The Webcam Model Industry: Incline or Decline?

webcam models that get paid the mostIf you were to do a research on most industries including selling nudes for money, or webcam modeling and draw a curve, you will notice that the beginning stages are usually slow and then depending on the market reception, there will be a boom for a certain period of time which is no different with the best webcam sites. Later on the curve will be constant for some time and what follows next will either be a downward or upward trend. Using the example of Apple, for a long time it played second fiddle to Microsoft and other brands. Due to years of hard-work and innovation, they came up with a range of products that took the market by storm and soon everyone wanted to be associated with Apple products because they were good quality and had the best features. Despite their high price tags, people did not mind digging deeper into their pockets just to own a piece of the Apple products, whether it was an IPod, IPhone, IPad or a MacBook. The company made billions of dollars and its success was unrivaled. A huge part of its success may be credited to the company`s consistent innovation; just when you thought the Iphone4 was great, they would introduce an IPhone5 and soon everyone would dump their older model for the new model. However in recent years, it`s becoming more difficult to impress even their most hardcore fans. The Apple watch did not receive as much hype among consumers as was expected, and the Iphone7 plus isn`t getting as much love either. It’s not that the new range of products are low quality or aren’t impressive, but somehow people are no longer willing to dump their Iphone6 for the Iphone7. The company is still making billions of profits, but it`s nothing compared to about 4 years ago. There may be a lot of explanations to this trend, but what comes to mind first is market saturation and loss of the wow factor. This begs the question; could the camming industry be suffering from this too?

The answer to this is YES and NO

Why yes?

There was a time when webcam models would make a lot of money without too much of a hassle. There were few webcam sites and the models weren’t as many thus everyone would make good money. However, there are now thousands of webcam sites and millions of webcam performers from all over the world an aspect which has resulted in market saturation. Webcam services in most sites are now very cheap which means that models have to do multiple shows in order to make good money, which can be quite a hassle. Furthermore, it`s becoming more difficult to impress customers because they`ve seen it all. There are even models who will bare it all for the fans for free in the public chat room which has hugely contributed to loss of the wow factor. Additionally, very few models are making 6 figures annually apart from those who are extremely popular.

It is safe to say the industry is still growing and the annual profit margins continue to increase each year. Hence in general, the industry is getting bigger but as for individual models things are not as easy as they used to.

Why No?

New innovations in the camming industry have made it easy for models to interact with clients and have also provided performers with new channels to make money. For instance, the SnapChat App has made it easier for models to send short videos and nudes to their fans and receive instant payment through SnapCash. Another great innovation is Connectpal which allows fans to subscribe to a model`s page and at a fixed monthly rate they get full access to exclusive sex videos and photos. These are a few good examples of innovations that have contributed to the growth of the webcam industry.

New companies with friendlier policies are also emerging and every time this happens there is a mass exodus of models from their previous camming sites to the new one. For instance, when Camsoda first came into the scene it took the industry by storm and even celebrity performers were not shy of endorsing it. This has therefore ensured that the industry is on a growing trend.

The webcam industry will continue growing and so far there are no signs that it`s on a decline. New innovations  and new players in the market will ensure that the industry continues to grow and create space for new models.

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