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The Importance of Spy Shows for BongaCams Models

Most models tend to concentrate on either public or private shows, forgetting that you can make a lot of money if you include spy shows from time to time. For those who may not be familiar with BongaCams Spy Shows, this is where you allow some viewers to spy on one of your private shows at an agreed rate.

For instance, if you’re charging the client who requested a private performance 30 tokens per minute you can charge the others who want to ‘spy’ on that show a lesser amount.

Instead of doing numerous public shows on a daily basis, you can choose to do one or two private shows and maximize your earnings by ensuring that the customers enjoy so that they can extend the duration of the show. To further maximize your earnings, you can invite members who are interested in ‘spy viewing’.

At the end of each day, you be making good money and the best thing is that you’ll be spending very little time online compared to models who are performing public shows.

BongaCams Private chats cost the viewer’s 30 tokens per minute but if a client requests for a full private chat it’s 45 tokens per minute.

Advantages of Spy Shows

The best thing about spy shows is based on the fact that the spy viewers can only watch the show without talking; after all, they are spying on someone else’s private show. This means that you will be able to interact with your client without any distractions. Additionally, the spy viewers will have to be content with the type of performances the main client wants to watch meaning they are not allowed to make suggestions or have opinions regarding a show.

Spy sex chat costs 7 tokens per minute. Thus if you have 10 people on your spy chat and the show lasts for one hour, you’ll be making a lot of money. You can even perform one show per day and still manage to live comfortably and attend to your other businesses assuming your shows attract a large number of viewers.

Spy shows are a goldmine for BongaCams models. If you want to attract more viewers to your shows, make sure that you have a list of VIPS who will be automatically alerted whenever you’re online. This will ensure that you make the most out of all your private shows.

Limitations of Spy Shows

The biggest limitation on spy shows is based on the fact that you first have to secure a private show with a client so that other members can pay to spy. Thus, no private shows; no spy shows. This means that models that are not lucky enough to secure private shows on a regular basis may not get to enjoy spy shows. On the brighter side, the allure of spy shows should encourage you to work hard and woo more viewers to private chat.

Another limitation is based on the fact that if a client requests for a full private show, you cannot invite any other members to spy. The client will, of course, be charged a higher rate than the normal private show, but you will definitely miss out on the spy money.



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