences. However, there’s a caveat.

Picture this scenario for a minute. Let’s say, a viewer named ‘A’ spent $2 per minute. The duration of the show is 30 minutes. Clearly, ‘A’ spent $60.  Now, if the recorded version of the show is available at $10 USD, ‘A’ is likely to feel cheated. Pricing has to be strategic. Not too high. Not too low. A tradeoff is to be established.

Clip sites generally attract a lot of traffic. It’s in the best interest of webcam girls to acquire as many loyal and regular patrons as possible.

Miscellaneous Sources of Revenue

  • Adult sex toys & merchandizing
  • Adult consulting
  • Adult forums
  • Adult affiliate programs
  • Contests

Final Words

Personality of webcam models can make or mar their reputation. Audiences love lively and vibrant models. Audiences prefer outgoing and optimistic models. There should be a lot of interaction. Conversations should be gratifying, pleasant and erotic. Fitness and physique shouldn’t be ignored.

Now that you have an insight into how much money do cam girls make and how to make money as a cam girl, take the plunge and steer ahead. Our best wishes are with you and your endeavors. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Feel free to get your doubts clarified and questions answered. Cheers!



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