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Selling Nudes That Make Money

I want to sell my nude photos for money, where is the best place to start?

People are making a living selling nudes online because there is a huge market of those who wish to buy. You might wonder why people buy nudes when the internet offers trillions of free pictures online, but the truth of the matter is that those who wish to buy nudes from others simply love the relationship of interacting personally with the person selling nudes. It all boils down to a feeling of a secret relationship, or at least the idea of it. This adds a personal touch and a silent intimacy that makes selling nudes hugely popular.

snapcash selling nude photos onlineSelling nudes can be hugely profitable and in some cases models can make upwards of $100,000 a year just selling naked images of themselves online, but to do this it needs to be done right.

There are many ways to sell nudes online such as subscription services as well as one off selling of nudes such as on Chaturbate.

Selling Nudes as a Subscription Service

Offering nude photos for money via subscription services allows models to create a residual income stream that month over month, money is traded for updated naked pictures.

The nude subscription model makes things easy to operate because images can be sent to all subscribers once every month or week. This is a great way to make lots of money selling naked pictures of yourself.

Social media plays a prominent role in helping with the subscription based nude selling.

Some perfect places for selling nudes are:

With premium accounts it makes the opportunity to sell nudes and make a ton of money easy because you can reduce one to one email exchanges as well as eliminating weird requests that can be off putting to sell your nudes online. Selling nudes via subscription also makes it easier to get paid (The whole reason you are selling nudes) because these platforms make it convenient to exchange money vs arranging payments via different avenues such as an amazon wish list or Google pay.

Another distinct advantage is the photos are all generic so there is no need to negotiate price for value added fetish photo requests, whether its special nude poses or using sex toys.

Selling Nudes Per Photo vs Subscriptions

Deciding to sell nudes per photo vs a subscription-based model is also a decent option when it comes to selling nudes because you can charge more per naked photo request. People are into what they like sexually and there are an unlimited number of fetishes out there. I would strongly recommend staying within the guidelines of the law but catering to fetishes that are legal allows you to make buckets of money compared to that of a generic subscription.

selling nudesThis also opens the door for the ability to sell other items such as worn and used panties and other items. Think of it as an up-sell as your buyers start to become loyal.

Some good ways to sell nudes individually include messenger apps as well as websites such as Extra Lunch Money or Chaturbate should you decide to go the cam model route. Some are free and some charge for their services.

The advantage to the service that charge you to sell your nudes for money are they are in general safer. Should you go it alone and sell nudes online you should always remove the exif data on your photos. This is a key tip! Exif data on digital images can add your geo location of where the image was taken. Removing this is vital to remain private and not have strangers show up at your door. There are a few websites where you can upload your nude photos and remove these location indicators to stay extra safe.

With apps there are a couple great options to send and receive money for your naked pictures intended for sale.

These include:

Some great and reputable sites that allow for nude photo exchanges for cash or tokens are:

Should I sell Nudes Using a Subscription or Sell Nudes Per Photo?

There are advantages to both services and really the answer lies in what you are most comfortable. Obviously with both nude selling strategies you must be comfortable letting strangers see your naked body but you also must understand your own limits.

If you are the type that will offer many different styles of naked images than you would be more comfortable dealing with different types of requests while being naked.

There are also many who sell nudes that utilize both methods. These are the ones who make the most money selling nudes online.

Subscription nudes online will also up the demand for constantly taking new pictures in order to please your audience. You r nude images should always be top quality because you want your audience to stick around so you make money month after month selling them.

How much should I charge for selling nudes?

This answer is up to you. The less you charge the more sales you get, but you should also value your nude images as this can be a personal thing. You don’t want to feel cheap in other words. A good price to charge for selling nudes should be at least $60 for a set of images. Of course, you can go higher for personal nude requests and it is recommended you do so. At times it takes a bit of bartering with a potential buyer. Never be bullied for a lower price and value your nudes because you are a beautiful person.

You can also look around at some of the site mentioned above to see what others charge and what is fair in the nude selling industry.

Where Can I Start Selling Nudes Online?

As mentioned previously a good place to start are sites such as Extra Lunch Money or poke around forums for good answers. There are also a couple of great places to begin such as Fancentro which promotes their own traffic for this niche. They target selling your premium social media subscriptions and allow for easy ways to get paid for nudes with monthly recurring payments.

Another perfect way to figure out where to start selling your nudes is SnapCash. It is a complete guide to selling nudes online. If you need a little more guidance than this is a great way to learn the ropes, maximize your earnings and become famous in the circle of selling nudes for money.

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