lovense flexer review

Lovense Flexer Review: Enjoy Flexer’s Fingering Fingers Wherever You Want

Last Updated November, 19th, 2022


As a gigantic fan of Lovense adult toys, I was super excited to review and play with the new Lovense Flexer panty vibrator.

Marketed as a new way to get fingered (and who doesn’t love getting fingered), does this toy live up to its hype?

The quick answer is an absolute, YES!

Combining feedback from other Lovense sex toys and looking to create a hi-tech panty vibrator the Lovense Flexer was born.

Lovense does a fantastic job at listening to customer feedback and providing elegant solutions in each and every one of its stimulators.

Let’s take a look at this new sex toy to get an idea of what it can do before you buy it.

Making sure it’s a good “fit” is the right thing to do, so we will share with you everything you need to know about this exciting and innovative new Lovense toy.



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An innovative fingering vibrator that combines pleasure with new features that make the experience memorable. We love the Lovense Flexer! Our final verdict is a resounding 5 stars. If you are expecting a new version of the Lush 3 you will be mistaken. Flexer offers a variety of things Lush cannot.

What is Lovense Flexer?

What is Lovense Flexer?

Lovense Flexer is a dual-stimulation panty vibrator that can be securely fixed in place to give both clitoral and g-spot stimulation at the same time using the app-controlled “come-hither” gesture.

The toy is designed with premium silky silicone; Extremely smooth against your skin.

Like most of the sex toys that Lovense sells, Flexer is a rechargeable, lightweight personal massager that offers hi-tech powerful vibrations.

Features and Design

Lovense creates toys that offer a range of features, all standard in each toy. The manufacturer is very popular in the adult toy world due to its innovation and expertise in the industry.

  • Come-hither fingering action
  • Simultaneous clit stimulation is highly effective
  • Strong G spot vibrations and extra stimulation
  • ISO 9001 manufacturer rating
  • Shipped discreetly to your door
  • Best control range among all wearable Bluetooth vibrators
  •  Lite-weight and compact
  • Soft slicone shell that is smooth and silky to the touch
  • Very powerful motors that firmly squeeze your G spot for intense orgasm
  • Body-safe smooth silicone contsruction
  • IPX7 waterproofing
  • App controlled for wireless fun
  • 1 Year warranty covering defective parts



flexer come hither movement

The Come Hither Squeeze

A newer feature for Lovense toys is the come hither squeeze. Not sure if this will be available with other toys or exclusively for Flexer, but this is perhaps a game-changer in the long-distance sex toy industry.

The Flexer can still use the standard Lovense app vibration patterns (unlimited vibration patterns) but this new function will set it apart from other sex toys.

The “come hither” gesture is aptly named. As you motion with your hand over the app, you squeeze your fingers together in a rhythmic motion to move the head and tail of Flexer.

  • Rhythmic new come-hither fingering action feature produces quality masturbation in a few scenarios:
    • Dual stimulation for simultaneous G spot and clitoral orgasms
    • Multiple ways to feel intense pleasure
    • Squeezing feels like a hand caressing your vulval and vaginal opening
  • Wearable and stays put while using Flexer
  • Hands-free orgasms
  • Compact, portable, and carpel tunnel friendly
  • Best sex toy in class for its size, stable connection, and silky smooth feeling
  • Insalenlt intense customizable vibration patterns and strength

The tail will squeeze inward and vibrate as it pushes against your clitoris. In that same moment, the inserted end that stimulates the g-spot area also pushes up against your insides with rumbly force.

The come-hither motion itself (named by Lovense) is similar to the motion you make when you play with yourself during solo play (or at least I do).

This makes it very intuitive as far as controlling the app and adds a bit more fun when interacting. Almost a sensual bridge between the app itself and the Lovense Flexer.

Prior to “come hither” apps allowed you to press buttons to simulate different vibrations and patterns.

lovense flexer reviews

This new feature adds an element of skill to whoever is controlling the app and Flexer. The virtual world is getting closer with every new sex toy on the market.

Adding a bit of realism, Flexer will change the game. Whether used for long-distance play or for the extra tips on adult webcams, you will have to up your fingering game.

I have not used this on cam yet, but for big tippers this is a game changer, adding a bit of technique for those tip-controlled vibrators. Now we can really see if they have a game!


Lovense Flexer is lightweight and compact. Depending on your anatomy it should fit most women properly.

If you have a longer distance between your clitoral hood and your opening you may have to make some adjustments. For most, it is a perfect fit that cradles you and stays well in place when moving around.

Lovense Flexer Dimensions:

  • The insertable length is 3.5 – 4 inches – perfect for reaching the G-spot
  • 1.4 to 1.5 inches of circumference
  • 2.1-inch length clit stimulator

lovense flexer size

The insertable soft silicone head is roughly 1.4 inches in width which is a comfortable size. And, with a length of 4 inches, it does not provide super deep penetration but just enough to reach the magic g-spot.

