What Is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a new membership platform that is different from other social media platforms, which allow fans to pay the influencers to see their favorite content on a subscription basis.  OnlyFans is a paid-for subscription website that is considered a very popular platform for porn creators as it is the place where they can earn money through subscribers.  It is something similar to Patreon but it does not include different subscriptions and tier levels.

make money on onlyfans

However, OnlyFans is better and more user-friendly than Patreon as it is very easy to create new posts from your tablet or mobile. Also, this platform is more interactive compared to Snapchat or Patreon.

You can easily relate and engage your audience and produce a more personal connection with your fans.  It makes it easy to interact with your fans and it is one of the best platforms that allow you to make money with your content and other stuff.

Make Money on OnlyFans

OnlyFans membership platform defines itself as a social network where any individual can make online content and allow their followers to view it by paying a monthly subscription fee.  It is not designed for people who sell explicit or nude content although this is primarily how OnlyFans got its fame.

This social media website allows users to view and follow the creator’s account by paying a monthly fee.  The users get access to the creator’s feed after paying the subscription fee that allows you can view your exclusive content.

How Does OnlyFans Pay?

The content creators will get 80 percent of the subscription money generated through their account and 20 percent goes to the OnlyFans website creator.  It has become popular among the adult industry because of its unrestricted content program, but OnlyFans also hordes successful content creators from other fields including modeling and physical fitness.

The adult portion of OnlyFans is really what has taken over because there is such a big community that wishes to buy nude selfies, sexy videos, and other types of adult content online.

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If you want to create your account on OnlyFans, then the first thing that you should consider is your account name,  the type of content that you want to feed into your account, how frequently you will post the content and photos, and finally your monthly subscription charge.

On OnlyFans, you can create your account for different types of content that include:

  • Fashion
  • Fitness Coaching
  • Travel Blogging
  • Cosplaying
  • DIY Tutorials
  • Gaming
  • Beauty
  • Adult Content
  • Funny Videos
  • Modeling
  • Recipes and Cooking Tips
  • Influences  Vlogs

OnlyFans Overview:

Once you create an account on OnlyFans and post your content you have to use the following available tabs:

  • Photos:  Your videos are hosted on this platform
  • Posts: All your content is listed here including, audio, videos, live streams, pics, etc.
  • Audio: You can post your voice recording on your OnlyFans account
  • Videos: You can post your Videos on your OnlyFans account
  • Fans:  The number of subscribers to your account will be displayed
  • Likes: Total number of likes for your post will be displayed in your account

However, you must be above 18 years old to use the OnlyFans platform and earn money through your account.

OnlyFans User-interface:

Before creating your account on OnlyFans and setting your profile, first get to know the User-interface of OnlyFans and what you can do on this platform.  This is important why because as a content creator there are different things that you can do using this platform.

Post Your Feed:

Just like you post your pictures and content on your Facebook account, here on OnlyFans, you can text post your Timeline.

Attach media:

On OnlyFans, you get an option to include multiple pics, a single pic, multiple videos, or a single video to your post.

Record your voice:

Record your voice and post the audio to your timeline.

Make a poll:

On OnlyFans also you can create polls for your audience just like you do on Instagram or Facebook

Schedule posts:

OnlyFans allows you to schedule to post your content early.  For instance, if you have created a lot of content beforehand, then you can plan to post your content the entire week.

Put your post after a paywall:

If you are using a free subscription account on OnlyFans, then you can PPV (Pay Per View) posts on your timeline. However, this PPV option is not accessible on your account if you are charging a subscription fee.  That is many new users are advised to use the free account strategy when they are posting their content on this platform, especially it is useful during the initial stages.

Add a time limit to your post:

Also, here on this platform, you can add an expiration date to your feed or post so that it will be accessible only for a limited period.

Live stream to your fans:

You can start a live stream on OnlyFans and you can notify your subscribers about the live stream as you do on Instagram.

Get tips:

On OnlyFans, you can get tips directly in the DM’s or on any timeline posts.

Post stories:

You can post stories that expire in 24hrs in a similar way you post on Insta or Snapchat.

Send DMs:

On this platform, you can send mass messages to all your subscribers or you can choose to message individually.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans:

On OnlyFans, you have several ways to make money and the options are limitless:

  • Tips through your feed
  • Money for each subscriber
  • Mass messaging
  • Custom pictures and video requests
  • Tips through DMs
  • Live to stream

And the list continues.  Here in this guide, you can also learn how to use these suggestions and learn more tricks, tips, and strategies for making money on OnlyFans.

