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How Teledildonics Evolved, Making Camming More Fun Today

teledildonics for couplesThe Evolution Of Teledildonics: The Next Big Thing


Teledildonics was a very common term in 2016, more so because it was all over the media. Even if you had no idea what it`s all about, you must have heard it once or twice and probably thought it was a complex word that could only befit a crossword puzzle. Some of the best webcam sites incorporate some for of teledildonics, such as Lovense. Teledildonics which means internet-controlled sex toys has come a long way but it was not until 2016 that it finally started making sense to consumers and people started developing an interest in it. This is not to say that before 2016 teledildonics alias cyberdildonics wasn`t around; in fact it has been a long time coming. However, in 2016 the combined efforts of the manufacturers, advertisers and marketers made it possible for teledildonics to become a hit. It was no longer the technology that most ignored or feared to try; it became a what-you-must try kind of technology.

Why did teledildonics become so big in 2016?

  • It found a huge a huge market among webcam models

Anything promoting sex over the internet will always be a big hit especially if it`s new and revolutionary. The idea of connecting sex toys with webcam models definitely motivated more users to purchase the most advanced toys so that they would be able to connect with their favorite model. Webcam sites such as Camsoda started distributing free toys to some of the popular models on the site in combination with Kiiroo in order to promote Virtual Reality based streaming which would work hand-in-hand with the toys.

Models who adopted cyberdildonics would charge higher rates compared to their counterparts and this motivated even more models to start using such toys. Hence, it became an unstoppable wave that continued to spread far and wide such that by the end of the year teledildonics companies were making huge profits.

  • Collaboration between toy manufacturers and webcam companies

Cybersex Toys found open welcoming arms among couples

As teledildonics became more user-friendly in 2016, more couples were willing to start using them especially long distance couples. Teledildonics allow long distance partners to stimulate each other sexually no matter where each is located in the globe. Thus, a soldier working in Africa will be able to enjoy sex remotely with his partner who may be somewhere in the Middle East or South America. More couples were thus willing to try out this new innovation because it had the potential to improve their relationship and they would also be able to persevere not seeing each other for a long time provided they were still enjoying their sex life.

Being able to control your wife`s vibrator from a different continent is something that most men found to be very alluring and were willing to buy the toys which come as a pair, no matter the price tag. Women would also buy toys and introduce teledildonics to their partners which is the reason sales for such toys went up in 2016.

  • Webcam content enthusiasts were more willing to invest in such toys if they provided a way for them to interact more with models and pornstars

The idea of being able to connect with your favorite pornstar or Instagram model motivated most people to start using cyberdildonics. Imagine having a cam-to-cam session with one of the biggest stars in the adult entertainment industry and above that being able to control their sextoy; it is something that most people would have deemed impossible a few years ago but it is now a reality thanks to teledildonics.

  • More realistic and medicinal uses for such sex toys started cropping up

Teledildonics is now being used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. For instance, doctors are now using such toys to treat people with the condition known as Premature Ejaculation. Using a masturbation sleeve, the patient is able to train the penile muscles. Most cases of P.E are due to performance anxiety so once the patient learns how to control their penile muscles using a masturbation sleeve with a webcam model it becomes easier to treat the sex toys

We all know that every good thing also has an ugly side and the teledildonics industry was not spared either. It became a soft target for hackers, putting users under the risk of having their personal private videos recorded and released on the internet. Some hackers would do it for fun while others would threaten people to either pay up or their content would be released online. This was a huge setback for some of the teledildonics service providers but those who kept their firewalls under a tight leash did not have anything to worry about. The hackers would often target service providers who were not keen on continuously upgrading their App`s security, thus compromising the users.

It has been a long journey for the teledildonics industry, from its initial inception stages to where it is now. There have been many mistakes along the way that may have prevented this technology from growing as soon as was expected, but much of that was overcame in 2016 allowing the industry to grow.

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