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Easy How-To Guide To Becoming A Cam Girl

Curious about how to become a cam model? All the top models had to start somewhere. This guide is a step by step process on how to be a cam girl. If you are considering becoming a cam girl, this article is for you.

Starting out a career in the camming industry can seem very confusing at first, so we asked many of our models the best way to begin a camming career.

how to be a cam girl

How To Be A Cam Girl

how to be a cam girlSure, you can sign up for a cam girl job on any of the major networks like Chaturbate and try your hand, but a little advice on the steps that make working as a cam girl lucrative and fun can go a long way. Below are some things to consider in order to be a successful cam model.

Obviously, you aren’t wanting to work as a cam girl just because it’s fun. Let’s be honest…

The number one reason people strip naked on webcams is that of the money.

And if you do it right there is A LOT of money to be had from time on cam to selling nudes, and making money on OnlyFans.

Yes, the attention is great, and it can be fun for cam girl models who love sexual experimentation along with exploring their sexuality but if there was no money in it, it simply would not exist.

Let’s look at what you will need for your new cam girl career, shall we?

Important Cam Girl Equipment

So, you’ve made the big decision to become a cam girl? You will need a few items to start off with.

You can spell cam girl without cam and you won’t make decent money unless you have an HD webcam that shows off every curve of your body to those that tip.

Some say that your poor-quality laptop camera is enough but really want people gravitate to are cam girls with the “HD” symbol in their cam model chat rooms.

If you don’t have the $30 or $40 bucks for an HD 1080p video recording device make sure to add it to your list.

As you start to make more money and get the hang of things it might be wise to invest in a quality device. The two factors are HD quality and audio that sounds good.

Recommended Web Cams for Cam Girls That Won’t Break The Bank

  • Microsoft LifeCam HD-300 at around $50
  • Logitech HD Laptop Webcam C615
  • The Logitech C920
  • Logitech 4k Brio (For those who want super high-quality streaming)

how to become a cam model

Whichever cam you go with, make sure it is compatible with your device and can stream quality video to your viewers.

You will also want a laptop computer with a decent CPU, RAM, and internet connection that can handle hours of streaming. Chances are that if you bought your computer in the past 3 to 4 years you should be okay.

Your internet connection should also be something that can handle streaming. A wired DSL connection or ethernet is preferred. If you must stream wirelessly, be sure to at least have a 100mps connection. Otherwise, your stream could cut out and people will leave your cam girl room.

Optional Cam Girl Equipment

lovense lush reviewsKeep in mind, the better your show the better your tips will be. Many camgirls forget about this when they become new cam models. To enhance cam girl shows many use props such as sex toys.

Of course, you can make plenty of money without, but the most successful cam girls incorporate at least one or two sex toys into their cam shows.

One of the most popular is the Ohmibod. and the Lush by Lovense. They are tip activated devices that encourage people to tip even more. The devices powers on whenever a tip is made and can vibrate depending on the amount tipped.

This toy has evolved webcamming as we know it today.

Others have used all kinds of kinky sex toys in their shows as well. From Sybian machines, dragon dildos to fuck machines, cam girls have not been shy about adding to their shows.

Be creative when it comes to what you want to do and how you want to do it. Think about your persona and how you want to portray yourself on video as a cam model.

With your persona in mind, the next step is deciding on a good cam girl’s name…

A Creative Cam Girl Name Goes A Long Way

how to be a cam girlIf you need inspiration, head over to Chaturbate and check out the names of the top cam girls there. It is free to look around and you can also see some of the features that this platform has to offer.

If you already have a name in mind, that’s great as well, just make sure your name is something that is catchy and easy to remember. Short and sweet is a good pointer here.

With camming for money as a cam girl, it is vital to building up an audience. If they can’t remember your name they will have a harder time following you.

There are things you can do as a cam model to help them remember. Many camming websites offer the ability to add social media links for Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and more.

You want to encourage people to follow you on these platforms. Having a name that is memorable will help in this effort.

Now anytime you are live on your camming platform of choice, you can inform your best followers. Trust me they will show up in no time ready to tip you.

