35 Tips For Selling Your Used Panties Online

used panties

Panty selling is a lost art these days and as someone who has dabbled quite a bit in the used panty market, I can assure you there is still a plethora of ways to earn cash in this business. With new places like OnlyFans for making money online, there are many sources from which you can earn decent money selling your panties and intimate apparel. Although the market for people wanting to buy and sniff your used undergarments has grown tenfold over the past decade, so has the competition of panty-minded sellers in this arena.

Selling Used Panty

If you are new to the idea of listing your intimate apparel to a top bidder on the internet then let it be known that this, in fact, is a very legitimate way to earn extra cash just the same as selling nudes online is legitimate and legal in the United States. Lots of the best camgirls on the best webcam sites use this method to earn extra cash.

  1. Take Great Pictures

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Use high-resolution images and watermark them with your “fake” name and use multiple angles, descriptions, and styles of underwear. Lace, Silk, etc. If you know Photoshop well this is a plus. I have altered several pictures to ensure aesthetics and of course to get rid of my love handles. Keep in mind there is a niche for everything and some customers who buy panties, for instance, love all kinds of body types. Being shy is not really an option here.

  2. Decide On A Price For Your Apparel

    There are many deciding factors to consider. How long they are worn for instance. The longer you wear them, the more you can charge. Also what you do with them, for instance, can dictate a price. For example, I used to wear my panties during Hot Yoga classes and sell them at a premium which brings me to upsells. For example, I would also sell my Hot Yoga pants without wearing panties. The athletic fetish folks loved this and it would instantly double my price. Especially for extra classes. The average cost is usually between $35-$50 depending on the customer.

  3. Figure out the best place to sell your panties, bras, and socks

    Yes, you can sell more than just panties. Go for it all. People love socks, lace, stockings, and other garments. Just know where to sell them. There are a few great places to sell your garments. Some are free and others take payment from the privileged. Keep in mind it is always advisable to stay anonymous, so stay away from things like Craigslist and BackPage.com

    1. PantyDeal.com (paid) – Great site for anonymity, and control of bio and connects you with like-minded individuals
    2. FetLife.org (free) – More of a fetish forum to meet people, gain regulars and talk in forums about everything from panty selling to whips, and chains. Lot’s of fun pictures to browse as well.
    3. Create your own site – There are a ton of easy and free sites out there from Blogger to WordPress, but one of the best places to do so is ModelCentro which provides you with a fully customizable website that they are happy to promote.
    4. ExtraLunchMoney.com (paid) – The ability to sell many things here makes this a great place to start – Not free but it is a token-based system with profiles and the ability to easily upload panty shots and picture sets for sale.
    5. OnlyFans – What is OnlyFans? Why it’s the perfect platform for selling used panties.
  4. Stay Safe

    Never meet a potential buyer in person or give out your personal information such as your address or phone number. No amount of money is worth a potential stalker. I suggest using a P.O. Box in the next city over.

  5. Accept Payment Before You Ship Your Used Underwear

    If they insist on anything else, simply don’t do business with them. You will lose out when they don’t pay.

  6. Don’t use PayPal

    Paypal will cancel your account, especially if a buyer complains. It is against the terms of service to use PayPal for adult-oriented material such as selling your used panties online. Some good alternatives are: Google Pay, Amazon Wish Lists, Gift Rocket, and Paxum

  7. Join Facebook Groups That Are Private

    I belonged to a couple of seller groups and they are a great source of practical tips for selling as well as support. You would need to ask for permission to join and go from there.

  8. Keep Your Guard Up

    There are a lot of guys out there who try to simply waste your time. You catch on pretty quickly but still, it can get annoying when they ask never-ending questions and don’t intend to buy.

  9. Know When to Say “No”

    It is okay to say no. Especially with requests, you are not comfortable with. I would get sellers all the time who wanted me to wear a pair of cute lacy panties for way longer than I was comfortable with. I would always say no for over a week. My vagina needs to breathe. What can I say?

  10. Know the Lingo of Panty Sales 101

    Words like stuffing for example, which means to push the entirety of the undergarment into your vagina for any given length of time, are just one term. My husband’s favorite was when someone wanted creampie panties. In other words, I had a client who loved when I wore underwear while being fucked by my partner. It was a win-win for my man and for some reason the customer just loved that. If there is any question of what a particular request means, then over-communicate so there are no misunderstandings.

  11. Upsell Your Work

    You will more than likely receive requests for other services. I had a regular who started by purchasing my underwear but then wanted a bit more. A simple video of me stepping on candy while wearing yoga pants and boots. You will get all kinds of requests. Some are simple and others can be a bit dodgy, but remember it is okay to say no thank you!

  12. Develop Your Persona

    I strongly believe that it is important to be genuine through the sales process, so don’t lie, but maybe extenuate those characteristics you may want to explore. For instance, if you are a bit submissive then go that route with your customers. Or maybe you are a bit more dominant, then make them beg for it. Some guys loved to be charged more for their shortcomings. It can be fun!

  13. Keep the Lines Of Communication Open

    Over-communicate so there are no misunderstandings. I would suggest setting up a dedicated Gmail account for this communication. One that has no reference to your personal life. Keep that private! Ask Questions!

  14. Track Your Panties

    Ensure you are using tracking numbers and keep good tabs on pickups. I tended to use the US postal service as the price can’t be beaten.

  15. Packaging is Important

    I tended to keep it simple with the basics. Air sealing your underwear or items in an airtight container is important to preserve your scent. I would also leave a lovely note for the recipient as well. Just a bit of a nice touch but I know others that would go the extra mile with tissue paper, lipstick kisses, etc. A personal note goes a long way.

  16. Build Up Your Regulars

    Keep an email list of your panty purchasers and check in with them regularly before they find the next best-smelling pussy.

  17. Be Persistent

    It can be a slow start as you gain customers but keep at it. One good regular can bring in a few extra hundred dollars a month. If they love the way you smell, they can’t stop. It is better than Starbucks baby!

All said and done, Selling Panties and other adult apparel online can enhance your earning potential. Many camgirls will take the time to sell their underwear after a live cam show or create many little side hustles to increase their take-home pay. Always be safe and remain anonymous and have a good time. There are many benefits to selling used underwear online from improved sex lives (granted your partner is okay with it) to the extra income which is always important in life.  Good luck out there and as always, we appreciate your comments or stories if you have them!


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