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Virtual Reality and Private Web Cam Shows

virtual cam modelingThere is always something new coming along in the private web cam industry and if you are trying to set yourself apart from the other web camming competition then pay attention!
In this post we will be talking about the latest tech in the industry, VR and how it can affect your career in the web cam world. We will be taking a look at all the upsides, niche related cams, costs and everything in between, when it comes to starting your webcam business or adding value to an already existing one.

What is VR and Virtual Reality Web Camming?

Virtual Reality or as it is known, VR uses a special camera to record 180 or 360 degrees of footage. The footage is then processed using a special pair of glasses, such as Samsung’s Gear VR or Googles Cardboard and just about any smartphone out there, making you feel as if you are there. The cost for a headset is pretty small ranging from $12 for do it yourself kits that consist of cardboard and a pair of plastic lenses that fit snugly over your cell, and of course more robust and more functional models like the Samsung Gear VR (my favorite) which integrates higher definition and better quality lenses.

Kiiroo Esca - Ideal for Performers and Partners who like to put on a showThe idea is that the specially shot footage of just about whatever you can think of, will make the wearer of VR glasses feel as if they are actually laying on the bed with you. Already you might be able to see the advantage. Imagine taking your favorite customer from in front of the computer screen and placing them smack down, well, underneath you. Giving them the experience of what it is really like to be right there in the moment and with the added bonus of never having to make actual physical contact.

What kind of equipment do I need to start camming in VR?

The short answer: Not Much.

You can easily purchase a good quality VR cam for web cam shows on amazon or at any quality retailer, but before you do, check out our reviews on VR webcams.

How much do VR web cams cost?

They can range from about $300 to $4,000 depending on the functions you require and quality/performance.

What should I look for in a Virtual Reality Web Cam?

Obviously you want a VR cam that delivers high quality resolution. After all you are delivering a service that has your name attached to it so something with at least a 1080dpi. The number one turn off for web cam customers is poor quality.

You also want a camera that can shoot live and stream if you are doing live shows, but if you are just selling homemade porn then a typical VR camera should be fine.

Is there any other VR equipment I need for shooting web cams or homemade adult vids?

I would recommend a good microphone as well. If you can afford it take a look at 3d microphones. These ads to the sensation and gives audio perception to your customers. Trust me, they will be back for more!

Where can I host my new VR 3d cam show?

Below are some oldies but goodies that incorporate virtual reality sex and private control over your device:

Chaturbate       BongaCams      camgasm

What kind of show can I do with VR?

Really, the sky is the limit. You can do pretty much everything one does in a typical cam room and on top of that, one’s own imagination set the limit. The nice thing is you can easily charge more for VR service as it becomes a premium non-oversaturated market in the camming industry. Perfect for those who want to become a cam model or who are already in the cam model business and want to make some extra lunch money.

If you do need ideas check out BadoinkVR for straight up VR porn. They have an assortment of videos ranging from hard core, to educational, to even an attractive female reading sexy novels, all in first person. So the tip here is, you can alter your web cam shows to suite your personality. It doesn’t have to be extreme or crazy but can be something special and meaningful that just makes sense. It is all about fulfilling the fantasies of your clients, and if they feel they are right there with you, they will return for more, more often.

How can I enhance Adult Web Camming Even More?

One word: Teledildonics.

Some platforms can integrate toys into camming and VR such as Kiiroo’s Onyx and Pearl or the Lovense platform. Teledildonic sex is one of the newest fads in the industry. These toys, both female and male masturbators, are linked via the web or blue tooth and essentially communicate with each other. Made for long distance loving these toys can “connect” you with a customer so they can feel even more in the moment. In essence, when you stroke one toy, it strokes the other. Think about that. Lifelike toys that stimulate, in real time, your partner from across the country. Brilliant really!

What does all this mean?

Think about it for a second. You are creating even more of an experience for your web cam shows. You are creating a reality were people feel as if they are really there, in the moment and in real time. Any business, including web cam businesses will succumb to technology if they don’t keep up. Not convinced? Searches in Google for VR related keywords have gone up in double digits over the past couple of years, just to give you an idea of its momentum. If one was to get in on the early stages they could make some serious money when it comes to starting or maintaining a web cam show.

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