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What is Virtual Reality (VR) modeling and how does it work?

BongaCamsVirtual Reality modeling is simply the future of webcam modeling because it makes use of advanced technology to give the user a better experience. It is not just about watching, but being able to feel every moment of it. The reason companies like Chaturbate are the best webcam sites is because they can add the element of being right there with the model.

VR nude webcams is another great way technology helps with selling adult things like dirty snapchat pictures and used panty sellers

Everything is in High Definition and with the use of 360°, users are able to see the images from every angle. The user can actually zoom in the angle they want to see more during a show, something which is impossible if you are using 2-dimensional technology to broadcast content. Images feel more natural and the user is able to see the model`s body as if it were just a few inches from their eyes.

To enjoy Virtual Reality content you definitely need to have a VR headset. The most common type of VR headset is the Google Cardboard VR headset whose retail price is about $15-$25. A lot of people prefer this piece of headset because it`s affordable but if you are looking for more advanced headsets, you`ll need to dig deep into your pockets because they don’t come cheap at all. For instance, the HTC Vive headset is currently retailing at $799 while the Oculus Rift costs $549 at Amazon. With a VR headset, users feel and see as if they are in the same room with the webcam performer. In simple terms, the whole experience feels real.

Stand Out As A Web Cam Model Using VR

The Virtual Reality camming market is still very green, but more and more companies offering this service are cropping up. Camsoda was one of the first so called `Big webcam sites` to adopt the VR tech, having launched their VR webcam platform in August 2016. To make things even more interesting, the site paired up with Kiiroo which is a company responsible for creating high-tech sex toys that easily sync with most VR headsets. This therefore provides clients with real-life sex experience with the models, an innovation which is commonly known as teledildonics or simply internet-connected toys. Follow our blog for more in-depth posts on Teledildonics.

Unlike studio-based models, webcam performers who want to stream VR content from home usually find it difficult because the equipment is very expensive. However, a number of companies are now cropping up and they are making it easier for webcam models to stream VR content through affordable equipment. A good example is the Terpon Company which allows performers to stream VR videos without having to invest in all the pricey equipment. All you need to do is buy their Terpon Camera and plug in via USB and boom….your viewers will enjoy total high definition VR experience. If you cannot afford to buy, they also rent their cameras for as little as $40/ month.

To broadcast in VR mode, you will also need fast internet connection because the files are usually very large. You might need to increase you subscription with your internet provider but in the end you`ll be making even more money than before, so it won’t affect your income.

The future of camming is in Virtual Reality technology, so don’t be left out.

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