where does Lovense ship from

Where Does Lovense Ship From?

Lovense specializes in sex toy technology. A frontrunner in the adult toy space with adult sex toy technology that includes a remote control app that customizes your sexual playtime. The app works with all of their toys that are shipped to your door. Lovense was founded by Dan Liu in Singapore where the company still operates.

Does Lovense Ship From Singapore?

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No. Although manufacturing may take place in Singapore Lovense products are first shipped to an Amazon warehouse in which Amazon is a shipping partner.

Lovense partners with Amazon in order to ship around the globe.

This is if you order the product directly from the Lovense website or Amazon. There may be some distributors that ship from other countries using different means to get the package to you.

I do recommend buying directly from the Lovense website. There are often sales on certain sex toys like the Lovense sex machine or Lush 3 and it makes it easier should you need to return your Lovense toy for any reason.

As you can imagine, Amazon’s packaging is also fairly discreet. So no one needs to know you just bought a pleasuring device for yourself.


How Long Does It Take Lovense To Ship?

Because Lovense partners with Amazon, shipping is fast. Once the order is processed, according to Lovense, your package will arrive in 2 to 3 business days.


It’s great living in a world where you can order a sex toy from Lovense on a Monday and receive it by Wednesday. When one needs to get off, it is great to know it won’t take long for your favorite sex toy to arrive.


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