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Best Male Masturbator 2023 – Modern Masturbation For Men

Do you have a penis and don’t know where to put it? The answer is simple…

A Marvelous male masturbator.

The male masturbator industry is massive which means there are hundreds of companies claiming to have the best male masturbators on the market.

Sick of bugging your significant other for sex, or maybe you just love orgasms? Either way, have you ever thought about a male masturbator?


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Calor Automatic Male Masturbator


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Male masturbators are amazing in this day and age and can do so much for the lonely male who deserves to have mind-blowing orgasms at the touch of a button.

We make searching for the perfect fit, thrusting, and masturbator that is right for you. No more searching porn for hours. Keep reading cause we are going to show you our favorite penis milkers on the planet.

Sexual aids for men are typically much different from toys designed for females such as the Lovense Sex Machine but all are designed to pleasure the user. Hence some new and lovely male masturbators are now on the scene.

But first, in case you don’t know…

what is a male masturbator

I know how it sounds…

But, a masturbator for fellas is NOT a person standing around waiting to give you a lovely hand job. (If only)

A male masturbator is a hand-sized machine that replicates the stimulation of oral sex, vaginal sex, or a time-honored hand job. Some are very sophisticated and can also work in tandem with your favorite porn video or VR headset to make the action closely resemble the real thing.

Pretty fucking cool right?

Slipping it over your penis, putting on your Oculus headset and suddenly you can fuck any pornstar you like. It is a masturbation sleeve on crack basically, and you may not ever need another person to get laid. EVER!

Enter the masturbator for men.

Some are simple and vibrate, others can thrust in time with your favorite VR porn video or traditional sex scenes.

If you are curious about which one will fuck you stupid, then keep reading. We will show you our favorite cum drainers for solo play. It’s a great time to be alive!

3 Best Vibrating Male Masturbators

Again, vibrating masturbators come in all shapes, sizes, and pleasurable effects. Vibrating versions are an obvious choice. Designed so a silicone masturbation sleeve slips tightly over a lubed penis that controls the action.

They typically have settings to control vibration strength so you can ramp it up quickly if needed or slow yourself down to avoid premature ejaculation.

Vibrating male masturbators are the easiest way to climax quickly as they are packed with power. The drawback with vibrating versions are they don’t feel like regular sex. More like an overwhelming pleasure that builds with a sudden ejaculation and an all-encompassing tingling across your body, from your head to your toes.

1) Lovense Max 2

We could probably stop here with the Max 2. It is the gold standard when it comes to solo sessions and allows for couples’ play as well.

Its connectivity is what sets it apart. This is where you can invite a friend in to control, play, and also interact with other sex toys to give you a new spin on jerking the Gerkin.

Modern-day masturbation sleeves like the Max 3, open up doors that you thought never existed. Max 2 is also no slouch. The newly redesigned version (2), offers a dick gripping 360 degrees of contractions. Like little vibrating fingers, squeezing the head of your penis in rapid succession. mmm…

The Max 2 sleeve (the portion that wraps around your cock) is made of super-safe materials, which, let’s be honest, is something that is mandatory in a sex toy. Beyond that, the sex sleeve feels just like a real pussy which is ultimately how it should be.

My favorite feature is that it since with VR games and videos. Mirror Life, a game compatible with Max 2, allows you to participate in virtual sex. Max mimics sex moves from the virtual models and presents some fun in-game meetups with sexy animated partners.

Hands down, the best vibrating masturbator for men.


  • USB Rechargeable
  • Bluetooth Wireless
  • Long Distance Control
  • Water Resistant IPX6
  • Contract & Vibrates
  • Compatible with virtual reality adult videos making it one of the best male mastubators

2) Kiiroo Onyx+

I was lucky enough to fuck the first version of this machine, and I can tell you, the Onyx+ does a great job of improving upon its predecessor.

I always felt the first version fell short. Never really bringing me to finish I was not in love, to say the least.

