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Common Misconceptions About BongaCams

Bongacams is one of those high traffic sites that attract millions of viewers per day from all over the world. This means that competition is high, but at the end of the day, everyone gets to eat.

The only difference is that due to high competition, some get to eat more than others simply because whatever they are doing to attract lucrative clientele is working. 

It might be adding extras to their line up, such as selling nudes for money or add incentives for clients to tip more via “winning” a pair of the cam models used panties.

The people who earn more will smile all the way to the bank while those who earn peanuts will complain and whine which is the same everywhere in the world. The aggressive nature of sites such as Bongacams may discourage some people from joining, but the good thing is that it`s not all gloom and doom.

BongaCams Review

BongaCamsThis post will focus on enlightening aspiring webcam models who want to register with Bongacams on how to make it to the top.

The easiest way to make it to the top in life is by following other people`s manual, specifically people who have been there before you and were successful in their line of business. Their experience serves a great deal of knowledge and may make the journey towards success much easier.

However, not every manual/blueprint should be followed because some are misleading and will end up crippling your dreams. Misconceptions are normally created by people who do not have concrete facts to support their argument or naysayers who simply don’t have the guts to face a challenge.

Below are some of the Common misconceptions about Bongacams:

It favors models from Europe A lot of people have been misled by this, thus missing their chance to make money because of listening to false information. The truth is that Bongacams has a strong European base, but that does not mean that it favors models from Europe. All models get the same treatment regardless of which part of the world they come from. In simple terms, everyone who joins the site has an equal opportunity to make it big.

It is easier for white models to make it big There is a bit of truth in this, but not entirely because Bongacams cuts across all races and everything else is up to customer preference and how well you market yourself. As a matter of fact, exotic looking models usually end up making more money because people are fascinated by their unique looks. Moreover, client needs tend to change with time and thus what fascinates a client today will appear normal tomorrow. It is up to the models to keep their clients interested in what they have to offer which is where creativity comes into play.

It pays less compared to other camming sites This absolutely false because there is no fixed payment bongacams reviewsstructure at BongaCams. Models do not sign a weekly or monthly salary structure because they have the power to control what they earn. If you are aggressive, smart, conversational and you keep cordial relations with your clients you will definitely earn more than a lazy, basic model. Elite models at Bongacams make big bucks, the type that would make most 9-5 people jealous.

Perhaps the only downside is the fixed per minute rate for private shows but of course, you can always negotiate a higher rate if your client is cool with it.

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