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Making Money on OnlyFans

Wondering about how much you can make on OnlyFans? OnlyFans is quickly becoming the #1 place to make passive income that can replace the need for camming live or regular 9 to 5 jobs. Cam girls who have made the switch from live camming are reporting earnings of over $2000+ weekly by easily uploading pics, and videos, selling panties, and messaging fans for extra cash.

We are going to dive into Onlyfans earnings in this article.

The OnlyFans’ website is a hybrid-cross between Snapchat and Fancentro that connect interested parties together, in order to exchange money for personal adult-related materials. If nudity does not bother you, the only question then is, “How much money can I make on OnlyFans?”.

How much do onlyfans models make

How Much Do OnlyFans models make?

If you know what OnlyFans is continue reading on about the top OnlyFans earnings and we will break it down for you!

To put OnlyFans earnings in perspective, top models and cam girls on the website in the 1% need around 800 fans in a $10/month subscription to make a full-time salary that affords a certain lifestyle. Compare that to a normal career, and you can see why people are signing up with OnlyFans. Working for the best paying cam sites also helps. Plugging your show into your OnlyFans followers can get you more viewers.

How much is onlyfans

The concept of what OnlyFans is nothing new. The difference is that OnlyFans’ rise to fame was made popular by celebrity, Bella Throne, who set a subscription-based record and earned over $1 million dollars in her first 24 hours after setting up her account on the website platform. This notoriety, coupled with job losses related to COVID-19 sent a surge of new models to the website looking for ways to make a lot of money, and OnlyFans took off from there.

Even with an influx of new OnlyFans models, there is still room for opportunities for models to succeed in making money, but signing up now might be a good idea to get your foot in the door.

Signing Up For OnlyFans

If you are ready to start making money on OnlyFans, the good news is, it is completely free to use, simply follow these steps below:

  • Creating your account at OnlyFans

In about 5 minutes you can successfully set up your account to get things started by clicking here. Once you have entered your pertinent information, you will notice that there are no contracts or crazy terms of service. The payout is pretty simple, in that you will receive a total of 80% of all earnings through the website. Because OnlyFans doesn’t take much, it is a platform that is perfect for selling your naked selfies and porn videos. You will also notice the platform is very user-friendly (UX) and is of high quality.

  • Adding Your Subscription Pricing

Onlyfans is also continually evolving with new features and functionality to help models sell more! What’s best is, that you can set up a residual billing model on subscriptions. Just send nudes every month and cash your paychecks. The more followers you receive, the more money you can make.

You can set up subscriptions monthly at a price range between $0 – $49.99 monthly. As you get more popular on the platform you can slowly raise your monthly rates, but a good starting point is typical at the $9.99/month range as it is the sweet spot for gaining new followers.

  • Complete Your OnlyFans Profile

Much like any website platform, if you do not complete it, it will look plain and uninviting. Be sure to add a sexy profile picture as well as some details about yourself that others may find attractive. You want to gain followers, so be complete and thorough. People want to know what they are buying and if you describe yourself well, it will help you get discovered more by those that are into what you are selling.

  • Promotion is the Key to Success on OnlyFans

With everything set up, you are ready to go! Only thing is, you don’t have any subscribers yet. You must start to promote your account. There are many ways to do so. Here are some of the basics:

  • Use social media – create some new accounts that your family and friends are not connected to. From there, you will find it fairly easy to get the word out. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and more have followers of people dedicated to finding all kinds of pornographic content from all types of people.
  • Create a personal Website – Create a blog and muse about your offerings and again, promote the blog on social media
  • Fancentro – Another platform that cross-references your personal accounts and has built-in users, looking for someone just like you.

Once you have set up your account and started getting subscribers, the goal will be to keep them engaged so that your residual income doesn’t dry up. Messaging your fans is a surefire way to connect with them, make them feel valuable, and best of all, keep them paying for years to come. The persona of the “buyer” on OnlyFans is typically those who are looking for a deeper connection than that of just watching porn or simply wanting to buy nudes online. They are typically lonely and require some engagement. If you can do this, you will be successful in the long run.

OnlyFans Affiliate Program

As you become popular, your friends might ask you about how you are making money. This can lead to them wanting to give it a try for obvious reasons. One nice thing about OnlyFans is they also have a referral program that gives you 5% of the earnings of anyone you refer (granted they are of legal age). This referral bonus is for life. This means as your friends become creators, you can get 5% of their earnings on a regular monthly basis.

Ready To Start Making Money On OnlyFans?

OnlyFans has some huge potential for making a full-time income or some extra “fun money”, but you have to sign up first. Your journey of 1000 miles always starts with the first step. If you have trouble in the beginning, try and make your account free until you get the hang of things. You can also monetize single posts with this feature, so you can still make money, and build up a follower base.





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