bongacams beginners guide

The Quick Way To Success With Bongacams

The quickest way to be successful while working at Bongacams

Most models want to register with a camming site, start broadcasting immediately and expect to earn big bucks from the word go. If you start your camming career with this attitude, you`ll be in for a rude shock and your heart will be broken too many times because the industry is not as easy as it seems.

There are a lot of hurdles and stabling blocks but if you have the right kind of training, you`ll be able to avoid them. 

Money is merely a byproduct of success and thus the best thing is to be patient, build your brand from scratch and success will eventually be yours. The camming industry is currently saturated with multiple sites and millions of models from all corners of the world; thus the demand for their services is no longer as high as it used to be in yester years.

If you want to prove this point, just log into any of the popular camming sites and you`ll notice the number of idle models is higher than those who have been able to lock in a performance.

In order to be successful, you`ll need to do more than the ordinary.

3 things that will ensure you make it big at Bongacams

  1. Spend more time online when you are new New models definitely have to spend more time online than everyone else. It`s not a punishment, merely the price you have to pay for being new because first of all nobody knows who you are and you have thus you have to build your name. Make sure you respond to all the relevant chats in your room keeping in mind that your chatroom is an untapped goldmine that may earn you current and future clients. Make sure that you spend at least 6 hours online during your first 2 weeks. The time spent will eventually pay off and if you make the right contacts, in future you will only need to be online when you have booked shows.
  2. The aura you portray First impression matters almost everywhere in life. The perception that people have during their first encounter with you lasts for a long time and in most cases, it never changes. Thus, if a client perceives you as a cheap, basic model during your first encounter, you probably need to work on the aura you project. Perhaps the client merely made an innocent judgment based on how you look, your choice of words and how you relate to people. If you come across as cheap, no client will want to spend more than what they think you deserve. This is why training is important because you learn how to package your brand. However, some things are only natural and no amount of training can help you.
  3. Learn from the best Don`t be shy to peep at other models chat rooms and profile from time-to-time especially those that are on a higher tier than you in terms of popularity and earnings. Closely watch how they respond to clients, how they dress, the quality of their broadcast and such stuff. You’ll be surprised to see that the small stuff that would mostly be ignored makes all the difference. It would also be cool to be friendly with some of the big stars at the site and learn from all the wise things they have to say.
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