Types of Shows you can Perform on BongaCams

BongaCams has a variety of shows available for all models, and you can choose to perform the one that suits your needs. Most models perform shows based on the current demand, but then there are those who choose to stick to only one type of show; in simple terms, they will not perform any other type of show regardless of how much money is involved.

For instance, most veteran models choose to perform only private shows and they make sure that they indicate that on their profile in order to ensure everybody understands. They usually have a list of scheduled private shows every week and they are thus able to plan in advanced. They get very lucrative deals from clients who want exclusive private shows and it thus doesn’t make sense to perform public shows no more.

For others, balancing between the two makes more sense because they get to enjoy the best from both worlds. Relatively new models that do not have the luxury of week-long booked shows usually have to spend more time on the public chat and perform private shows based on demand. If you are a new model and you don’t want to stay on the public chat waiting for only exclusive bookings, you will end up starving because you`re unknown to the viewers.

What is the criteria / reason for choosing a particular type of show?

  1. Time Time affects when you are able to perform private or public shows. For instance, most models will have scheduled private shows during the morning hours before the 9-5 people go to work and late in the evening after work. On the other hand, daytime is usually the best time to make money by performing shows on the public chat because there are many idlers who don’t want to pay a lot of money for an exclusive show but are willing to tip a few tokens for a short performance from their favorite model.

Moreover, models that are busy with other things in life usually prefer to perform only private shows because they don’t have the time to sit around on the public chat room waiting for someone to request a show.

  1. Financial Returns On average, private shows have more returns compared to public shows. This is mainly because when you perform a private show, the client is billed per minute and thus the longer the duration of the show the more you earn. You can actually perform a single private show per day and make more money than someone who performs five shows on the public chat room. However, there are models that perform public shows and still make more money than those performing exclusive shows simply because they have learnt how to make people dig deep into their pockets.
  2. Demand Most models perform shows based on the current demand. Thus, if you have no requests for private shows, you will need to entertain the viewers on the public chat in order to make your money. Eventually, you will find a client who will be interested in an exclusive show.
  3. Preference Some models loath the attention and sometimes negative vibe present on public chat rooms, and prefer private chat rooms because they are more intimate.

Whichever type of show you choose to perform, the most important thing is to ensure that you are comfortable and also making good money.

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