Lovense Gravity Review

Lovense Gravity Review & Demo [Is it WORTH Switching?]


Lovense’s newest toy is a powerful thrusting and vibrating dildo, aptly named, Gravity, but does it stack up in our Lovense Gravity review?

We’re glad you asked.

We put Lovense Gravity through all of our tests in this review to see if it stacks up against other sex toys in this genre. We looked at everything from the pleasure it provides to how long you can expect your new sex toy to last in a single session.

Will Gravity become your favorite new vibrating thrusting dildo?

We think so, but keep reading or you might feel left out!

The Lovense Gravity is the latest update and addition to the company’s now popular sex toy lineup. Gravity is designed as an automatic thrusting (Hands-free) vibrating dildo that combines a smooth, pulsating shaft for penetration that tickles with targetted vibrations.

Thrusting dildos are not new by any means. Lovense takes a spin on this modern form of masturbation that innovates by adding hi-tech features like an app that can control vibrations and thrusting for long-distance play.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Lovense Gravity can do.

First Look Verdict


Combining clit stimulation with deep automatic thrusting, this Lovense toy does an amazing job of satisfying the horny devil inside. It can be placed on any smooth surface (wet or dry) and the powerful suction cup will keep it sturdily in place.

Lovense toys typically deliver strong vibrations and Gravity is no different. Considering this is the first dual-use vibrator released by the company some might be wary to purchase, but I can tell you its vibration and thrusts everything I could want in a toy of this caliber.

As a cam girl, I can tell this is going to be the next greatest thing when it comes to live-streaming adult shows.

It is also perfect for those that love sex in the shower (who doesn’t).

Gravity is completely waterproof and works great in watery environments, which also makes cleaning the sex toy very easy.



Lovense Gravity Vibrations

lovense gravity reviews

The vibration motor is located in the upper tip of Gravity and can be turned on with thrusting or not which is a nice feature. Vibration levels can also be customized to your liking and are completely programable.

You can use the vibrations for direct clitoral stimulation or during insertion to stimulate your G spot as the machine thrusts back and forth.

Gravity Vibration Power

If you are expecting vibrations as strong as the Lovense Flexer you might feel left out. Flexer has 3 motors, whereas Gravity has just a single vibration motor which still gives enough power to bring you to orgasm but may leave some feeling lesser-than.

Still, combined with the pulsating feature, Gravity does more than just vibe and is capable of fantastic solo-play when you combine its dual features for getting off.

Bottom Line: Lovense Gravity Vibrations

Intense but not too over the top, Gravity’s vibrations are just how I love them. I would describe it as a steady, high-quality fast “buzz” that stimulates quickly if you know what I mean. Powerful, yet the buzzing is soft and purrs like a kitty. Not very loud for a vibrator, but still would not play with it in public as it is not as discreet as the Lush 3 for example.

Lovense Gravity Thrusting

lovense thrusting vibrator
Ready for take off?

Automatic thrusting oh my! Gravity may not replace the Lovense Sex Machine but it makes a great alternative if you are low on space or hate the idea of a larger and more complicated masturbation device.

As far as thrust goes, you can expect this new vibrator to thrust a total of 1,18 inches at up to 140 strokes per minute, which is fast! Of course, you can slow the action down to your preferred style of intercourse.

The total length of the shaft is 9.2 inches long. The insertable portion gives a decent penetration depth of around 5 inches which is about the average size of most penises depending on where you live.

The thrusting is smooth and feels natural when inside your vagina. The shaft also has curved ridges in what I would call the head or tip of Gravity. I would love it if the sex toy had a bit more contour or curvature but for the most part, it feels really good.

Gravity Thrust Power

The power of the penetrating thrust is also consistent and provides a smooth pulsating feeling that originates from its 1-inch extension. I loved the in-and-out sensation of feeling like I was being fucked in the shower. Very natural and a great hands-free experience using this vibrator.

When it pushes deep inside you, it is delicate on the slower settings but starts to get intense as you turn the dial. Not quite as strong as Lovense Sex Machine, but really does a nice job of getting you off.

Bottom Line: Lovense Gravity Penetration

Automatic thrusting is a very powerful yet natural feeling. While using this adult toy, I could close my eyes and picture myself being penetrated and probably could not tell the difference between real sex and masturbation using Gravity. Of course, once you power up the vibrations, this changes quickly and heightens the sensation and pleasure.

Gravity by Lovense: Sounds Levels

lovense gravity size

Now, using Gravity outside will easily get you caught, but not because of the noise it makes. It’s still pretty quiet.

It is a bigger dildo that requires some maneuvering to use. This is the opposite of discreet.

However, noise with this type of vibrator can be distracting and take away from the fun. Because it uses one motor with high-quality vibes, things don’t get very loud. In fact, my moaning was much louder than the pleasure machine itself.