The clit-smashing end is just under an inch wide and provides wonderful vibrations for clitoral stimulation.

Lovense Flexer is portable and can easily be your travel buddy when it comes to a clitoral and g spot vibrator.

Look and Feel

what comes with lovense flexer
Lovense Flexer comes with storage bag, USB charging cable, user manual and the Flexor itself.

Lovense Flexer is an adorable egg vibrator with an insertable bulbous head for internal vibration and a slimmer vibrating tail designed to demolish your clit.

It could easily double as a prostate massager as well for some extra internal stimulation.

She is a bit plumper compared to Lovense Lush 3, as Flexer has 3 internal motors that drive its luscious vibrations.

Also, unlike the Lush 3, Lovense Flexer’s third powerful motor allows it to hug and squeeze using app control and hand gestures.

Think of it as virtual finger-banging or third-base in virtual reality.

The toy’s surface is completely wrapped in matte-textured body-safe silicone which cradles its 3 powerful motors internally.

Flexer comes in a hot pink color that matches its sleek and trendy-looking design. The sex toy itself feels well-designed and reliable at first glance.

Sound Levels

Lovense makes toys that are discreet. No exceptions were made with Flexer.

The sound of the motor is barely noticeable in a quiet room. It is a smidge louder than Lush models but this is because it has an extra motor that lives in the antennae which is the part that sticks out.

How Loud Is Lovense Flexer?

If you use Flexer in a bar or restaurant, you will more than likely not be discovered due to the noise the sex toy makes.

The noise level caps out at around 50db at the highest settings. When inserted inside your vagina, the noise is muffled and quiet, so no letdown there.

Vibration Strength

It’s hard to call this an egg vibrator as it looks nothing like an egg. Nonetheless, the vibrating motors are much like egg vibrators in operation.

The motors provide intense dual stimulation as well as the come hither squeezing now offered by this magic sex toy.

lovense flexer vibration is powerful

Using this toy as a dual-stimulation vibrator makes so much sense! Offering a variety of foreplay techniques as well as hot action when you are ready to cum.

I love the way it squeezes my anatomy when you use the app to control gestures. With just a flick of the wrist, I can feel its contractions.

Hard to explain this sensation but it’s a lot like having penetrative sex while getting fingered in a missionary position. The pressure pushing down on your pubic area while clitoral vibrations simultaneously match internal patterns will send you into a sex-fueled frenzy.

The vibrations externally are of equal quality. On the highest settings, the toy acts perfectly as it should. The vibes themselves are of quality. Not huge rumbly vibes, but more of a pinpointed eloquent “I want to ride you” vibration intensity.

Lovense Flexer App Control From Anywhere


Where Lovense sets the bar in the sex toy industry is their phone app mixed with high-quality adult toys.

long distance sex toy Flexer by Lovense

As mentioned the toy is compatible with the Lovense remote app with all its standard features:

  • Close-range control with Bluetooth connectivity

  • Long-distance control with wi-fi connectivity

  • Unlimited vibration patterns

  • Discreet public play

  • Syncs to your favorite songs/music

  • Sound activated – toot toot

  • Adjust Vibration modes and levels

  • New Feature – Come Hither Gesturing

Connectivity is one of the best features for extra fun and Lovense Flexer has the best control range when it comes to all wearable Bluetooth vibes. One bummer with Lovense Flexer is it is not compatable with Lovense Max 2. It does however work with many of the sex toys that Lovense offers.

long distance sex toy

Up to 45 feet for standing range and 20 – 30 feet for sitting range will get your partner off.

Connect your Lovense Flexer to the app first through a Bluetooth connection. From there have your partner do the same by creating a free account for the Lovense Remote app.

When you are both logged into your respective Lovense accounts and accept the connection between your toys the fun can begin. Now you are ready to control each other’s adult toys for an even better experience.

Each and every toy from the Lovense (Not Lovesense) can connect to one another so your imagination is the limit.

Accounts on the Lovense app are easy to set up and are completely free. Controlling your lover’s Flexer is so much fun with the new Come Hither gesture. Watching your partner’s face light up as you finger the app was a blast and I would do it again…and again, and again.

Waterproof 100%

IPX7 waterproof rating, which means showers, baths, pools, and hot tubs are all a GO! Go crazy.

If you love tender time to include a warm bubble bath, you are not alone. 100% okay to use in a tub or wherever there is an abundance of water.

The IPX7 waterproofing also makes this amazing toy easy to clean after every use.

Battery Life

Lovense Flexer is built strong. For its size and intense vibrations, the toy will last about 1.5 to 2 hours which is pretty good considering the average male. No offense guys but you might be replaced by the Flexer.

Expect to charge Lovense Flexerfor about 2 to 2.5 hours. It also comes with a magnetic USB charging cable but you will need a USB port to plug it into.

My Experience With Lovense Flexer

As the name suggests, Lovense Flexer is perfect for when you feel horny and need a quick “fix”.

