What is Camera Prive?

Do you love watching people have sex? Camera Prive is a Brazillian cam website that will get your rocks off. It is packed with naughty features that separate it from some of the bigger webcam sex sites like Chaturbate. This site is perfect if you’re looking for something lewd to get you through the day and require more interaction than the bigger names in the adult cam industry.

Camera Prive is set to be the next big adult webcam site for a few good reasons that we are about to discuss.

Camera Prive Features

features cameraprive

Camera Prive is the next best adult cam site because it offers more. Let’s take a look and then we can break down why Camera Prive is so awesome.

Cam2Cam as much as you like with sexy cam models

Cam2Cam is a great way to get intimate with sexy cam models. All you need are your web browser and an internet connection! Cam2Cam is available in private chat and exclusive chat (more on the later).

How many times have you been in the middle of a steamy webcam session with your favorite cam model and she suggests taking it to the next level? If you’re like most people, you probably get a little excited at the thought.

For some, that might mean engaging in phone sex or even meeting up in person. But for those who want to keep things virtual, there’s another way to get intimate with your favorite cam model: Cam2Cam, which is totally possible on Camera Prive.

This feature allows you to see and hear your partner live as if you were together in person. It’s a great way to add an extra layer of excitement to your already hot connection. Plus, it can make things feel a little more personal when you’re not able to meet up in person.

Not sure how to use Cam2Cam? Don’t worry, Camera Prive is easy to use and has tutorials on the subject.

2 Way audio so you can have an actual conversation with your favorite performer

web cam fanclubIt used to be that if you wanted to talk with your favorite performer, you had to type it into a group chat setting. But now, thanks to two-way audio, you can converse with them from the comfort of your own home. This new technology allows fans to connect with their favorite performers more personally, and it’s paving the way for a whole new era of fan interaction.

Do you enjoy a live cam show where you can chat with the performer? If so, then you’re in for a treat because most cam sites don’t offer audio chat. With Camera Prive you can chat anywhere on the website. Public, private and the notorious exclusive chat are available.

Keep in mind, a private and exclusive chat will require you to pony up some tips as it is paid by the minute. In public, chat is however free. Simply select “open mic” and off you go. Just be courteous. Nothing worse than a tipper who is rude and is an easy way to get banned from the platform.

Send text, photos, and/or audio messages to your performer

Who doesn’t want to send dick pics? Send as many as you like on CameraPrive. Another way you can interact and converse with your cam model of choice. Not all adult cam model websites are equal, and very rare are the ones that allow you to talk directly with sexy folks.

Fan club for your favorite model collections

Similar to the likes of Chaturbate, you can join a model’s fan club. Be alerted when they are online so you can pop in and say hi. Fanclubs are designed so you can stay in touch with the cam show performers you like the most.

Multi-language support

As it is a Brazillian website Portuguese is used quite a bit, but it also supports English, French, Italian and German. I would imagine, as this site grows, so will its reach around the globe. Expanding languages to meet their audiences.

Tiered membership system

Camera Prive uses a pretty clever membership system. Basically, it works like your grocery store rewards card. You can even get cashback. The more you spend on things like private chat and fan clubs the more you can reap the rewards.

The different user levels for CameraPrive are:

  • Silver (0 – 299 Prive points)

  • Gold (300 – 2,999 Prive points)

  • Platinium (3,000 – 9,999 Prive points)

  • Unique (10,000 – 29,999 Prive points)

  • Prive (30.000+ Prive points)

Stay anonymous in Voyer Mode

You also have the option to stay anonymous if you wish in public. Some webcam watchers like to feel like a fly on the wall and observe. This way you can keep your identity or avatar hidden and sit back and watch the action unfold.

Fast checkout system so you can stay close to the sex cam

Nothing I hate more than running out of tokens and having to leave a cam room to buy more. Not with this Chaturbate alternative. Here, you can simply purchase in-room and get back to jerking it to pretty ladies. Not bad…


Internet-connected sex toys are all the rage in chat rooms. This sexy website is no different. Control your model’s vibrator at the touch of a button. Usually, it costs about /30to/60 cents per minute and totally worth the fun.


With PriveCall, you can call any model from CameraPrive, even when they’re not online. Keep in mind it is a video call, so get your eyes ready and maybe brush your hair. Either way a very nice feature for this platform.

It can take up to 2 minutes for the model to answer your call because she has to log in on her phone and click to accept your call button. If it feels like it’s ringing forever, just hang on. Your model will be right with you for only 3.6 per minute. It’s a private chat on your time.

Granular Categories vs Chaturbate

They have all the standard categories like men, women, couples, and transvestite, however, they take things a step further. Camera Prive breaks down categories further into transgirls and transguys separately for example.

How Much Are Credits On Camera Prive?

Credits, the name for currency on Camer Prive begin at $9.90 for 30. It works out to be fairly average for these niche websites. You can also get a discount when you purchase credits in bulk and spend in the form of the tiered membership section.

You can use the site without buying credits, like Chaturbate. And as such, you will only be able to access the models’ main pages, profiles, free vids and pics, and only 3 minutes of free live chat.

Wrapping It Up

Overall Camera Prive does an amazing job when it comes to running an adult cam website. With features that allow you to interact with models more so than other major sex cam companies, it’s no wonder why Camera Prive is picking up popularity points.

Ready to check out what this unique cam model website has to offer? Sign up for a free account below!

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