How much money can you make on OnlyFans?

As mentioned earlier, on this platform, you get 80 percent of the money earned through your account and the website takes 20 percent. Also, the platform allows you to set your subscription fee and private messages.  If you have more subscribers to your account, then you will earn more money per month. However, you can as well earn money through several other options and strategies other than the subscription fee.

The minimum amount that you can charge for subscriptions is $4.99 USD per month and the maximum has no limit. The OnlyFans App allows you to charge as much as you want if users are ready to pay for your content.  For private messages and tips, the minimum amount that you can charge is 5 dollars, and the website covers all chargebacks, etc.  That means you don’t need to worry about people demanding money back or any other threatening stuff.

For instance, after gaining a bit of popularity through this platform, you can earn between $400 per month and around 10,000 dollars per month.  The money that you get also depends on the content that you put in your account and how you promote your feed on the OnlyFans page. But, if you are new to this platform and started with no following, then it may take some time for you to earn money through subscriptions.

On the OnlyFan platform, you don’t need to get a lot of subscribers to make some good money selling nudes or adult content.  Many times, you can find on OnlyFans that even one subscriber pays between 80 dollars and 100 dollars for the model. If you make your fan feel special and engage them with your live stream or videos can also help you make a lot of money.  You are really good at conversation and providing good content, then even if you have ten subscribers, you can still earn around 1000 dollars per month easily.  This kind of money can be a real help to pay your rent or pay for your college.

In general, how much money can you make on OnlyFans per week and month?

  • On the OnlyFans, it is not uncommon to make a minimum of 100 dollars per week and the possibility of making 2,500 dollars per week is not unheard of but will require consistency.
  • The minimum you can make is 400 dollars per month and upwards of 10,000 dollars per month on the OnlyFans platform for more experienced models.
  • For instance, if you have 500fans and if you charge 10 dollar subscription fee per month, then you will be earning around 25,000 dollars per month.

How to get started on OnlyFans:

Before you open the account in OnlyFans, the first thing you should do is find out what type of content you want to post. The type of content includes fitness stuff, adult stuff, selfies, etc. Also, you should think if you want to link it to your Twitter account and how frequently you want to post.

If you want to post adult content, then one thing you should know is that you don’t need to post complete nudes so you can post what is comfortable to you and also choose the basic plan.

Create an Account: 

You have to sign up for an account on OnlyFans and it is the first step to set up your account. The next step is to set a display name and username.

The username will appear in your account URL link “@” tag. For instance, if you use a username as “your UserName,” then your account URL will be shown on OnlyFans as, and the “@” tag will be shown as “@yourUserName.”

Display Name will be shown in both places, on your posts and profile. You can include emojis and spaces to this name to make your display name more attractive. However, you cannot add anything in UserName.

Make sure to set your subscription rate reasonably, minimum 10dollar per month is a reasonable rate to start your fan.

Add your Bank Account to get Payments:

You need to add a bank account to your OnlyFans account to get the money that you earn through subscriptions, for the tips that you provide for your followers, or for Pay Per View content they unlock.  Payments are automatically made on a daily basis and it allows you to change or update your bank account information using the Add Bank option in the menu.

Also, you can include a bank account as well as a verified ePayment wallet once you create your account on the OnlyFans website and after it is verified, and then you can set a price for subscription in settings.

To begin a money transfer through the OnlyFans platform, you have to provide your bank account detail or your debit card information so the OnlyFans know where to send the money that you earned through your content.  The information that is needed for a successful money transfer depends on the bank that is based in which country. The information that is required includes your ID in any one of the following forms:

  • ID Card
  • Passport
  • Driving License

Also, the website follows a verification process, in which you need to take a selfie holding the ID.  Most banks process money received from OnlyFans on the same day but it also depends on the bank and for some banks, it takes two to three working days for the money to get transferred into your account.

Lately, OnlyFans decreased the minimum withdrawal limit to 20 dollars and included more payment options. The major difference between International Transfer and Direct Transfer is that direct transfer works only with Visa Debit cards and Visa on OnlyFans, but it has low payout inception of only 20 dollars.

If you do not use a Visa debit card or Visa, then you can select International Bank Transfer or Direct Transfer as they are the best option for more frequent payout.

