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Male VS Female Webcam Models: Who Earns More?

In general, the market is flooded with female models and it comes as no surprise because there is a huge demand for their services. The majority of the people who frequent webcam sites are straight men, which therefore increases the demand for female webcam models.

If you log into any webcam site you will find there is a big number of female models online and going by statistics, there is a huge number of registered female models compared to their male counterparts. Thus, female models make the bulk of the camming industry, but are they the top earners?

The answer to this question may vary depending on who you ask, but on average female models earn more than male models. However individually, there are a lot of male models who earn thrice what some of the female models earn.

They both serve different markets, which is why their earnings may vary.

Who do female models appeal to?

Straight Men It goes without saying that straight men are usually interested in female webcam models and will even like it more if the models are performing as a lesbian couple.

Lesbians Lesbians will definitely log into a webcam site to look for hot female models and will definitely want to see some girl-on-girl action.

Curious Straight Women There is also a huge likelihood of getting some straight female visitors in your room once in a while. They are probably curious and just want to see what female models go through or they probably want to learn new ideas to please their partners.

The market for male models

Male models appeal to:

Straight Women There are a lot of straight women who are lonely and are willing to pay for some male company, especially a male figure who will make their fantasies come true. They want a hot model that would be willing to do what they want and they will definitely tip a lot of tokens. Most of them are in their 40’s or 50’s and the thought of a young hot male with a perfectly toned body will drive them crazy. They also want to masturbate have fun and get freaky because the anonymity allows them to do what they want.

Gay Men Gay men form the bulk of male models clientele. Some of them are closet gay men and this is the only place they can open up about who they really are and are thus willing to pay a lot of money to a model that will drive them crazy. They are usually big spenders and often want to go on a private chat with their favorite model which is great because you will be paid per minute. You do not have to be gay to perform for a gay audience; there is no physical contact and you won’t have to do anything that you are not comfortable with. A session with a gay client is a goldmine, and you should definitely take advantage of it because you will make a lot of money.

Curious Straight Men This is usually a small group who want to learn new ideas to please their partners or are simply fascinated by the idea of a man who strips and dances on cam. They are not the best tippers and don’t expect them to request for a private show.

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