Or, perhaps it’s because they “fixed” Lush 3 by adding a vibrating motor to the antennae.

Either way, I could not love this cute toy anymore!

I played with Flexer for a few hours and simply love the feeling it creates.

A small and compact rabbit-style vibrator that gives powerful vibrations, sending you into orgasmic fits.

Squeezing my thumb and index fingers across my cell phone screen has never been so fun. It reminds me of being younger and exploring myself through fingering pleasure but with the added power of intense stimulation that mimics my every finger movement.

Lovense Flexer Fit

lovense flexer fit

The Flexer fits like a glove. I wore the dual stimulation panty vibrator for a good 4 hours when I reviewed it. Performing various activities like vacuuming and yard work, the Flexer stays well in place as it should.

Its hand-free use was effortless and only rarely did I have to adjust Flexer’s position against my female anatomy.

Clitoral Stimulation

lovense flexer 2

When it comes to other vibrators this size, I have noticed they do not offer the same powerful vibration the Lovense Flexer offers. Its clit stimulation not only gives broad stimulation for the entire vaginal area but is also sized perfectly to produce accurate vibrations when it comes to direct clitoral activity.

Because the clit stimulation remains outside your body (if you choose) it is the loudest part of this panty vibe.

Although it offers intense vibration the noise will not give away your public play, granted there is a level of ambient noise which I can appreciate.

G Spot Stimulation

Lovense Flexer is a dual-stimulating masterpiece. The 3 built-in motors did not let me down. The G spot portion on Flexer is nothing special on its own. Vibrations are pretty standard along with the pleasure you get from them.

Where things get interesting is utilizing the “come hither” function. When activated, the toy contracts and hugs you tightly while sending vibes deep into your muscle tissue. As a result, my nerve ending tingled all over.

As a hand-free masturbator, this little panty vibe feels so amazing. when it tightens its grip across your labia and up toward your clitoral hood.

As you position its flexible neck into the right spot, you will feel a slight “gripping” as your muscles soften into the toy. From there it’s all about your pleasure.

I tested a few of the preset patterns as well and was not let down. The vibrations are intense and work magically.

Also testing it outdoors, my partner and I decided to visit our local Starbucks and try it out. Lovense must have improved its Bluetooth capabilities as I had no issue when using it for discreet public play.

The stable connection ensures the fun will not suddenly stop because no one wants that!


Is the Flexer good for long distance?

The Lovense Flexer is one of the best Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connected sex toys for long distance relationships and sex toy connectivity. The toy allows for a comfortable, strong, private wearable sex toy that connects to others from anywhere in the world.

Can you shower or bathe with the Flexer?

Yes, Flexer is completley waterproof. You can use it without issue in aquatic environaments in up to 3 feet of water for best performance.

Can you use Lovense Flexer while charging?

No. In order to help perserve the integrity of the battery Flexer will not charge while in use.

How long does it take Lovense to ship your Flexer?

After 24 hours for proccessing times, the Lovense unit will ship and arrive within 2 to 3 business days confirned via email from the shipping company that Lovense uses.

Does Flexer Come With A Warranty?

Yes. Flexer offers a warranty the same as most Lovense products. The warranty covers working parts that affect the function of the toy. Some stipulations apply such as use and abuse in order for Lovense to honor the warranty.

How do you clean Flexer?

A simple mix of warm water and mild fragrance free soap is best to use when cleaning Flexer. Be sure to always thoroughly clean Flexer before storing it away.


Can you use Flexer Anally?

Lovense reccomeds that you keep Flexer out of your bum hole. It is designed for pussy play and may easily break when put inside you anal cavity.

Actual Customer Reviews: What They Say Online

This toy gave us a lot of issues (good issues) while in public. Most of the time we only dealt with wet underwear. This toy made it hard to keep composure and quiet. There were a few times I got a little to loud. When i got back into the cre I had to take off my underwear as they were not wet they were completly soaked.
Lovense Flexer Customer
Amazing as expected! All of your toys are top tier and I love them. This one is so good honestly my favorite by far. The clit part of it is so powerful it brought me to orgasm in less than a minute! It;s also a very convenient size might I add, it;s not too bulky. So you can use it for discreet public play as well!
Lovense Flexer Customer
Lovense flexer reviews

Final Verdict: A Step up From Lush That Offers More

Lush 3 by Lovense is a great personal massager but Flexer is just better. “Come Hither” functionality will be what sets this panty vibe apart from its predecessors. The Flexer does a great job of mimicking vaginal fingering motions while maintaining the reputation that Lovense has brought over the past year.

For anyone who loves the sensation of being fingered along with sexy vibrations, do yourself a favor and purchase one of these new personal massagers.

On sale for a limited time due to the new product launch from Lovense. We always reccomend purchasing Lovense products direct from the manufaturer website to avoid copycat and counterfit products.

Check out the Official Lovense Flexer Feed

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