Connect Twitter to your OnlyFans Account: 

Go to Settings and connect your Twitter to your OnlyFans account, and once your Twitter account is connected it will auto-post OnlyFans content to Twitter.

Tip: Do not depend totally on the auto-posting feature. You also post manually on Twitter with captions and screenshots as links and teasers to your OnlyFans post.

You can create a folder on your computer or phone with all the prospective OnlyFans content, including your best pictures, bikini pics, videos, selfies, and everything that you want. Remember it is a very vital step that can be very helpful in the future.

Post Constantly:

At first, you need to post content every day. Why because, people who go through your profile and want to subscribe, then they can see different posts every day and other stats that are visible at the top of your profile. They can see that you posting content constantly and they might as well subscribe to your account. So obtaining the total number of posts during the early stages is very important. Make sure to follow the process until you get more followers. The platform also offers you an option to hide your followers count.

Also, on the OnlyFans website, in the settings, you have the option to enable you to show your post’s text captions on your page to non-subscribers. This option allows non-subscribers also, but they can only see the blurred photos and content on your page but the text caption will be visible clearly.  This option allows you to get potential subscribers and it can lure them to subscribe to your page. You can as well try various captions that attract individuals to see the content on your account.

Request for Content Preference and Idea:

On the top of your feed, you can pin a poll and ask your fans what they want to see, as it is the best way to get connected with fans and content ideas.

Have a Theme:

It is also important to have a consistent theme for your posts, this can help you get more visitors to your page and it allows them to know what to expect from you constantly.

If you are popular and have followers on Twitter or for that matter on any other social media platform, then try to promote your OnlyFans account on them. If you do not have a Twitter account, then create an account and link it to your OnlyFans account.

You must have some patients as it takes some time before you start earning good money, so be patient when you start the account and learn more ideas and tricks to get more subscriptions to your account.

Develop Personal Relationships:

It is important to know your subscribers and fans and know what they want from you and make them feel better and special.  You must try your fans feel unique and they should feel a connection with you. Why it is important is because these are the potential fans that are helping you pay your bills. Even your followers should feel special and let them feel that you appreciate their commitment. Let them know that you care and ask them how their day or night was – DM and reply to DMs.

Polls are perfect for interaction and engagement. Adding a poll to your post is simple, you just need to choose the poll option while creating a new post. Also, you can select the poll duration too. Good polls generate more visits and engagement without any need for subscribers’ comments.

Use The DMS:

OnlyFans platform gives you the capacity to message individuals privately and directly as it helps people feel more special and important.  Utilizing the DMs is very important, especially if you are new to this platform. Working the DMs can help you get more paid subscribers in no time.

Also, you must be aware of a situation that may occur anytime when you are direct messaging someone, as they have a choice to request custom content or tip you. However, when you have the ability in developing a relationship, then over time it can pay off, especially when you invest in the right people.

Use Mass Messaging:

The mass messaging feature is one of the best features available on the OnlyFans website. It is very easy to send mass messages to all your subscribers, all that you need to do is check the “All Subscribers” option while generating a new message. For example, when you mass message content or a photo to all your subscribers, make them feel that you are thinking about them and if you have some new video to share with all of them.

When you mass message, some people will surely reply and some wouldn’t. But, for people who reply to your message make sure to engage them with a short conversation and make them feel special. The interested people will request you or tip you to post custom videos and pic for which you can charge them to view your material in your account.

Your subscribers want to engage with you: 

This feature makes the OnlyFans platform different from other social media platforms as it allows you to check which subscriber wants to engage with you by checking your message frequently and making certain to be responsive.

If you are quite serious to start your account on OnlyFans and seriously want to make money through this platform, then you should check your Direct Messages (DMs) throughout the day.  Why it is important because when your subscribers are OnlyFans, but if you are not online, then they will instantly find others who are more responsive and online.

Commitment and the feeling of connection and closeness is the one that makes OnlyFans a perfect platform for making quick money.

Live Stream: 

The Live streaming option is the best on OnlyFans as it can help you make money quickly as well as get more subscribers quickly. You can select a date and time to live stream; it could be one day or more days in a week.

Live streaming is the best way to build a bond and better engagement with your fans and also it helps you improve your following. Also, many people like to tip during live streaming, even if they don’t tip, they can surely like your engage, comment, and stream, and people who missed watching the live stream can re-watch when they have time, which means the content will be re-useable.