When you finally choose a name, you will want to Google it as well. This ensures it is a name that hasn’t been used before. *Pro-tip; Head out to your favorite social media sites and create your profiles using your new cam girl name and persona. These social media outlets will enable you to make even more money.

Check out this article on making even more money as a cam model.

But before you can make more money, you will need to sign up with a cam model website like Chaturbate.

Best Camming Sites For New Cam Girls

Once you re ready to go, have all your equipment and are ready to make money you will need to first sign up with a reputable cam girl website.

I have mentioned webcam studio Chaturbate and recommend it for new cam girls simply because it is one of the most user-friendly and has thousands of visitors who enjoy cam girls.

With built-in traffic, it makes making money much easier.

Chaturbate Webcam Girl Signup

become a cam girlEarning money as a cam girl at first might start off slow, but don’t get discouraged. This was the case for me when I first started in becoming a cam girl and it blossomed as I gained more followers and buzz.

After about a month I started pulling in hundreds a week working maybe 2 to 4 hours a day by building my following and using affiliate links to promote my rooms.

The most difficult thing about Chaturbate is working with the dashboard and setting everything up. Luckily the help forum and support is a paradise for new cam girls.

One of the coolest features is the ability to also add picture sets, videos and more for extra upsells to your cam girl fans. This is a great way to earn even more from your clientele.

Who Tips Cam Girls The Most?

Another cool feature about signing up with porn site Chaturbate is the color-coded client system so getting started camming is straight forward.

As a cam girl, the colors indicate the likelihood of your room viewers will tip you. A specific color is assigned to those that tip, those that never tip, and those that tip a lot. Always be on the lookout for the big tippers and treat them well so they will be back.

You can also add cool bots or apps to your chatrooms that will enhance your ability to make money and keep viewers planted in your room. One of the most popular is Token Keno at the moment which helps viewers to start tipping.

The idea is to check them all out and try them. You will have some webcam apps you love and some that are meh…

Like many of the best webcam sites, Chaturbate uses a token system as their currency of choice. It is a quick way to buy and receive money in which you can cash out frequently through any of their payment options such as a direct deposit.

Ready to get started? You can sign up right here, but make sure you read the rest of this article first!

Next Level Modeling For New Cam Girls

Another great website to become a cam girl, especially if you are new to cam modeling is Next Level Modeling. This is one of the few cam girl companies that pays you via Paypal.

Typically Paypal does not allow payments from adult-themed websites, so I am not sure how they get around this policy but they do.

They also want you to be successful and offer a variety of training videos to help you become a successful cam girl.

You can sign up for Next Level Modeling right here

Once you have everything you need to be a cam girl, play around. Don’t put too many expectations on the first week. You will start to develop your skills with operating your room and talking with people live on cam.

How Much Money Do Cam Girls Make?

how to become a cam girlIt all comes down to getting people to watch and after that getting them to tip your sexy cam girl performances.

Once ready to begin your cam girl shows you will want to know how to act and pander for tips.

Webcam sites are made up of many different body types, races, personalities and more. To be successful you don’t need to be pretty.

You just have to provide a service that people are looking for as a webcam model. There is a flavor for everyone and one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

Tips are not about being the prettiest, it is about providing a “real’ experience to those watching. People want to interact and feel like they are the number one client in your chat room.

If you can be personable and interact in a way that makes watchers feel important you will win at the end of the day.

Make sure you get those that tip you to follow your social media profiles. This way, when you are ready to perform you can send out a bulletin to let your loyal fans know you are showing your pretty webcam girl butt off live.

Below are some more resources to look at as your experience begins to grow, and you wish to make even more money as a cam girl:

Overall, be yourself. Find ways to relax and to relate to your clients.

They will reward you with tips accordingly. Pay special attention to those that tip and tip a lot. These are the generous whales you want to cater to and will make your time on cam worthwhile.

If you still want to be a full time or part-time cam girl and take your career to the next level, it’s a good idea to check out the UberCam model training.

Uber Cam Star is packed full of tips, tricks, and advice on making a career out of camming.

Don’t worry, it does not have a bunch of fluff that is useless for new models to become cam girls. The tips are practical and make a lot of sense, especially if you are feeling lost in the cam girl world.

how to be a cam girl


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