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The Dummies complete guide on Teledildonics

Teledildonics and Virtual Reality

teledildonic systemFor those who completely have no idea what teledildonics is all about don’t worry. By the time you`re finished reading this post you`ll be more enlightened.

If you want to understand teledildonics, think about it in these terms: When someone else who is miles away from where you are is able to control your sextoy. I`m talking about someone being in a place like Colombia and still being able to control the sextoy of someone who is in London. The sex toys are usually controlled remotely via Bluetooth or through the internet. As a matter of fact, the basic definition of Teledildonics is `internet-controlled sex toys.` The technology facilitates enjoyment of sex between people who are far from each other and was initially meant to improve the sex lives of long distance couples.

How internet-controlled sex toys work

  • Both parties will be required to download an App either on their smartphone or computer
  • Invite/ add the other party as a friend on your App
  • Grant them permission to control your sex toy from their device
  • Both parties will obviously need to have internet connection for it to work
  • It can be a double-edged sword whereby both parties are able to control each other`s sex toy based on their body movements/ reactions. For instance, as your female partner gets more excited while using a vibrator or a dildo, the intensity of the male masturbation sleeve also increases. This is called two-way interactivity.

Teledildonics and the webcam modeling industry

Being in a world where people are driven by money, it was expected that the use of teledildonics technology between couples would be surpassed by the more commercial aspect of it, which is primarily the webcam industry.

How does VR Sex and Teledilidonics work?

Webcam performers encourage their clients to invest in sex toys which can be remotely controlled. The model will then add the client on the App as their friend and grant then permission to control their toy. When the show starts they are able to control each other`s toy remotely. Customers love it when they have control of the webcam model`s sextoy because they feel they`re now getting their money`s worth. It means no more orgasm faking by the performers because the customer is in control of how fast and deep a vibrator goes.

Most webcam performers have also enabled their toys to respond to the sounds produced when customers tip tokens. Thus the more customers tip the more vibration intensity and speed. This has definitely worked in their favor because it means more earnings.

It`s safe to say that teledildonics has brought more excitement to webcam shows. With teledildonics, users can do so much more than just watching a cam show; they are able to feel and also participate. The technology also brings more interaction between cam models and viewers which makes things more fun.


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