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The Risks of Using Internet Connected Sex Toys and How to Stay Safe

virtual reality sexHackers are now part of us; that is something we have to accept. As long as the internet exists there will always be malicious characters with bad intentions who want to hack into your system for their own benefit. They will hack just about anything that`s `hack-able` either for money or just mischief. When the idea of internet connected sex toys came around, very few people expected that hackers would find their way into this new technology. Fast-forward to 2016, there are great innovations in the world of cyberdildonics; it`s no longer just an idea and we now have cyberdildonics that will drive you crazy. However, good things are always accompanied by spoilers and hackers are slowly penetrating into the world of teledildonics. It sounds unbelievable, but it is true. There are actually people who will go to great lengths and spend hours trying to hack into your system just to spy on you while you`re enjoying an intimate moment with your long-distance partner.

The Dangers of Teledildonics

  • Most Bluetooth enabled devices are easy to encroach. All the hacker needs to do is access the PIN which is usually 0000 by default on most Bluetooth devices. Once they hack into your device, they can control your dildo or vibrator same way your partner does which means that you may have to discard your device. In some instances, the hackers will get in control of your device and before you realize they have had all the fun they wanted. They will try to play around with your mind like speeding up your vibrator when know you set it on low speed.
  • Sex toys that connect via WIFI are also vulnerable to hackers. All they need to do is hack into your network once they have your IP address and they are able to control every aspect of your device.
  • If the company`s App has any security breaches, all the App`s users will be at a greater risk of getting hacked same way Yahoo was hacked a few years ago. It means that the hackers will now have your user information and can log in and spy on you anytime you are broadcasting with your partner.

The sex toy App is usually more like the control center

This is where sex toys sync and connect to each other, so imagine if someone is able to hack into such a system. It would mean that your private intimate moments are no longer private. Some people will even record your private video streaming moments with your partner and threaten you to pay up or they will release the videos on the internet for everyone to see.

How does this happen?

When the cyberdildonics service providers are not serious about their system`s security, users will always be at risk. Such systems need to be upgraded periodically to ensure their safety; if not, they become an easy target and will be easy to breach as time goes on. If the service provider implements proper security protocols for their Apps and channels, the clients will always be secure.

BongaCamsAs an individual, you should also be responsible for your own safety while using such toys. The hacker may as well be your close friend who was able to access your user account because you didn’t log off during your previous session. Be very careful with your passwords, especially if you are using smartphone Apps to control your sex toys. Once they hack your account, it means they may also have access to your partner`s account and you`re thus putting your partner in danger.

Webcam models that use cyberdildonics with their clients are also at great risk, which is how most of their private videos find their way into the internet. Be careful while using teledildonics with clients and most importantly NEVER share your password with any of your client no matter how good they tip you.

How to protect your privacy using sex toys

– Change the default Bluetooth PIN on your device from 0000 to a stronger PIN

– Make sure you review/ enquire about your service provider`s privacy policy

– Change your App password periodically; you don’t have to wait until someone hacks your account so that you can change it.

– Make sure your user account has a strong passcode and don’t share it with anyone

– Only use cyberdildonics from reputable companies

– Always ensure you log off from your account after use

– Ensure the sign-up process during online registration to your account is secure. The simplest way to do this is checking whether the traffic to the site is encrypted.

– Using the App anonymously is another way to safeguard your privacy

Remember anything that connects via the internet is always vulnerable to malicious malware and viruses, so be very careful on your choice of internet connected sex toys.

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