What You NEEED to Know About BongaCams Group Shows

Working at BongaCams is not just about hard work as it is about strategy. It takes a bit of time for most models to adapt to the system and find their footing in the game, but once you find a strategy that works well for you there’s no turning back.

However, you can register at the site and start on a winning note if you are well prepared. Most models usually make the mistake of being in a hurry to begin work, without learning how the industry works which is more like starting a job that you have trained for.

In simple terms, you’ll be setting up yourself for failure.

A big part of webcam working preparedness is learning which type of shows to choose. It’s common for new models to start out with public shows, which is quite okay because you have to make a name for yourself, but you can incorporate other types of shows to ensure that you maximize your earnings. Below is a list of shows that you can try out whether you are a vet or newbie to ensure that you make more money:

BongaCams Group Show

Facts about this type of show:

  • A group show will only start once there are two members
  • The two members make an agreement to initiate group show
  • The two members then look for a model of their choice and if the model is interested, the show can commence.
  • The show`s duration continues for as long as the two members have credit in their account
  • Other members are allowed to join once the chat commences and they can tip tokens as the show goes on. However, they can only continue to enjoy the show for as long as the initiators of the show have tokens in their account. If it happens that the original two members run out of tokens, the broadcast will be ended abruptly.
  • Group chats go for 15 tokens per minute which is why they are favored by members who do not want to part with the 30tokens/minute required for a private show.

Alternatively, a model can start a group show and an infinite number of members will be allowed to join. Unlike the previous type of Group Chat, this one can go on for as the model wants to perform and members can join and leave on their own volition. Additionally, this type of Group Chat gives the model more control because you are the initiator and you get to invite viewers on your own, compared to the previous one which involves two members being the initiators.

Group shows are always great because they attract a lot of members and if your performance is great, you can earn a lot of money on a single show. They are much better compared to public shows because a majority of the viewers in the public chat room are non-tippers. Most of the elite models have a favorite list of viewers who request Group Shows on a regular basis and if they are satisfied with your performances they will continue being loyal.

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