How BongaCams Models Make Money Offline

When you’re new in the camming business, you usually have to spend more time online because you are a fresh face and you want to make a name for yourself. As a matter of fact, new models spend between 6-8 hours online per day because that is the only way they can make money. Private gigs are usually slow to come when you a fresh name and you thus have to perform more public shows in order to earn your tokens.

Eventually, people will get accustomed to your brand and you will start getting private shows, spy shows and gold shows which are a goldmine for performers, meaning you will no longer have to spend hours idling online on the public chat. In the long-run, you may also get bored and tired of performing numerous private shows on a weekly basis and you will thus need something else to supplement your income when you are not camming.

It sounds sort of unbelievable, but there comes a time when you no longer have the drive to perform on cam as often as you would want to, no matter how good the pay is. This is why it is important to have a side project or an alternative source of income.

Most models start doing strip club hosting and they get paid handsomely because their popularity is a crowd puller, but then again not everyone wants to expose what they do to the general public.

Additionally, club hosting is a bit involving because you’ll need to be at the club for hours, interacting with people some of whom have seen you on the camming site. Thus, for introverts and people who want to earn money hassle free when they are offline, selling your merchandise on BongaCams is a great way to ensure that you keep earning money even when you are not available to perform live on cam.

What can you sell to your BongaCams fans in order to increase your income?

  • Used props and Toys What most models don’t know is that some fans will be willing to spend a lot of money just to acquire the toys and props you use in your performances. If a fan compliments you on your lingerie remember to tell them that they can get it for a particular price. Most fans will want to purchase your used toys and props just the way they are; with all the fragrance, sweat, and cum. This is a great way to ensure that you continue making money even when you are sick or not available to perform shows. Furthermore, you can easily replace the toys that you’ve sold because you will be making a huge profit from the sales. Moreover, most elite models don’t even budget for toys and props because they get them for free from fans through the Amazon Wishlist.
  • Selling nudes and sex videos This is yet another great way to generate more income. You can advertise you nudes on your profile, by uploading snippets. Thus, fans will have to pay tokens in order to view the rest of the photos or videos. To ensure you have a constant supply of sex videos, ensure that you record all your raunchy performances, which further cements the importance of investing in a video camera because it has a recording feature instead of using the normal webcam.
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