If you are planning live-streaming on regular basis, then it is a good idea to follow a certain time and date every week so people know exactly when to tune in to watch your live stream. Also, when you are live streaming, buy a top-quality webcam so that you can avoid traction during live streaming. Built-in webcams are not good enough for high-quality streaming.

Also, you can attract people with your profile photo, placing an attractive profile pic can easily grab an individual’s attention, but make sure not to put explicit pictures as it is not allowed in the profile photo.

Generate Subscription Bundles:

The Subscription Bundle feature is accessible in Settings; it makes it easy to pay for individuals who want to support you.

Schedule Posts: 

This feature allows you to schedule your post’s time and date so that you can concentrate on the DMs and work on creating more content. When generating a new post, then just press on the “Schedule Post” option. You can as well schedule posts for the whole week if you have your content ready to post.

It is the best way to post constantly, post at least two to three posts per day to attract more audience and it also helps you spend more time on your DMs and helps you increase subscriptions to your account. Schedule Post is the best feature as it allows you to schedule your time and date when you take a week off.  Even when you are off, your page will remain engaging and active.

Using a Free Page:

The free subscription is the better choice for beginners and this approach is well recommended to starters who just started their account on OnlyFans. Also, experts recommend this free subscription option for advanced accounts, not to get subscriptions but for other reasons.  If you are a beginner at OnlyFans, then you don’t have a single follower to your account, nevertheless, you wouldn’t have content or likes as well. That means you have to reach out to strangers to subscribe and pay a fee to see your content before they learn completely about you. The audience would like to preview your content before paying a fee for a monthly subscription.

The pay-per-view option allows you to provide value upfront, to promote and tease, and it also transfers free followers into paying subscribers after seeing your content for a longer period. Also, you can make more money through a free page compared to a paid page. On the OnlyFans website, you can post pay-per-view posts to your timeline, and this feature is not accessible to paid accounts. It is considered one of the best and most valuable features.

Also, the platform allows you to promote your paid page content on your free page as well. You can find complete details of Free-strategy on the free ebook.

Tips & Tricks for making money on OnlyFans:

It is vital to have a good “About Me” section on your page. It should be clear and it must show precisely what your OnlyFans page is all about. The page should also include some fun and teasing to attract more audience.  If you are willing to accept private requests, then include “Yes I consider requests, private photos, and tips.”

How you use the pinned post feature on Twitter in a similar way you can use this pinned post feature on OnlyFans as well as this platform allows you to pin your posts on the top of your feed.  Pin post feature allows you to include links to your social media sites, you can create a hot sizzling video, or you can explain your tip menu.  You can as well create a video introducing yourself and your services on your page.

The tip menu allows you to create a list of all the services that you offer and the price of each, and this you can include in your pinned post.

Create custom videos in your DMs, it is the best way to get more income and it also helps you build an engaging relationship with subscribers.  If you are using the DMs and getting closer to subscribers, then some fans may request you to create custom videos or you can directly ask them what they are interested in and what they are expecting from you.

Before uploading videos compress them as it helps you save a lot of video upload time. Also, use other popular platforms like Twitter to promote your OnlyFans account. Post on Twitter with a teaser caption and screenshot and link the URL to your content on the OnlyFans account.  Once you linked your Twitter account to OnlyFans it will auto-post your content to Twitter. Also, it is advisable to do some custom manual posting on your Twitter account to get more scribers to your account.

OnlyFans social media platform offers you an exclusive feature like watermarking. You can use watermarking for your photos and videos as copyright protection. OnlyFans has entitled the DMCA team as it takes content piracy very seriously, and this team issue official notices against all testified copyright violations. It is essential to use this feature so that you can take control of your content.

Also, you should manage your brand, if you begin with a large following on OnlyFans, then you must provide your URL and then redirect the link to OnlyFans. This process can help you take control of your brand.

How do you get fans on OnlyFans?

To get fans on OnlyFans, it is important to post constantly and follow the tricks and tips that are mentioned here and the type of content that you post on your page, and how often you post the photos and videos, all these things help you get fans quickly on OnlyFans.

getting subscribers on onlyfans

If you have established a good number of audiences on other social media platforms, then it will get even easier to promote your OnlyFans page. However, if haven’t used any other platforms, then you must sign in to other social media accounts and other community sites to promote your OnlyFans. There are a lot of different social media sites that are available on the internet that can help you promote your OnlyFans page. You can promote your OnlyFans page on all most all platforms except Snapchat. Snapchat will not allow you to post adult content on their platform, and in case you post any adult content, they will ban your account.