Gravity’s Vibration & Sound Levels

Gravity is quiet and should not distract you from your mission. Once the vibrating tip is placed inside your vagina, you will barely notice any noise at all.

Things get a bit noisier when you use it in tandem with the thrusting feature but chances are you will be breathing heavier and making more noise than this machine.

lovense gravity features

Lovense Gravity Thrusting Sound Levels

The sound of the thrust extension is low and rhythmic. More or less it sounds like the creaking of the bed while making love. Perfect for this toy if you think about it.

It has a certain calming effect as it raises up inside your vagina and again backs out in pulsating force.

Bottom Line: Gravity Noise Levels

Not for discreet outside play, as it is bulkier than other toys in the Lovense ecosystem. However, if you did bring it outside to play with, the noise is subtle once inside you and somewhat noticeable when not.

Lovense Gravity App Control Quality: Close Range

The Lovense remote app is what powers the Lovense environment and is what sets it apart from other adult toy manufacturers.

Testing at close range, my partner was in the room next to mine. At about 25 feet, we had a stable connection in which he controlled the action via Bluetooth.

You can set the stimulation to use both the vibe and the thrust at the same time or adjust so that one or the other is in control.

Bottom Line: App controlled at close range

It was fun to use via close-range control. It always feels better when someone else controls your sex toy as it opens up the imagination. A very sexy way for couples or lovers to experiment and add another layer to their sex life.

Gravity Long-Distance App Control Quality

Becoming “App controlled” by a friend is the name of the game when it comes to intense pleasure for the human body. Lovense products all come with their unique features but they all can be used via the Lovense app.

This opens up so many doors for couples that are far apart or even connecting with strangers who are like-minded for a good time. Imagine someone else controlling your dildo from thousands of miles away.

A turn-on all by itself, but then throw in vibration and penetrating strokes and you have the best hands-free use of any sex toy on the market.

Lovense App is Compatible With The Following:

  • iPhone
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch iOS 11 and later
  • Android 5.0 and later (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
  • Mac (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
  • Windows PC (needs a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect)

Bottom Line: Long-distance play

As always, Lovense comes through in the Long-distant category. Sex toys are a dime a dozen, but this is truly what sets it apart from other toys on the market. A stable and smooth connection is necessary for it to function properly, but overall we had good success in meeting virtually for some fun.

Comfort & Pleasure: Lovense Gravity

Always use lube, and with that said, comfort is always important. Remember, this thing can go for up to 4 hours on a single charge so be ready!

Because it is made with body-safe silicone, it is smooth and feels life-like, making insertion easy. I found Gravity to be very comfortable even during extended masturbation sessions.

Yes, I tried it more than once…

The internal movements that Gravity produces are also comfortable and almost rhythmic, making extended use easy if you are willing.

As for pleasure I was extremely impressed. I achieved multiple orgasms within 2 minutes of use. I practiced using the toy in the shower on multiple occasions. The toy secures well to tile or a shower wall with only slight movement or shifting.

All in all the toy stays in place and is satisfying in feeling, penetration, and vibrations, making it one of the best thrusting vibrators known to mankind.

Size & Dimensions

  • 9.2 inches long from base to tip
  • 1.46-inch circumference
  • 5.12 inches of insertable length

Bottom Line: Comfort

If you have sensitive anatomy or appreciate sex toys that are easy and comfortable to use, I would recommend this adult apparatus for your most pleasurable moments. I have a feeling this might replace a toy or two on my nightstand moving forward.

Gravity Vibrator Battery Life

Considering that this Lovense toy lasts for up to 4 hours on a single charge, you will not be disappointed. Gravity lasts longer than most in the Lovense brand as a matter of fact.

It is easy to charge using the provided magnetic charging cable which connects quickly to the port. Charging takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete, but once you are there, expect to use this thrusting dildo for a long session.

Bottom Line: Battery & Charging Gravity

I am very pleased with the battery life. Long-lasting on a single charge, you will not be let down by a sudden shutdown due to running out of juice.

Lovense Gravity Review Wrap-Up

The Lovense product line is something special. Gravity falls right in line with many if not all of the offerings by the company. We love pretty much every aspect when we tried it out. From strong and rumbling vibrations to fast pounding, the toy delights in many ways. Can you say multiple orgasms at the touch of a button?

If you’ve never tried a thrusting vibrator or dildo, check out Lovense Gravity for a mind-blowing experience. You will never need another sexual enhancement device again!

Gravity by Lovense: Is it worth switching brands?

If you are someone who has tried dildos of this nature, you might be wondering if you should make a switch. With the newest devices on the market, innovation always follows. Gravity is definitely worth a try but before you throw away your other machines, make sure you like all aspects and features of Gravity

Highly Recommendation: Lovense New Gravity Dildo

Lovense Gravity is the newest and most advanced vibrating automatic thrusting dildo available. You can use it both externally for clit stimulation or internally for G-spot pleasure. The choice is yours.

What more are you waiting for?


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