This newer version is everything I wanted the original to be in a sex toy for men. Marketed as an excellent blowjob machine, the Onyx lives up to the name.

This vibrating male masturbator allows for video interactivity using the FeelMe app. Something that really turns me on, is watching a pornstar ride up and down and simultaneously feeling her virtual pussy, glide up and down on my penis.

My wife always gets a bit jealous, but with this male masturbator, you can also connect it to other Kiiroo toys. This means my wife can now feel what I am feeling, in real-time. Also great for long-distance relationships. What a lifesaver!

Another bonus feature of the Onyx, and for those who suffer from pornstar fandom, the Onyx has what is called the Onyx+ FeelPornStar line-up. Basically, each male masturbator in this lineup features a specific pornstar.

Pornstars include:

  • Asa Akira

  • Lisa Ann

  • Romi Rain (editors choice)

  • Jessica Drake

  • and more to come

3) Kiiroo Titan

kiiroo titan review

Another famous male sex toy. The Titan (Also manufactured by Kiiroo) is similar to the Onyx+ with some distinctions. Like the Onyx+, it is a handheld stroker for manual masturbation with the added sensation of touch vibration.

You can also connect Titan to over 4000 interactive porn videos for added excitement. Talk about fun! Works in 2d plus VR for full immersion and can also sync with other blue tooth devices. It can even pair with the Onyx.

Titan has 9 vibrating bullets built into its sleek chamber with 6 different vibration settings. Each control setting is made to target different areas of the penis such as the penis head or the lower shaft.

Settings Include:

  • Targeted – Hits that spot

  • Super Targeted – Hits that spot and then hits it again (harder)

  • Endurance – Helps with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculations

  • Pulse – A good pounding

  • Auto – Different sensations

  • Blow – Suck, slurp and get that BJ

Best Automatic Male Masturbator - Top 3

Think of a pocket pussy on steroids. Giving you a hands-free orgasm because it does all the stroking and sucking is why they are so popular.

The automatic masturbator for men will never die.

Glad to see sex toys for men catching up with those lucky females who seem to have infinite toys.

Not fair!

When it comes to penis toys like an automatic male masturbator, there are a couple of things I look for.

1) Does the stoke depth feel like the real thing


2) Can I watch VR Porn that syncs and mimics with the actress for that extra oomph.

Long gone, are the days when a simple pocket pussy would satisfy me. I always think of that Green Day song where he mentions masturbation losing all its fun. As a result, I look for sex toys that fully immerse me in a virtual sex scene.

Masturbation has in fact, not lost its fun with these “best” automatic male masturbators.

1) Kiiroo Keon

Where Kiiroo is my second choice for vibrating masturbators, Kiiroo is my top pick for automatic modern-day masturbators.

After you get past the initial tech shock of how this device works, and the first time you slip it over your penis, the worlds open up. This male self-pleasure device replicates the thrusting of sex as it pulses up and down your shaft.

It does it well. Using custom sleeves molded from your favorite pornstar’s private parts, each sleeve is different. It offers variety in the ways it can hug your member and really does the job, bringing you to orgasm quicker than you can say……“I’m cumming..!”

If you try it and can’t reach a delightful orgasm, connect it to your favorite VR porn headset. Chances are, you will lose every last drop.

Its ergonomic design is comfortable and it adds a deeper connection to old-fashioned jerking. It is, however, more pricy than some of the other cost-effective male masturbators on the list, but worth every penny.

Features include:

  • Interchangeable custom inner sleeve

  • Portable and inconspicuous

  • Stays relatively quiet when in use

  • USB rechargeable

  • VR adult video interaction

  • Realistic feel

  • Feel Stars pornstar personalization
feel stars
Choose from several of the hottest pornstars

2) Svakom Alex Neo

A high-tech masturbator for men. Svakom Alex Neo is built with a powerful thrusting motor with 7 settings to control pleasure.