You can promote your OnlyFans posts on YouTube, Insta, TikTok, Periscope, Tumblr, etc. If do not have your account on these platforms, then sign in to open an account in a few for a better promotion option.  Also, you can use Reddit or any other dating app to promote your content. For instance, you can sign up for a Tinder account to promote your OnlyFans page.

If you have subscribed to a YouTube channel and you have enough audience there, then consider posting a video or a teaser on YouTube and link your OnlyFans page for full content.


Do I need to pay tax?

Many OnlyFans users have this doubt, and the answer is “YES” you have to pay tax, but you don’t have to burden yourself about it. OnlyFans will clearly explain your taxes when you sign up and the process also depends on where you reside and how much money you earn through your posts.

What Type of Content should I post?

You can ask your audience what type of content they want from you. You can pin a poll on the top of your feed for your fans.  Here some options that you can place in your poll:

  • Underwear/bra
  • Bikini try-on
  • Cleavage shots
  • Workout Videos
  • Feet Pic, etc.

You can as well add a comment and ask your fans what they want through DM.

What is OnlyFans App?

OnlyFans does not have any Android or iPhone app presently, but, you can include an OnlyFans App sign to your homepage.

How to add and download the OnlyFans App?

This is what you have to do on your iPhone:

  • Open Safari and go to www,
  • Open export/share menu
  • Click on the “Add” button
  • Add a bank account to receive money

To open a bank account you have to submit your personal details and ID proof for support by OnlyFans and after the website approves your account, add your bank account details and set your subscription price per month.

Starting your income stream through OnlyFans is easy.  You will need to provide your personal details for evaluation, once the team reviews and approve your account, and then you can add your bank account. In order to provide your personal details, you can go back and press the “Add a bank account” option placed under the “Subscription Price” section.

You can as well include your bank details by clicking on the profile located in the top right corner. It opens a side menu, and on the menu, select the “Add Bank” option.

Use the OnlyFans menu to include a bank account. On the next page include your country and press the age verification icon to confirm that you are above 18 years old. Once you provide the required details and then press “Next.” On the next page, you need to provide your personal details that include First Name, Last Name, Address, City, Post/Zip Code, and Date of birth. You can also include your Instagram and Twitter account details, but it is optional.

After providing your personal details, you have to upload your ID proof issued by the government.  On the Document Type option, click and select the ID you want to upload. The following ID types that you can upload:

  • ID Card
  • Passport
  • Driving Licence

And the next step is to upload a selfie holding your ID card next to your face.  Also, make sure to upload the right size of the ID photo, it shouldn’t be too large or too small. Make sure to upload the photo size under 5MB or 6MB.  The next step is to add the ID expiration date and press on the “No expiration date” option if the ID has no expiration date.  If you are uploading only explicit adult content, then you have to select the “Explicit Content” option.

Once you provide all information, then the “send for approval” icon changes from gray to blue color, now, press on the submit your details. OnlyFans takes around 48hrs to approve your account.

Once you set up your account on OnlyFans, then the next step is to start posting photos and content to your page. When fans visit your account, they can see your profile, and a number of videos, photos, audio, and likes that you have on your feed.

As your fans are paying to your account to get access to your content, which means you have to make sure that you provide a considerable amount of content to your fans.

To add content to your OnlyFans account, press on the Home icon, and go to “New Post.” Unlike other platforms, OnlyFans offers you a large range of posting options.

Sell custom content using PPV messages and tips:

You can sell items in return for a tip, and also you sell both physical goods and digital content in exchange for tips. For instance, you can sell:

  • Meal plan PDFs
  • Workout plans in PDF format
  • Photos and Videos
  • Physical recipe books
  • Products that you want to sell to your audience

When selling your content on OnlyFans, create a tip menu, and provide the list of items that you want to sell and also the tip fee. On your profile, pin your tip menu and ask your fans what they want from your feed.


The major difference between the OnlyFans platform and other social media platforms is that it allows users to post explicit adult content, and its paying process is similar to camming websites that allow PPV and tips along with the subscription fee.  OnlyFans is a unique platform where sex workers get what they want, they have the power.

They not only make money safely by providing explicit content to their fans by posting lingerie photos and getting paid for their content. Also, they can get closer and talk intimately with their fans so that their fans feel it is worth spending on them. OnlyFans also offers free legal services to all its users.

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