What its Like Working at BongaCams

best cam site to work forWorking at BongaCams is not hard, it is actually easy once you’re accustomed to the site. Some new models may have a hard time, but the best thing is usually to refer to the models working manual or peep at other models’ profiles and chat rooms and eventually you’ll be a pro.

For many who want to become camgirls, Bongacams offer an easy to use and navigate the system. They also have a ton of traffic to their camming website which helps attract followers and ultimately your take-home pay.

Newbies will often have a hard time figuring out basic stuff such as the broadcast window size, the ideal camera angle, lighting and so on. The best advice I can give you is to hire an expert to teach you the basic set-up and after that everything else you will learn on the job, mostly by watching what the vets are doing.

Making Money On Bongacams

bongacamsThe most frequently asked question by newbies when they join the site is how much they will be earning once they start getting clients. The truth is there is no limit set on your earnings. If you are hardworking and strategic, the sky is the limit. There are models who earn six figures annually and there are those who can barely survive on what they earn. The payment also varies, because there are days when you will have a lot of customers then there are dry days when you just want to close your broadcast and sleep.

Pros of working at BongaCams

  • A variety of shows The site offers a variety of shows, and it is up to the models to choose the one they like best. Most performers choose a show based on its earning potential and the demand. For instance, performers prefer public shows when there are too many viewers in the public chat room and no scheduled private shows. To perform a public show, a model will set a tag such as “tip 200 tokens to flash boobs” and the viewers will contribute tokens. Once the target is reached, the model will flash her boobs and probably ask for more tokens in order to start a full nude show. Others tend to ignore public shows because there are people who will watch a show without contributing anything. However, public shows have a good earning potential if you know how to woo the viewers to tip. Some models will even start calling out the names of all the viewers in their room, to ensure that they tip. Eventually, even if everyone tips one token you’ll have made decent money on just a single show.
  • Gold shows are different from public shows based on the fact that the model will set a target and a timer. If the target is reached before time, the model starts the show and only those who have tipped will have access to the show. In case the target is not reached within the set time, everyone who had tipped will automatically be refunded.
  • Private shows usually have higher earnings because you get paid per minute, at a minimum rate of 25 tokens per minute. The longer the show is the higher your earnings. Some clients will even tip you more if they really liked the show.
  • Spy shows This is where a model allows certain people to spy on one of her private shows at an agreed fee.
  • Various site languages You can easily click on the languages section and select the language that you are comfortable with. However, not every client will be conversant with your language, so it’s advisable to learn English, French, Spanish or Portuguese to ensure you have a wider market.
  • Virtual gifts Members can buy you “virtual gifts” from the site, and you receive the gifts in the form of tokens.
  • Referral program When you are not broadcasting, you can still make money through the BongaCams referral program once people join the site through your link.

Cons of working at BongaCams

The biggest downside about BongaCams is the fixed per minute rate for private shows. Most models hate it because some clients may have offered to pay more, but once they see the maximum per-minute-rate which is 25 tokens, they change their mind.


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