A smart sex toy that offers 5 sex scene scenarios to combine with this male masturbator. Immerse yourself in synced videos that thrust to the action, either on a beach, in a plane, office, or classroom.

It is a dude’s sex toy (sorry ladies) that puts you into full fantasies to create a fully interactive experience. As you watch your sexiest porn videos, the Alex Neo pumps away on your hard shaft.

The inner sleeve grips your cock as your partner rides up and down. The male masturbator moves in rhythm to videos, and music and can also be customized in-app.

Svakom Alex Neo is built specifically to ergonomically work perfectly with a penis. It can accommodate a member up to 10 inches. Built with smooth skin-like silicone, it feels soft and fleshy like the inside of a vagina. It’s very soft and just touching it will arouse.

Couple the soft silicone sleeve with the automated gripping technology and you will be in Heaven as this thing squeezes, hugs, and thrusts at your man-meat.

Svakom Alex Neo Features

  • Adjustable sleeve to fit your anatomy perfectly

  • Easy-to-clean twist and lock system

  • Interactive videos that move to the action

  • 1-hour of playtime on a charge

  • App for remote control enhances partner play and customizations

  • Very life-like texture with the inner sleeve

  • Adjustable stroke length and thrust torque

3) Lovense Calor

Calor Automatic Male Masturbator

This isn’t your Dad’s old-school vibrating cock ring.

Looking for a new artificial vagina? The Lovense Calor is a male masturbator made to mimic a living breathing vagina.

Made of ABS-safe silicone it uses pressure waves, rather than friction to excite your sex organs. A bit shorter than Max 2 at 6.26 inches but can still pack a big punch, although more pleasurable for average-size penises.

Silicone sex toys are a dime a dozen these days, and Calor separates itself from the pack for a couple of great reasons when it comes to the best male masturbators.

For one, it heats itself up. Just like a vagina. Gone are the days of pre-warming sex sleeves up in the micro for added pleasure. The Calor is not a hot pocket, but more of a hot pocket pussy.

Further, Lovense Calor also uses physics to get the job done. It senses thrusting and reacts appropriately making it feel more real than ever. When you thrust deep, the sensors “feel” your head poking at them, and Calor pokes back in the opposite direction.

These “contractions” give you a heightened sense of reality and also work with long-distance app-controlled sex scenarios.

Lovense Calor is also one of the only male masturbators that are waterproof. IPX7 waterproof to be exact. Although it is easy to clean, I still hate this part of sex toy exploration. With it being waterproof, you can take it into the tub, blow your load and clean it really quickly.

This is the toy everyone’s morning routine should never be without. Makes for a great “quickie” experience because it is so user-friendly, from operation to clean up.

Works best with water-based lube or silicone-based lubricants and is self-warming. A very clever little friend that won’t stray far from my nightstand.

This sex toy has a huge fanbase. Easily considered one of the best sex toys exclusively for guys.

Features Include

  • Strong vibration and pressure
  • Self-heating just like a vagina
  • Fits nicely for small to average size penises
  • Sync with your favorite adult videos to make for a realistic experience
  • Long-distance connectivity for LDR
  • Discrete and travel-sized
  • Haptic feedback when you thrust

Kiiroo Keon vs Svakom Alex Neo vs Lovense Calor: Which is the best Automatic Male Masturbator

These toys did a bang-up smashing job when it comes to self-pleasure. Starting with the Keon and being a fan of Kiiroo’s innovative lineup I found this to be the most pleasurable of the 3 picks.

Keon packs a special punch. I love it for its ability to give a mind-blowing hands-free orgasm while being fully immersed in porn that feels like you are there. As the actor lifts her hips and her vagina slides up your shaft, Keon replicates the same movement.

If oral sex is what you crave, I would go with the Svakom Alex Nova, which feels more like a blow job than regular vaginal intercourse.

Keon vs Calor comes down to a few features. Calor offers self-heating which is pretty nice and can be lugged in and out of the bathtub due to its waterproof properties. If these are common to your masturbation routines, then Lovense Calor is an obvious choice.

