TRENDS in the Camming Industry

Latest Trends in the Camming Industry

If you have been watching closely, you will be quick to notice the metamorphosis of the webcam industry through the years. Depending on where you stand, the changes in the industry will affect you either in a negative or positive way.

For instance, most veteran models are on the verge of quitting the industry because things have become a bit harder due to an influx in the number of performers. Thus for such models, the changes in the industry have negatively affected them.

On the other hand, there is a group of veteran models who adapted to the changes from day one and continue to grow with the times. For them, the new changes presented multiple opportunities for growth and they welcomed them with open arms. If you happen to fall in the first group, you will not last in the industry and you`ll continue complaining because being rigid to change makes you irrelevant.

However, if you are open to change you will grasp the new opportunities sooner than everyone else. In most cases, you will come to realize later that the new changes have only made you work easier and more enjoyable.

Below is a list of some of the new trends in the camming industry

Sophisticated toys and props

Toys and props play a very integral role in the life of a webcam performer. As a matter of fact, the easier they make it to connect with clients the better. The new crop of props has enhanced the work of performers who are into fetishes and dominance. The props make it possible to embrace each role with ease and comfort. For instance, if you are playing the role of a goddess there are props to ensure you look exactly like one, and your clients have no choice but to spend more money on you.

The new crop of sex toys are nothing short of brilliant and they present new possibilities to make more money. There are toys of different shapes and sizes as well material. All you need to do is choose one that suits your needs.

The new sex toys are also multifunctional, thus serving various needs at the same time. For instance, there are toys which are able to provide both clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time.

Higher level interaction between performers and clients

There are now ohMiBod vibrators which can be connected to a music player such as an IPod or IPhone ensuring that the vibrations produced mimic the beats and sounds on the songs. Thus, the intensity of the vibrations changes with each song on the playlist and the speed depends on the volume. This innovation has brought new life to the camming industry because models can now enjoy music and at the same time have fun during their shows.

The ohMiBod technology has gone a notch higher in terms of model-client interaction because they now have toys which can be controlled by the client from miles away. With the simple use of an App, the client, and the model are connected in such a way that the more the client gets excited during a performance, the higher the intensity on the vibrator.

New Apps

Models now have access to Apps which enhance their day-to-day activities. A good example is the Rescue Time App which helps you manage your time when you`re online.

Creative themes for shows and performances

Performances these days are not just about strip teasing and sex themes. The non-nude category is at an all-time high and models are now doing cooking shows for clients and weird stuff that you would not expect to find in a webcam session.



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