Keon is hands down (and hands-free) one of the best male masturbators on the market for me personally. This male masturbator offers so many features that you will never become bored.

For example, Kiiroo Keon now offers an extension that turns the Keon into a mini-thrusting sex-machine. Basically, you can attach a vac u lock dildo to it and it will thrust back and forth, mimicking sexual activity. This opens the door up for anal sex as well as penetration for your partner also.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy Modern-Day Male Masturbators?

Start with a reputable company that sells toys discretely. You can purchase any of these adult toys on this list from the Manufacturer’s website or for example. Each of the links on this page will direct you to a reputable sex toy shop. We only work with reputable vendors so you can trust the links we provide. We do earn a small commission at no extra cost to you for our work.

Should I Buy A Vibrating Male Masturbator or Automatic Male Masturbator?

Vibrating and Automatic masturbators are what wet dreams are made of. There are a number of manual masturbators available that are less expensive, but even if you are on a budget, it is worth saving up for.

The added features that hi-tech toys offer are worth the extra pennies.

The choice between vibrating and manual is a big decision. It should come down to the type of pleasure your penis prefers.

If you wish for the natural and realistic feeling of penetrative sex then an automatic masturbator is a good call. Also called a blow job masturbator, an automatic masturbator will be marketed as such. Here I would recommend Keon for the job.

But, if you prefer vibration-type stimulation along with thrusting then go full-vibe. A male vibrator can give head-to-toe orgasms that leave you tingling all over. Here I would recommend the Max 2.

Are Male Masturbators Safe?

Yes. Any male masturbator made by major manufacturers should be safe to use. It will not rip off your prized penis and is designed for pleasure, not torture. Follow all manufacturer’s suggestions and use common sense and you will be fine when you stick your penis inside of it.

Do Male Masturbators Feel Like Oral Sex or Penetration?

Yes. Many male masturbators are designed to feel just like a warm pussy or a blowjob. Your sex life will not know the difference unless you talk to yourself a lot. Made with silicone designed to feel as if it were silky smooth skin, it would be difficult to know the difference if your eyes were closed.

What is a Manual Masturbator?

A manual masturbator requires an operator (you or a partner) to manually move the artificial vagina up and down in order to bring a level of sexual enjoyment to the person wearing it. These types of toys were the first male masturbator versions.

Typically, they will not use batteries or have any extra features like some of the hi-tech toys on our sexy list. Think fleshlight brand or pocket pussies.

How Do You Store These Adult Toys?

When your sexual experience ends, it is time to clean up and store your masturbator. A clean, dry, and cool place are always correct for storing your best masturbators.

A nightstand drawer is a good spot as it is dark and undisturbed. You can also keep them in a lint-free storage bag for safekeeping.

Are Male Masturbators Hard to Clean?

Cleanup always sucks and yes, some masturbators are difficult to clean, so keep this in mind when you buy one.

If you hate cleaning, I would suggest the Lovense Calor. It is waterproof and can be used (and cleaned) in the shower or bathtub. The hardest part about cleaning an adult toy is keeping the electronics dry. With Calor, you don’t have to worry.

Final Thoughts

Since the dawn of man, men have been satisfying themselves. What is new is that modern man has come up with an inspiring newer way to get off.

It is our right as human beings to be able to satiate our erotic desires, and what better way than with a toy like the ones we just talked about?

So, if you are like me, and masturbation has lost a bit of its allure, order a cock pumping toy and fall in love with your little penis once again. As for the best male masturbator on our list, our #1 reccomendation is the Kiiroo Keon. Built for fast, realistic and mind blowing masturbation!

Happy fapping.

Our #1 Recommendation: Lovense Lush


Kiiroo Keon is an advanced, fully immersive masturbation machine for men. A thrusting penis pleaser, Keon is magical when combining VR adult content and personalized orgasms.

What more are you waiting for?

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